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This Cameroon National Park is also a UNESCO bio-sphere located in northern area of Cameroon. It was established in 1934 as a forest reserve but in 1968, it became a fully pledge national park and today stretching to nearly 1.700 square kilometers

The vegetation in the park is majorly acacia forest and open savannah covering the areas of the former Lake Chad – a depression that extends up tot eh border on the Nigerian-Chad Basin National Park.


There basin area is known for large herds of the African elephants and lion prides. Some of the other mammals in the park include the hippos, giraffes, kob, olive baboons, vevert monkeys, leopards, cheeetahs, aardvarks, warthog, tsessebe and hartebeests among others.

Some of the regular birds in the park include the ostrich, Arabian bustards, heron, fish stork, hornbills, lesser kestrel, Nubian bustard, marbles duck, greater spotted eagle and Quail plover among others. There are more than 350 birds recorded in this park


The best time to visit Waza National Park is during the dry season of March to May when many animals congregate along water holes and pools while the rainy season is best for bird watching adventures. Nevertheless, the park is open November to June for tourists.

Access to the park is via the village of Waza in the north west of the park where ranger guides and the offices of the Waza National Park Conservation service.  Waza is just off the paved road to Chad, 75 miles (122 km) north of Maroua.


There is lodging and camping within the park although prior arrangements and bookings are important. Accommodation is also available in the village of Waza and Maroua.

A variety of lodging is available and guided trips can be arranged both at Maroua and, nearer the park, the village of Waza, which has camping as well. Some of the options include Waza Campement Hotel and Waza Park hotel

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