Cameroon is a beautiful  tourist destination with a great history, traditions and an epitome of scenes which might put it in Africa. It is also relatively peaceful and unscarred by the regional propensity for horror. Although politically rigid, it is not a dictatorship, and although a little sharp, it is nowhere near as corrupt as its neighbors.

Situated in the elbow of the Gulf Of Guinea, Cameroon straddles three political regions. With its toes dipped in the central African equatorial zone, its face pressed against the brawny haunches of the Niger Delta, and its elbows up in the Lake Chad region, Cameroon is all things to all people. It is ostensibly bilingual, although the Francophone element outnumbers the Anglophone, and with 280 distinct ethnic groups within the country, the indigenous languages outnumber them both.

Cameroon Holiday Tours

Yaoundé is knowcameroon trip photon to be the capital of Cameroon and still the second biggest city in the country after Douala. Its location is beautified with green, hilly backdrop along with a wonderful impulsive urban development. The most exciting thing about this city is that its well organized, clean at all times with hospitable people. It has a nice plan of markets, vigorous bar, music and art. Douala is the biggest city in Cameroon with lively markets and business located on the banks of Wouri river, just a few kilometers from the coast

The country has fine resort beaches that are suited in the south of the southern town of Kribi and in Limbe a famous fishing town. This is a place for the rich, expatriates in addition to the tourists as well. Yaoundé happens to lie in the typical West African beach setting with credible palms, open air restaurants, wide sandy beaches, long with fish markets.

In this diverse beautiful country are several different cultures including the famous Ba’Aka pygmy forest people to nomadic Fulani in the Sahel and other peoples with more than 200 local languages. The forest people are known to eat monkeys and also have vibrant monkey game meat trade hence the increasing conservation of primates throughout the rain forest on western Cameroon

The south west is a mountainous area dominated by a number of active volcanoes with fertile farming soils on the lower slopes. Mount Cameroon is the highest peak in west Africa, an active volcano that exploded a decade ago creating great threat to the Pgymy population that lived on the foothills. Trekking Mount Cameroon is a recommended Cameroon holiday activity that you can not miss

Cameroon wildlife tours

Cameroon holidays are exciting tours of not only the beaches, mountains and forests but also it diverse array of wildlife found in its open savannah game parks and forested areas.

Cameroon national parks
Cameroon has a number of notable National Parks, but Waza National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is not only one of the most notable in the country, but of the best preserved and most accessible in the region. At over 170 000 hectares, it is home to the classic African plains species including lion, elephant, giraffe and many others. This park is open from mid November to around mid June. Some of the other smaller parks in Cameroon include;
• Bénoué National Park
• Bouba National Park
• Boumba National Park
• Campo Ma’an National Park
• Faro National Park
• Korup National Park
• Lake Lobake National Park
• Nki National Park

Cameroon primate tours

Cameroon forests on the slopes of mount Cameroon are the most beautiful place to find some of the world’s large populations of primates including the mountain gorillas, colobus monkeys, chimpanzees, mangabeys and so much more. Limbe Wildlife Park is a conservation centre for these primates, some of them only found in Cameroon.

Dzanga Sangha reserve on the border with Central Africa Republic is the place to find the habituated western lowland gorillas. In this forest are unique plant species, elephants, buffalos, antelopes, mangabeys and a good bird life population.

When to Visit Cameroon

There is something vitcameroon trip photoal to take note, when to visit the Cameroon. This is because the roads are so dusty and the best time would be when it rains of which it may be too mud for the vehicles to trek through. Avoid the wet seasons unless you hire 4wd to take you around on holidays in Cameroon.

For those who visit the southern part, normally receive rain occasionally annually. This usually takes place in the months of June and October. The climate in the north is dry with a diverse summer wet season between mid-April and October. But the best months to visit on Cameroon holidays is the winter months between November and February.

Cameroon Travel

Cameroon shares a boundary with Chad along with the Central African Republic and this has been observed as an incidence of carjacking and banditry. Therefore in case you want to visit Waza national park, the best thing to do is to go with a tour operator who is well familiar with the area

On the Nigerian border is the Bakassi peninsular, a notable crime zone in west Africa. Booking a local guide to take the holiday trip with you will make your Cameroon vacation tours memorable and a lot safer.


Why Visit Cameroon?


