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Hotels and accommodation in Cameroon

come in a variety of options ranging from five star luxury hotels, business class hotels, standard hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfast, holiday inns and self catering apartments among other accommodation options.

Cameroon is an Africa safari country and believe me it has an amazing tourism industry, with a full package of hospitable people that will make your stay so comfortable and still give you the best memorable experience. The best thing about this country is that all hotels range from local Christian missions, local Auberges along with the magnificence for the rich people. Every major city and town with

Cameroon Tourism

options has a number of options for Cameroon hotels

Depending on what you want as a traveler, Cameroon has all hotels, lodges and accommodation of which the choice will be yours. But many of the travelers normally book EL Panaden along with Hotel Laginague that is suited downtown Yaoundé. Foyer International L’Eglise Persbytérienne is commonly for overland travelers as well as backpackers.

Hotels in Yaounde Cameroon

Hilton Hotel Yaunde

Cameroon is a highlight with the Cameroon capital of Yaounde. This Cameroon hotel is acknowledged to have a world-weary Las Vegas appearance, best customer and room service, restaurants, bar, swimming pool and a classic live band that palys soothing Cameroonian ballads

Besides Hilton, there are other Hotels and among these include the

Motel Febe Sofitel Yaounde

hotel it’s a magnificence resort multipart located approximately a few miles out of town and its definitely cheaper than Hilton. It’s beautified with a 9 hole golf course, therefore golf lovers, this is the best place to visit.

Hotel Des Desputes

is also found in Yaounde with splendid view of a small lake in the backyard, a bar, restaurant, small classic suites and a ready hotel taxi cabs.

The central hotel is another luxury Cameroon hotel with luxury themed rooms, spacious lounge, restaurants serving intercontinental dishes and excellent staff.  Other hotels in Yaounde Cameroon include The Prestige and the Royal Hotel

Hotels in Douala Cameroon

Douala is the biggest city in Cameroon, a sea port and still taken as the capital of Cameroon’s Littoral province. Therefore it has many travelers hotels located in the downtown district and the prices are friendly along with the backpackers who actually leave in the centre d’Accueil Missionaire.

Akwa Palace Douala Cameroon hotel is a major hotel within the heart of Douala with reliable staff, quality rooms, hotel garden, swimming pool, terrace bar and accept credit cards too.

The Meridien is another standard Douala Cameroon hotel. Ibis Hotels and Sawa Douala hotels are other standard option for Douala Cameroon holiday accommodation

In the remote areas of Cameroon, accessibility and luxury hotels may be inconsistent, although the local hotels are easily available due to the fact they are friendly and can as well accommodate the Christian missions that replace the backpackers’ lodges along with hostels.

Hotel Manza

is a recommended Cameroon hotel and accommodation option in Bertoua town in the east. Many other small towns and villages have holiday inns, apartments and guesthouses


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