Camping in Africa

Camping in Africa involves spending a few nights looking at the beautiful night sky enjoying the distant sounds of roars of the animals in the forest. You will wake up to the morning sun shining through your tent and the melodic sounds of birds chirping in the trees and when you get out of the tent, you can see foot prints of animals just a few inches from the entrance of your tent.

Such is the kind of excitement you will get by camping in the wilderness in Africa. In case you are looking for a fun way to fully appreciate the wild in Africa, camping is definitely the activity for you. A camping experience in Africa is not as challenging as it may look but rather it is a fun and adventurous activity. You will be able to closely engage and interact with nature while camping.

Camping is not specifically for people looking to rough it up in the wild but also for those that prefer to be comfortable and we provide different packages to suit your taste and style.

I am going to enlighten you about the different types and forms of camping that are offered in Africa, the specific countries to best go to for a memorable camping experience, the things you should pack for a camping trip to Africa and a few pointers to ensure that you enjoy every single moment of your camping trip.

Adventure Camping in Africa

camping in africa

Adventure camping is the type that usually comes to people’s minds when they think of  camping characterized by a pitching a dome shaped tent, spending the night on an uncomfortable ground nested in a warm sleeping bag as well as cooking over an outdoor fire. This style of camping provides you with the ultimate African wilderness experience and is the best type of camping for lovers of the outdoors and travelers with a restricted budget. This is specifically if you decide to assemble your tent outside the appointed places. This is called wild camping.

Wild camping is about setting up your camp outside the designated areas and also sharing the area with the residents of the rural African village. You are not provided with any facilities except the necessary items like a public bathroom which is used by everyone on the camp as well as a bucket shower. This enables you to stay on a strict budget and avoid overspending. You will also enjoy becoming one with nature. You are reminded that before going to rural areas, you need to find out beforehand if the property belongs to a private individual or is publically owned. For more information, you should consult local authorities.

Designated Campsites in Africa

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Designated campsites offer a little bit more than just the basic necessities and extend a few more amenities than wild camping such as bucket showers plus flush toilets. They are normally situated in private game reserves as well as national parks in Africa. Designated campsites can also have access to self-service laundry equipment, electricity, electrical outlets as well as communal cooking facilities in much bigger parks. You can reach the designated camps through overland tours or self-drive safaris.

It is vital to know that campsites in the private reserves, national parks as well as conservancies in Africa offer various camp site packages depending on your budgetary needs and preferences as heighted below.

Budget camp-sites: These are believed to be the perfect example of budget friendly travel by most tourists. They offer basic tents equipped with shared bathrooms but no fences or power outlets.

Mid-range campsites: They provide a little more comfort than budget campsites however they do not have the facilities to qualify them for luxury campsites. They offer tents inside a fenced campsite and provide a power outlet however the bathrooms are shared.

Luxury camp-sites: This is also referred to as glamping. Luxury tents provide the same facilities that lodges do. They are equipped with private bathrooms, power outlets and are usually in fenced campsites. This package also involves game drives as well as driving you to and from the airport.

Camping during an overland Safari in Uganda

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Overland tours are an excellent choice for travelers that want to do more with less. Overland tours provide for lodging, transport and in some cases food and all the activities you will take part in. However with this option, you may have many early mornings, shared bathrooms and have to set up your tent every night.

Overland tours are more convenient for individuals than groups because all the expenses are divided among the group, less time is spent getting around and there is a high probability that you will encounter people with shared interests. If you decide to take a trip with your friends, the overland tour would be very suitable for you.

It is a bit tricky for families to take an overland tour since they may need flexibility in their schedule such as spending more time in a place and waking up later. In case you need a little more comfort, you can move to the luxury campsites since they offer the option of choosing a room or a lavish tent. If you are looking to be more autonomous and create your own itinerary, the best option for you is the self-drive safari.

Camping during a self-drive safari in Africa

A self-drive safari involves you being in total control of your safari experience. You can create your itinerary and choose when you want to do what activity, at what time, for how long and how you will get there.