Tourism within Cameroon is a developing although relatively a small sector. Ever since the 1970s, the Cameroon government has developed the sector through creating a complete ministry of tourism as well as through encouraging investment by travel agencies, airlines plus hotels. The government relates to the nation as “Africa in miniature”, marketing its diverse geography, climate and culture . its wildlife attracts safari-goers as well as large game hunters, since the country is home to most of the famous animals of Africa including: rhinoceroses, cheetahs, hippopotami, chimpanzees, gorillas, elephants plus giraffes.

What to see on a Tour in Cameroon?


Bénoué National Park

Visit this national park that is home to lions, buffalos, panthers, hippopotamuses, giraffes, crocodiles plus hyena, in addition to a number of primates, and may be visited throughout the year.

Bouba Ndjidah National Park

Found on the banks of River Mayo Lidi, within the distant north, this park is a well-liked place for seeing the black rhinoceros. Additional wildlife includes buffalos, lions, elands and elephants.

Cameroon’s forest people

Discover the forest people, and their traditional medicinal practises, hunting techniques, plus dances, on week-long trip to the southeast area.

Climbing Mount Cameroon

At 4,095m the is West Africa’s highest mountain and the highest active volcano in Africa a well-liked mountaineering spot. The climb will take 3 to 4 days.


Explore Korup National Park

This is Africa’s most ancient and most biologically varied rainforest offering an opportunity to see an array of trees, primates and birds, like many recently discovered species.


Festival National des Arts et de la Culture (FENAC)

Cameroon’s largest non-religious festival, that occurs in Maroua during December, is a vibrant scene of parades, shows, happy celebration as well as cultural events.


In this town rich with culture, discover several traditional structures dating back the German colonization era, plus a Sultan’s Palace that was finished in 1917. The market, the Musée du Palais and the Musée des Arts et des Traditions Bamoun are worth visiting.


Cameroon’s lively capital covers seven hills. Points of interest include Benedictine Monastery’s Musée d’Art Cameroonais, a set of traditional crafts plus arts on Mont Fébé, as well as the newer National Museum of Yaoundé.

Game vieing in Locameroon trip photobéké National Park

Lobéké is habitat to the hard to see families of the western lowland gorillas. Guests can reside the night in a exclusively constructed watchtower for the finest opportunity to seeing these plus a selection of animals, including elephants, buffalos, giant forest hogs, red river hogs, yellow-backed duikers in addition to bongo antelopes.

Other activities to do or places to see include: Hiking, visiting Kalamaloué Reserve , Limbé port town, Rhumsiki village, Waza National Park and Rock climbing





Which Tour Company or Tour Operator?

Cameroon is on the list of top rated holidaymaker destinations within Africa and has for long been receiving millions visitors from various corners around the globe that take a trip here to enjoy their holiday. The country features a large number of tour companies focused on organizing great tours within the country, providing guests an amazing experience. Don’t fail to discover that the tour company you are planning to use is mentioned with Cameroon tour operator companies.

Where to Stay on a Cameroon Tour?


Nice accommodation of worldwide standard is offered in Yaoundé, Bamenda, Maroua, Douala and Garoua. Affordable accommodation, catering mainly for budget travelers, is offered in all towns.

The nice hotels (rated 2-star by the government) offer rooms having showers plus air conditioning; better places likewise offer sports facilities plus swimming pools. The Prices within Douala with Yaoundé are fairly high. A number of big hotels will accept credit cards. Generally Hotel facilities are on high demand; it is recommended to reserve beforehand and get written confirmation of your reservation.

Mid-range and economical hotels, such as auberges / guesthouses as well as campements / country lodges, can be fantastic value, even though it’s advisable to check the room, ensuring that it has flowing water plus electricity, prior to committing yourself. As in other places in Africa, the most affordable places may be noisy and unpleasant, with a number of serving as brothels.


Wild camping is allowed within Boubandjidah National Park as well as on the banks of River Mayo Lidi. You can as well pitch up a tent at the lodges at Waza plus Bénoué national parks. In other places, camping is regarded as unsafe because of the possibility of break-ins or the threat resulting from wild animals.


When to Go on a Tour in Cameroon?



The southern region is hot and arid in November and February. The major rainy season is from June to October. The temperatures within the north differ. On the Adamaoua Plateau, temps reduce drastically at nighttime. Grassland areas away from the coast are more cooler compared to the coast with frequent rainfall. The perfect months to visit Cameroon are from January to April.

