[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When looking for a budget safari, you could have encountered a number of camping safaris referred to as “Exclusive” on the various websites. We are aware that this category of safari may seem rather a contradiction (since it is exclusive it is budget with camping) therefore here is some breakdown.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row] [vc_row][vc_column][bs-mix-listing-1-2 title=”” icon=”” hide_title=”0″ heading_color=”” heading_style=”default” category=”” tag=”243″ count=”200″ post_ids=”” offset=”” featured_image=”0″ ignore_sticky_posts=”1″ author_ids=”” disable_duplicate=”0″ time_filter=”” order=”DESC” order_by=”date” _name_1=”” post_type=”” taxonomy=”” _name_2=”” cats-tags-condition=”and” cats-condition=”in” tags-condition=”in” tabs=”” tabs_cat_filter=”” tabs_tax_filter=”” tabs_content_type=”deferred” paginate=”none” pagination-show-label=”0″ pagination-slides-count=”3″ slider-animation-speed=”750″ slider-autoplay=”1″ slider-speed=”3000″ slider-control-dots=”off” slider-control-next-prev=”style-1″ bs-show-desktop=”1″ bs-show-tablet=”1″ bs-show-phone=”1″ custom-css-class=”” custom-id=”” override-listing-settings=”0″ listing-settings=”” bs-text-color-scheme=”” css=””][/vc_column][/vc_row]



Exclusive Safaris; camping in style

 Exclusive Budget as well as Exclusive Overland tours are basically camping tours, with 2 – 3 nights of nice accommodation alongside some amazing comfort. For the nights on such exclusive camping tours, you are accommodated in lodge-designed facilities. On your camping nights you will stay in tented camps, providing more deluxe camping facilities compared to the standard camp sites.Exclusive safaris are perfect for the first-timers, as well as reluctant campers, who are uncertain about the entire camping experience. The exclusive camping safaris are as well ideal for seasoned campers who are interested in an improvement from the basic camping safari packages.

For those traveling on a very restricted budget and yet the accommodated safaris are rather more costly, then you could opt for an exclusive camping tour to better meet your requirements. This camping alternative will offer you an opportunity to visit the very same sites plus national parks just as arranged for your budget safaris.

 What is really Exclusive About the Camping Tours?

The two kinds of Exclusive Camping Safaris are categorized as tinny group safaris, moving with as many as sixteen people. For most of your tour, you will reside in semi-permanent or even permanent tented camps, in which you will spend 2 to 3 nights (and at times even more days) in lodge- fashioned accommodation on the way.

Involvement: One of the greatest differences between the basic camping safari and the exclusive camping safari is the level of required participation. Exclusive camping safaris require less or no involvement, in comparison to standard camping tours in which you are expected to assist here and there. In case and when involvement is needed on your exclusive camping safari it will normally be in the form of assisting to set up or take to pieces the camp.

Camping equipment: an additional factor which makes an exclusive safari different from the basic camping tour is that they provide mattresses in the tents which improve the entire camping experience. On a number of the exclusive camping safaris they may even avail you with camping beds, linen as well as pillows.

The Food: In addition, the exclusive camping safaris offer better quality meals, since there is a dedicated cook. For instance, in Tanzania these exclusive budget camping safaris offer a variety of hot drinks alongside delicious meals which have been nicely prepared therefore you can certainly expect a nice meal whenever it is food time.

 Exclusive Budget Camping Experience

Exclusive Camping Safaris; the different Types

There are basically 2 kinds of Exclusive Safaris which include the Exclusive Budget Safari and the Exclusive Overland Safari. Fortunately these are affordable tour packages even for travelers on a limited budget so don’t confuse this with the luxury tours!

Exclusive Budget Safaris – the advantages

These are the more limited of the 2 types of exclusive tours; Why?

Mainly since the size of the group is smaller and the safari vehicles are rather smaller, which consequently offers a more private safari experience.

Among the advantages of Exclusive Budget Safaris area:

A Smaller size of the group: between two and six to eight travelers per safari

Game drives plus Transfers in smaller safari vehicles

A Guaranteed seat next to the window

A private safari experience

comprehensive tour price

Camping equipment

The Smaller size of the group:

On the Exclusive Budget Safari,  the size of the group ranges from two to as many as 8 people per vehicle.

To offer you a quick idea: when Kruger Park the largest number of usually 8, and then in Tanzania it’s normally 7 while in Kenya it is eight people in every safari vehicle. For a number of the exclusive safaris, you can do a single reservation, basing on the availability (that is normally good) to happen in safari destinations like Kruger Park. Those traveling alone can join others as well as smaller groups for form a maximum of eight people; therefore you will be able to share this travel experience since they not private tours.

