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Ruvubu National Park

The Ruvubu National Park was established in 1980 and covers an estimated 560sq km on the banks of river Ruvubu. More than 60km on either side of the river and its valley are part of this Burundi National Park.

Since the park is largely in the river valley, the habitat is made of swamp vegetation, riparian forest and savannah woodlands. The flood plain mainly comprises of papyrus swamps.

The Ruvubu National Park of Burundi is the homeland of some of the most striking wildlife animals and species of flowers. All these natural beauties make Ruvubu National Park standout among all the other Burundi tourist attractions.


Ruvubu National Park is located in the north eastern part of Burundi on the banks of river Ruvubu.  The park also extends south towards the border to Tanzania. It is easily accessed from Bujumbura city which is only 26km away in the town of Gitega. Gitega is the second largest city in Burundi


Some of the animals in Ruvubu Burundi National park include species like hippopotamus, buffalo, crocodiles, leopard, monkeys, antelope and lion.

There are more than 425 species of birds in the park making bird watching a major safari adventure in Burundi especially during the rainy season of October to May.  Some of the birds in the park include papyrus gonolek. Flufftail, barbet, cisticola, tit, bee eater, francolin, warbler, babbler, sun birds, weaver, seed eater and the papyrus canary among others

The Ruvubu National Park aims to preserve the endangered species of animals and birds. Human habitation had been evacuated from the park so that the different wildlife species could thrive well.


There are camping facilities for the visitors and tourist in the park giving chance to experience this unique habitat by the wild night.