What stands out about self-drive safaris is the choice to spend the night on top of your vehicle. Many of the off-road cars and 4four wheel drives come with rooftop tents which provide you with a unique way of experiencing the nightlife in a national park in Africa. In case that option does not appeal to you, you can leave your car in a parking space and select between a furnished lodge cabin and a tented luxury suite.

Self-drive safaris are an excellent choice if you are travelling with family who require a bit of flexibility. If you want to get the best out of this experience, you should be able to drive off-road and be a great driver.

What to pack on your camping safari in Africa

The type of equipment you should carry when going for camping in Africa relies on the type of camping experience you have chosen.

In case you are camping in the wild, you will need to get ready for anything. You cannot be sure where you will be camping and what essential things you might need to carry therefore it is better to be prepared. However you do not need to carry a lot of supplies from home because there are a number of shops in big cities where you can purchase or rent supplies that you might need such as camping gear.

If you choose an overland tour, many of the companies offer mattresses and tents. However you can carry a personal sleeping bag and a comfortable pillow. Ensure that you consult with your safari company so that you can find out what they offer.

Useful Tips for camping in the wildernesses of Africa

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Taking a camping trip to Africa poses a health risk despite camping in fenced campsites and it also puts your safety is jeopardy.

Since you will be sharing the wild with the animals, natives as well as other tourists, your etiquette at the campsite should be considerate of the environment as well as the wildlife.

Equipped with that information, we have highlighted some guidelines and camping etiquette that will enable you to be safe during your camping safari;

The best place to set up your camp should be on a flat surface and at a relatively far distance from water bodies as well as game trails.

You are advised to buy firewood beforehand or only gather dead wood and ensure that your campfire is out before you sleep.

Ensure that you clean up your campsite and put away your food, laundry ad rubbish before departing from your campsite to avoid attracting wild animals that might find the smell of your food irresistible and raid your camp.

Make sure that you close the door to your tent before sleeping to prevent unwanted visits from snakes and other animals like hyenas.

Carry your backpack where you can keep your sunscreen, water and camera for your game drives.

Remember to carry enough entertainment material such as books, movies, games. This would be an excellent pass time especially if you have kids to prevent boredom.

In case you opt for a self-drive, ensure that you do not get out of your vehicle for your safety. Carry binoculars and camera to enable you to view the animals better.

The sun in Africa is very hot so you should ensure that you keep rehydrating by drinking plenty of water and applying sunscreen to protect your skin. You should also carry your shades to protect your eyes and a sunhat for maximum protection.

Consult your physician before your trip to ensure that you are in great health and have updated all your vaccinations before you travel.

In case you want to travel to many countries, you should ensure that you have all your visas beforehand. Every holidaymaker is in charge of having all their documents to enable him/ her to cross borders of different countries.

Activities to engage in during a camping Safari in Africa

There are quite a number of exciting outdoor activities you can engage while camping in Africa. These vary from one place to another depending on where you have set camp may be on the river banks, in the forest, nest or within a game park / reserve, up in the mountain or on an island.  These include:


Nature walks

Bird watching,

Quad biking

White water rafting



Hot air ballooning

Volley ball


Jet skiing

Game drives



Best countries to go camping in Africa

Across the different safari destinations in Africa, there are numerous campsites you can opt for while planning for a camping Safari in Africa. Important to note is the fact that each country offers a very unique and different experience. So when choosing which destination to visit, it will all narrow down to what you want to do during your safari, as well as you budget for this adventure. Below I have highlighted some of the recommended African destinations where you can enjoy a camping safari.

 1# Camping in Kenya

kenya safaris

Kenya found in East Africa has several peaceful and beautiful places that offer amazing camping spots. Thanks to the warm coastal temperatures, the beautiful scenery as well as the picturesque landscapes, Kenya has become an amazing destination to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, picnic and fishing. fortunately , majority of the camping places are found close to the national parks and game parks so you can base from you campsite to explore  the various wildlife sanctuaries.