Also the somewhat bigger groups are still smaller than the size of over-landing group.

Transport offered in smaller safari vehicles:

Not like over-landing safaris, the transport on these Exclusive Budget tours is offered in closed vehicles or Land cruisers and you will have your game drives in open or uniquely tailored 4WD safari vehicles.

For example: the Exclusive Budget expeditions in Kruger include transportation to and fro the game park in a safari vehicle having air-conditioning. Within Kruger, you will have the game drives in open 4WD safari vehicles to present excellent wildlife visibility as well as immerse you in the African bush.

Another good example are the Exclusive Budget expeditions in East Africa which are done in vehicles having a pop-up roof as well as guarantee each guest a seat close to the window.

Exclusive Budget Safari vehicle

Personal Safari Experience:

If the sizes of expedition groups are Smaller then it implies you will have better one-on-one interaction with the safari guide. In addition this offers a better intimate experience while on safari during which you will have a chance to interact with your fellow travelers in the group.

The majority of Exclusive Budget expeditions are led by 2 crew members who are the guide or driver as well as the cook. Your guides on these exclusive camping excursions are outstandingly experienced and very knowledgeable hence boosting the quality of experience you will have on your safari.

Inclusive tour cost:

In general, the Exclusive Budget Safaris will incorporate the majority of activities, plus the park entrance fees as well as the conservation levies. These activities normally included are your cultural village walks, game drives, boat cruises on Chobe at sunset as well as nature walks. These are budget safaris therefore high-end activities such as taking the hot-air balloon over the wide Serengeti as well as picturesque flights over the legendary Okavango Delta, won’t be part of your activities.

Camping equipment:

During these Exclusive Budget Safaris you will provided with camping mattresses in your tents that are 2-man dome tents or even walk-in tents beneath canvas. A number of the expeditions will include pillows, camping beds plus a set of nice linen in your tents,

For instance, in Kruger Park the expeditions normally include mattresses plus camping beds along with a set of linen. Back in Kenya, the walk-in tents have beds as well as linen for you to use. The majority of the camps available in Kenya have running generators which are switched off at around 10 pm.

In Tanzania the Exclusive Budget Safaris normally offer the 2 man dome tents plus mattresses; however they do not provide you with linen. For these those taking such safaris you will have to carry a sleeping back or opt to hire one as well as pillow.

Set Up of camping in Kenya

Exclusive Over-land Safaris – in detail

In this case you will be focusing on a somewhat larger group of people that range from 4 to as many as sixteen for each over-land tour. Nonetheless this is a smaller number compared to  the size of basic overland camping tours.

Transportation during these exclusive safaris is done  in  big over-landing truck which are designed for traversing the African terrain. Some of the advantages of traveling in these overland trucks is that they offer a raised point of viewing the wildlife as well as the sweeping terrain that you will encounter. The disadvantage is that you are not guaranteed to get a seat on the window.

On Exclusive Overland Safaris two-man canvas dome tents are used and a mattress is provided, but not the full works. This means that linen and pillows are not included, so you need to hire a sleeping bag or bring your own (recommend the latter). Taking a pillow case and stuffing it with some clothing is often a good option for saving space and keeping your luggage light and manageable.

During these Exclusive Budget Safaris, you will have 2 to 3 nights and at times even more staying in cabin- fashioned accommodation or in twin shared rooms. The majority of these expeditions solely include game drives plus other basic safari activities (such as bush walks and village visits), however not all the recommended safari activities are included in your itinerary. Some of the well recommended activities that are worth including and have to be paid for alone from your standard tour cost. These need you to make a Local Payment to the destination so as to enjoy the activity package, such as adventure on canoes and mokoro trips plus bush camping jungle adventures.

Lodge-fashioned accommodation

Exclusive Budget Safaris opposed to Exclusive Overland Safaris

Therefore the biggest difference between these Exclusive Budget Safaris and the Exclusive Overland Safaris include:

Exclusive Budget Safaris                                                Exclusive Overland Safaris

Smaller vehicles                                                Over-landing truck

Two to eight people                                       four to sixteen people

Affordable                                                          More reasonably priced

Guaranteed seat by the window                              not Guaranteed window seat

Park fees and included levies                     Most park costs Included

Activities normally included                         Local payment OR an activity package

These two types take a smaller sized group compared to the standard camping safaris. On most of the Exclusive Budget expeditions, you will have a guaranteed seat close to the window, although the Exclusive Overland expeditions which in general are cheaper will not guarantee you such as seat.

There are various companies that organize these Exclusive Camping tours to most of the safari destination across Africa including southern Africa countries like Namibia as well as South Africa, and the  East African countries like Uganda to track gorillas, Kenya as  well as Tanzania.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]