Recommended clothing:

Ligh-tweight cotton clothes, with canvas / light leather shoes plus sandals. Along the coast I recommend Waterproofs.

Are the people of Cameroon Friendly?

Yes, the people of Cameroon are hospitable and very friendly. Cameroon culture is a combination of the practices and cultures of the Cameroon people. Various facets of their culture is observed in the cuisine, language, religion, literature, art and music of the country. Cameroon’s language comprises of different native languages spoken by the tribal groups..

What is the Weather like in Cameroon?



Cameroon features three main climate zones:

The sudanese-sahelian zone surpasses 10° north latitude and is characterized by the arid season that goes on for 7 to 9 months with rainfall not plentiful differing from 300 – 900 mm/year from south to north. The vegetation differs from area to area. There is an equatorial forest covering Forty Percent of the country in the southern region and there’s a savannah plus the steppe within the north. The average yearly temperature is over 28°C in the Distant North area ; it’s lower in the Adamawa area besides the Mounts Mandara that are fresher and the region of Garoua, that is warmer.

The Sudanese zone between 7° and 10° north latitude. The dry season endures between 5 and 6 months with average temperature of 22°C, and 1,000mm of rainfall per year.

The equatorial zone between 2° and 6° north latitude and is comprises of plenty of rainfall with an annual average of 2, 000mm. The average temperature about 25°C.

Cameroon receives a huge amount of rainfall. with an average annual rainfall amount of 1, 600 mm in the last ten years however, this isn’t frequent in the entire country. Within the north, the lowest temperatures are in December and January while the maximum temperature is in March and April. Within the south, the least temperatures are from July to September. The possibility evapo-transpiration differs from 2, 200 mm/year in the Distant Northern area and 1, 200 mm/year within the south.

What to do on a Safari in Cameroon

Over the recent years, Cameroon has slowly become a popular travel destination for many holidaymakers and tourists. it offers a variety of attractions for its visitors to pleasure in and enjoy while in the country as they indulge in the unspoilt beauty and adventure parts of Cameroon. Listed below are some of the main attractions in Cameroon that are worth visiting during a holiday in this country.

Climb Mount Cameroon

This strato-volcano mountain holds the highest peak in the whole of Central Africa. It is located on the western side of the capital city of Cameroon known as Yaounde. It is a favorite destination for racing and several tourists have traveled from all corners of the country to enjoy the thrill of this wonderful sport.

 Visit Benedictine Museum

This museum located in Yaounde houses various historic items and artifacts among which are animal sculptures, sculptures of African sceneries and some African men. It holds a vast collection of Cameroon’s art pieces. Majority of the items in the museum are art pieces from the different ethnic groups in the country.

Explore Waza National Park

This is the most prominent of all National parks in the country. There are various animals in the park among which are lions, antelopes, giraffes, elephants and ostriches. You will have the opportunity to adventure through the park in the safari vehicles in the presence of the skilled guides who will detail you about the various animal species. Other National parks in the country include: Benoue National Park, Boubandjidda National Park and Korup National Park.


Cameroon has outstanding museums in which its rich heritage is well preserved. They are open to the public and can be accessed daily. The museums offer guided itineraries that enable the visitors to well discover the sites of myth, history and legend. Some of the prominent Museums are Museum of Babungo, Museum of Bandjoun, Museum of Mankon and the museum of Baham among others.

Enjoy day trips in Yaounde City

This is the capital of Cameroon and is renowned for its beautiful green plus rolling terrain. The city houses most of the governmental houses, embassies, several top-notch hotels the great Art Museum of Cameroon plus a collection of nightclubs, bars and fine restaurants. The city is very vibrant and the people are quite welcoming.

Enjoy the Nightlife of Cameroon

Nights in Cameroon are very lively with happy people moving from Cameroon-Nightlifeone spot to another. The silence of the night is broken by the wonderful sounds of Cameroonian music played from the various clubs and disco halls. There are live performances of the local Makossa plus the Bikutsi music at some hotels and Karaoke halls, in addition to a wide spectrum of bars, casinos and restaurants.

Spend time at the Beautiful Beaches

Cameroon has a coastline with several idyllic forsaken beaches with a few fishing tiny villages and old larva formations. These beaches are characterized by chocolate-brown colored sand. The terrain is so beautiful as the verdant jungle meets with the sweeping waves of the sea. Some of the best beaches in Cameroon include: Seme beach which offers surfing opportunities, Kribi Beach and Limbe Beach.

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