Below are some are some of the top camping areas in Kenya

Rapids Camp, Sagana: Located by the riverbanks of River Tana, this site is popular for its numerous adventurous outdoor safari activities. it offers a very scenic environment with beautiful  landscapes ideal to relax and participate in activities such as water rafting, canoeing as well as kayaking

Malewa Bush Ventures: Situated near Kigio Wildlife Conservancy, close to Naivasha, this is a very serene place that can easily be accessed from the city. Here you can enjoy various activities including fishing, rock climbing, boating game viewing as well as trekking

Camp Carnelley’s: located within Naivasha a large camping area close to the shores of Lake Naivasha, this campsite  offers a very vibrant camping experience with options of either renting a tent there or bring your personal camping facilities. There is a kitchen, a fully-stocked as well as Bandas, especially if you are not ready to pitch tent on the arrival night

El Karama: Found within Laikipia, this eco-campsite is ideal for family camping. This area prides in a very diverse variety of plants and animals, and the campsite offers in addition exclusive nice cottages

Kiboko Camp: located approximately one hundred kilometers from Malindi, this campsite offers twelve tented camping area offering a perfect getaway for holidaymakers that wish to experience the countryside close to the beach. There is a kitchen, well stocked bar and offers breathtaking views of different wild animals that converge around the banks of the fast-flowing river.

Mamba Village: holidaymakers interested in seeing ostriches and crocodiles as well as spend nights in luxury tented camps, the Mamba village found just a few minutes away from the central business district is the best place to go.

Camp Malta: Located within Thika town, the camp offers a Christian camping –experience. Here you will get a chance to interact and camp with other Christian holidaymakers, share interesting Christina stories as well as pleasure in a quite peaceful surrounding.

Thompson Falls Lodge Camp: This beautiful campsite belonging to Thompson Falls Lodge is located in Nyahururu and offers very gorgeous green camping ground. The place is quite and peaceful, and at night as you enjoy watching the starlit sky, the rambling sound of the powerful waterfall will be heard in a distance.

Hell’s Gate Gorge and National Park: There are three amazing camping sited found within this nation park which include: Endachata, Ol Dubai and Naiburta. Basing from them, you will get an opportunity to explore this area and appreciate the unique naturally formed geographical formations which include: volcanic land formations and high red cliffs. Don’t miss out on exploring the grasslands filled with different types of wild animals.

Wildebeest Eco Camp: Close to Mamba village within Lang’ata is this eco-camp site that offers various camping facilities ranging from the exclusive luxury tents offering flush-toilets and electricity, to the budget tents. It offers a quick getaway for a one night adventure camping in the countryside.

Kongoni Camp: This offers the Kongoni luxury lodge as well as a camping ground for those who wish to enjoy breathtaking views of Mount Kenya or hike up the highest mountain in the country. The camp is ideal for those summiting the mountain through the Sirimoni as well as Burguret routes.

Camp Ya Kanzi: this amazing camp is an award winning site located at the bottom of the Chyulu Hills. It sits deep within the Maasai area and offers top notch wilderness accommodation and holiday expeiencce. Unique about it is that staying here will reward you not only with a true feel of the Maasai culture but also grant you a chance to see the different exotic wildlife.

Kembu Farm: The Kembu farm is perfect for those seeking a farm-countryside experience with fresh air, quite surrounding, green gardens, and comfortable accommodation. It is located beyond Nakuru town and the camping ground is located in a serene area on the farm. It offers a self-catering experience so that you enjoy your stay by yourself.

Olorgesailie: The simple basic campsite in Olorgesaillie is located just a one hour drive from the capital city Nairobi. It offers holidaymakers an opportunity to explore the Oloolua Nature Trail. This being an old excavation site, you will be rewarded with opportunities to explore the waterfall, enjoy a nature walk and marvel at the unique surrounding.

2# Camping in Tanzania

tanzania safaris adventure

Spending the night in the wild under a blanket of stars spread out in the beautiful nightsky with the occasional bellowing of the wild animals is a truly unforgettable experience.

