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Bamenda Cameroon

Bamenda from North West Cameroon stands out as one of the most attractive and picturesque places to visit in central Africa. It is very popular with foreigners given its Anglophone background and friendly people.

Bamenda has a growing population of more than 600 000 people with more enthusiastic and hardworking youth flowing in from other parts of the country especially from rural areas.

Despite the recorded growth in population, Bemenda is one of the cleanest towns in Cameroon and also is one of the cheapest towns to live while in the country. Both accommodation and food are cheap to find here.

Tourist Attractions

Culture- the diversity of cultures and peoples in Bamenda brings along a rich heritage marked by interesting art and crafts, clothing, cultural practices, music, costumes and so much more.


-There are several facilities, hotels and shopping centers around town.The most popular health facility here is the St. Louis Clinic, having a medical training centre attached to it. The town has several secondary/high schools and colleges. It also has a polytechnic and University that attract students from all over the republic.


-Bamenda has a steep cliff face overlooking it, locally referred to as station hill. The outpost on this significant hill boasts beautiful views of the township. Beyond the town are massive mountain ranges covered in luch greenery and forest.



in Bamenda is great; the mornings are extremely cold, at times reaching 0ºC and causing morning dews and fog. The cold weather loosens as the sun rises but the evenings are quite cold as well. Remember to carry some warm clothing just in case you intend to spend a night or two here.