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Kabore Tambi National Park

This park is located near the capital, Ouagadougou and a few kilometers from the border with Ghana. It is one of the treasured national parks and protected areas in Burkina Faso that was gazetted a national park in 1976 as Po National Park. The named changed with tribute to a game ranger who was killed by poachers in 1991.

The park is established on the banks of Nazinon river-formerly Red Volta. Other rivers in the park’s eco-system include Nazinga and Sissili found in the south-west and along the Nazinon river respectively. The Vegetation in the park is mainly distributed into northern sudan savanna grassland for the north and in the south, a blend of the southern sudan savanna and northern guinea savanna.


The park is an important birding area in Burkina Faso which bird species like Senegalese Parrot, Violet Turaco, yellow billed shrike, Blue belleir roller, yellow penduline, piapiac, bearded barbet, Pied winged swallow, Sengal Eremonela, blackcap babbler, sun lark, Purple glossy starling, lavender waxbill. Chestnut crowned sparrow weaver, Brown rumped bunting and many other birds.

Getting there

The park is located only 130km south of Ouagadougou near the border with Ghana. The highway from Ouagadougou to Bolgatanga crosses through the park winding into Ghana further north of the park


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