Camping in Africa, in national parks like the Serengeti or at the edge of craterNgorongoro while not as comfortable as lavish hotels or tented camps provides you with a truly unique experience with the wildlife in Africa.

Why camp in Tanzania? Camping in Tanzania provides you with a beautiful experience with wildlife by bringing you very close to the wild so that you feel one with nature at the end of your trip. It is very budget friendly and you will able to fully appreciate Tanzania and all it has to offer without breaking a sweat.

Where to go camping in Tanzania? Most of the private game reserves like Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, Arusha National Park as well as many other private game reserves have campsites within or next to them. While visiting any of these parks, you can include camping on your to do list.

What’s included in a Tanzanian Camping Safari? Most of the travel companies offer you most of the camping equipment that you need therefore you might not need to carry anything. You will be given safari chairs, tents, fold-out tables as well as sleeping bags. Your guide will be in charge of pitching your tent as you unwind. If you would rather actively participate and do this yourself or if you are on a self-drive trip, you can bring your own camping equipment and set up.

All camping sites are equipped with security, shared toilets as well as bathrooms. Rangers patrol the camping areas to make sure that the wild animals do not move too close to the campsites.

What to bring: Along with other necessities that you carried on your trip, it is important for you to carry items for personal grooming such as bathing soap, shampoo, shower gel as well as a towel for showering. Most of the other things are given to you by your tour operator or agent.

Food at the camping site: During your camping safari in Tanzania, food will not be an issue at all and you will not have to eat just tinned / canned food.

What to do on a Tanzania Camping Safari: While in Tanzania, camping is highly desirable among travelers looking for budget friendly but enjoyable activities that comes with inexpensive and frugal accommodation during their trip while hiking throughout the country. Most of the people that live in the area would not choose camping as a way to relax, rather they would opt for going to the beach to kick back and have fun.

Sunbathing at the beach as you read an intriguing novel is very relaxing however if you truly love nature and would like to really experience it and appreciate it, camping would be very suitable for you.

Camping gives you a chance to be one with nature, engage and interact deeply with it by spending the night outdoors, breathing the untainted fresh air as you enjoy the melodious sounds of nature created by the chirping of birds and the roaring of some wild animals not very far away.

Best Campsites and Camps in Tanzania

Tanzania is endowed with a number of excellent camping sites in its various national parks, forests as well as beautiful beaches from which you can select. We have highlighted for you 10 excellent camping sites situated in Tanzania.

Udzungwa Forest Camp, Dodoma: Udzungwa Forest Tented Camp is located on the exact border of Udzungwa Mountains National Park. The locals in the area refer to it as Hondo Hondo which whenloosely translated means “Hornbill” since the area has a high concentration of hornbills that reside in the area.

Udzungwa forest camp offers a variety of accommodation facilities options ranging from huts (also referred to as bandas), tented rooms as well as outdoor camping depending on your budget and preferences. You can also have special camping in the Udzungwa Mountains national park.

Udzungwa Forest Tented campsite offers a number of camping facilities including; Western style toilets, Two built-in charcoal barbeque areas, Tents and beddings such as pillows, mattresses for hire, Simple well-equipped cooking area, Showers with solar heated water, A fire pit with a stunning sight of the Udzungwa Mountains National Park as well as a Large washing up sink

Kipepeo Beach Camp, Mjimwema: located within Dar-es-Salaam, Kipepeo Campsite accommodates all travelers and beach goers. They provide you with showers, toilets, restaurant, barbecue area plus a well-stocked bar. For guests that would rather not set up a tent, Kipepeo Beach Camp also provides budget friendly beach bandas two beds and a treated mosquito nets.

Masai Camp, Arusha: It is located about 3 kilometers from the middle of Arusha town and is a simple budget friendly campsite that provides you with camping, traditional Maasai huts plus single and double rooms. It has stunning views and you can choose to relax all day and night in the camp’s well-stocked bar with a glass of wine listening to beautiful live music and watching or taking part in playing a game of pool.

