burkina faso photoWhy Visit Burkina Faso?

Some people may refer Burkina Faso which is a West African country previously referred to as Upper Volta, among the lesser-popular countries on the African continent. That isn’t a reflection of the ethnical plus natural wonders this tiny country offers. Regardless of its struggling economy, a number of droughts, plus an unstable political scene, the people of Burkina Faso are constantly friendly as well as very proud of their rich cultural heritage, that makes Burkina Faso a very wonderful destination to visit. With mosques constructed with mud, troglodyte villages, plus the biggest population of elephants in the whole of West Africa, this gem of a country shines as brilliantly as the smiles of its native people and will reward whoever visits this country with a lasting amazing memory.  Find information about the top visited parks such as Arli National Park, Burkina Faso Tour Operators, flights, hotels, and so much more.


What to see on a Tour in Burkina Faso?

The attractions in Burkina Faso are natural and man-made. People, that are enthusiastic about exploring history plus historical facts, ought to check out the different palaces plus museums within the country. In addition there are several mosques plus mausoleums within Burkina Faso, which are the leading attractions in this nation. There are lots of very old and archaeological structures which serve as heritage sites for Burkina Faso.

Some of the attractions here include some stunning lakes plus flowing waterfalls. You can also find several rock formations, which may be see within these places. National parks plus the zoological gardens are wonderful places worth visiting in Burkina Faso. Below i have listed other crucial attractions in Burkina Faso

Moro-Naba Palace

Manega Museum

Snake Museum

National Museum

Kabore Tembi

Karfiguéla Waterfalls

Ethnography Museum

Gorom Gorom Market


Ranch de Nazinga

Grande Mosquée

La Mare aux Poissons Sacrés de Dafra


Grand Marche

Musée Provincial du Houët

La Guinguette

Sindou Rock Formations



Which Tour Company or Tour Operator?

Bburkina faso photourkina Faso is among the top rated holiday destinations on the African continent and has for years been receiving many visitors from different corners of the world who travel here to spend their vacation. The country boasts many tour companies committed to organizing marvelous tours in the country, offering guests a remarkable experience. Please do not fail to find out that the company you are intending to use is listed with Burkina Faso tour operator organizations.

Where to Stay on a Burkina Faso Tour?

When preparing for a holiday, among the essential things you must consider essentially is where you’ll reside. The good thing is, Benin provides a great deal of accommodation which are classified from the deluxe 5 star pricey hotels that provide   top notch services, great food plus high quality facilities, then the mid-range accommodations perfect for an average traveler plus the standard budget facilities which as well provide basic services plus amenities.

When to Go on a Tour in Burkina Faso?



Burkina Faso has 4 “seasons.” The Earlier dry season that starts in September up to November; then the mid dry season that begins in December up to February, followed by the late dry season that starts in March up to May, and then the wet season that begins in June to September. I advise traveling from November and February, as the weather is generally dry and not very hot, and
I deter you from organizing a trip in the late dry season as well as the beginning of the wet season prior to the rains, as it is extremely hot and extremely uncomfortable.

You can’t make a mistake with a trip to Ouagadougou in the month of February of every odd-numbered year while the Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou FESPACO which is the most important film festival on the African continent, happens. In the month of October of each even-numbered year the International Art and Craft Fair- SIAO, among the biggest crafts fairs across Africa, is well worth visiting. Visit the Bobo-Dioulasso in the month of March of during the even-numbered years for the thrilling Semaine Nationale de la Culture – the National Culture Week.


How much does a Burkina Faso Tour cost?

Explore thburkina faso photoe unique landscape, beautiful rock formations, and fortified villages, go elephant tracking as well as enjoy the thrilling traditional cultures of Burkina Faso on a 10 day tour for just GBP £1,699 per person.

Are the people of Burkina Faso Friendly?

The words ‘Burkina Faso’ mean ‘Land of Honorable or Incorruptible Men’. The people here are extremely king and welcoming. There are over sixty ethnic groups living in Burkina Faso each speaking a completely different language and dialects.

The biggest group is The Mossi and these comprise half of the total population. Then the Fulani are second largest, making up approximately 8% of the population.

The official language is French and it is widely spoken within the towns and major cities. But moving over into the countryside several people use the various local languages like Moore/Moré (which is pronounced ‘more-ray’) and spoken by Mossi people, then Dioula (which is pronounced ‘Jula’) the trading language across West Africa and lastly Fulfulde, a language spoken by the Fulani people living in the north.




What iburkina faso photos the Weather like in Burkina Faso?


Generally, Burkina Faso features a tropical climate and has two much defined seasons, the rainy season plus the dry season. Throughout the rainy season the nation receives 600mm to 900 mm / 23.6 inches to 35.4 inches of rainfall; during the dry season, a hot dry wind called the harmattan, blowing from the Sahara, blows across the country. The rainy period lasts about four months, starting in either May or June up to September, and it is shorter within the north part of the country.


Where to go on a holiday in Burkina Faso

the diverse tourist attractions in Burkina Faso have attracted several tourists and many have chosen th country as their holiday destination so as to get an opportunity to enjoy the endless adventure and beauty of the country. The country boosts in its rich history which is well preserved in its museums, national parks, waterfalls, gardens and historic buildings which are all worth visiting. The list below details some of the best tourist attractions in Burkina Faso.


OuagadougouOuagadougou serves as the capital city of Burkina Faso and it is quite a lively yet chaotic city. During the ancient times, the city was Mossi Empire’s cultural capital city. Today most of the prominent cultural tribes of the country are found in this city. Ouagadougou is well known for its vibrant nightlife and wonderful music. It is a city worth touring!


This is a laid-back yet very scenic city found in the western part of Bukina Faso. On Sundays, which are the market days, the place becomes very vibrant as various traders, from both near and far come to engage in the trade. The surrounding locality is endowed with various natural attractions among which is the rich birdlife flying within the sky, Lake Tengrela which is a haven for several hippopotami, the large egg shaped rocks that date back 2 billion years ago and the spectacular Karfiguela Waterfalls.

Loropeni Ruins and the Lobi People

In the center of Lodi country are a distinct cultural group known as the Gaoua who have very unique architecture. Their equipped compounds are constructed out in the fields far from their neighboring communities. They are a fierce independent yet shy group of people who still uphold their traditional norms. Still within the Lobi region are the ruins of Loropeni which were discovered to be one thousand years old. Less is known about their history though it is supposed that they were originally inhabited by the Koulango plus the Lohron people who then not only controlled gold extraction but also its transformation in this region.

Gorom Gorom Market

In the north eastern part of Burkina Faso lies the small village of Gorom Gorom which is famed for its vibrant market that is held every Thursday. It is one of the most renown, interesting and very colorful markets in Western Africa with numerous ethnic groups traveling long distances to be part of this existing event. Among them are the Indigo clothed Tuareg nomads who travel from the Saharan Desert on Camel s. in this make you can get yourself some good quality souvenirs like fabric, livestock, leather and African printed clothing.


This is not only an attractive and a lively city but also the second largest in Burkina Faso. The city is comprised of a blend of the Sudanese and the French architecture with the most prominent being the train station plus the Great Mosque which has a resemblance with the Djenne Mosque; which contains a collection of art-crafts from various tribes in Africa. Many refer to Bobo-Dioulasso as the Music Capital of Burkina Faso which is more evident during the night when the when the beautiful rhythms fill the night.

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