Simbamweni, Morogoro: It is strategically located close to the swamped market town of Morogoro and is the ideal place to live whether you prefer a camping or lodge experience. You will have to set up your own tent on this campsite. The campsite offers the dining area, hot showers, table tennis, meals (if you ask for them), washrooms as well as the lounge.

Lilac Lake Manyara Budget and luxury campsite: Located within Arusha, Lilac Lake Manyara Budget and luxury campsite provides you with tented camps as well as a more budget friendly campsite place which also provides heated water. The campsite is suitable for travelers with a strict budget to Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro crater which is located close by as well as Tarangire. You can have your accommodation at Lilac Lake Manyara Budget and luxury campsite and be able to tour those three parks.

It was set up under a number of acacia trees that provide a home to a variety of distinct bird species. The most widespread bird in the area is the Lilac breadsted bird from which the camp derives its name.

Lilac Campsite has a great bar and restaurant which offers a diversity of food and drinks. In case you are not up to the task of going to the restaurant to grab a bite or a drink, the waiters and waitresses can deliver your food and drinks to your tent.

Lua Cheia: For those looking for the utmost comfort while camping in Tanzania, Lua Cheia Camp on Mafia Island is the ideal place for you providing a lavish camp experience. It is situated at Ras Bweni in the north of Mafia Island and sits on a private beach of about 2km.

It is located in Mafia Island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Tanzania, set apart from all other tourist places or any commercial activities and provides the aloneness that its guests crave as well as the beautiful nature and a peaceful place to unwind. Lua Cheia has six huge tents that are under thatched “bandas” with verandahs that guide you to the beach. It faces north-west and makes use of the sea winds during the dry season and the beautiful sunsets in the late afternoon over the Selous and Rufiji Delta.

Every room has a distinct en suite bathroom built in concrete block as well as a solar water heater plus solar lighting. The fans in the room are also solar powered to prevent the heat during the night.

Chawaba Camping Village, found within Kigamboni in Dar-es-Salaam, Chawaba camping village is situated in the Kigamboni region popularly known as South Beach. Chawaba Village provides you with a great view of smooth flawless sand as well as the turquoise waters.

Chawaba camping village offers two types of camping namely; Camping cabins that offer mattresses, mosquito nets as well as bathrooms, and the tented camping area which requires you to bring your own tent and provides you with all day security, utensils, washing area as well as portable barbecue pits

Based on its website, while camping at Chawaba, visitors can kick back, relax and disconnect from their usual schedules in the South Beach Resort swimming pool as well as its Jacuzzi that can accommodate approximately 22 people. The beachfront is a great spot for beach parties or watching a beautiful sunset in the evening. It is also perfect for water sports such as jet-skiing, swimming, tanning, volleyball and many more. Guests at the South Beach resort can enjoy different cuisines at Rifu’s Bar and Grill which offers Chinese, Indian plus the Tanzanian delicacies. For people that love dancing, the in-house DJ and the Whisky Shack will make sure you dance till you drop.

Ikoma Bush Camp: Ikoma Bush Camp sits in the middle of a magnificent sight of the savannah as well as the skies, shielded by a small forest of acacia trees and is also referred to as Serengeti tented camp. This is because it is located on the boundary of the famous Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. It is conveniently located along the trail of the wildebeest that move between Kenya and Tanzania during the Great Migration.

The camp provides tents along with modern furnishings, a private en suite bathroom as well as a private verandah. The main restaurant and bar area has a beautiful huge fireplace which is a great spot to chill out after a long fun day.

The Lakeshore Lodge and Campsite: The lakeshore lodge and Campsite is situated on the shores of Lake Tanganyika close to Kipili village on the Western part of Tanzania, in Rukwa Region. It gives you a variety of lodging options for example;

Lavish beach bandas with exclusive access to a private beach as well as private rock pools. you will be able to pitch Camp under the shade of one of the large eighty (80) year old mango trees  scattered across the campground. There are also budget bandas with very comfortable rooms on the lawns with great views of the lake.

Lakeshore Lodge also has a number of adventure activities like; Kayaking, Quad bikes, Tailor made safaris to Katavi National Park, Scuba diving, Mountain bikes, Scuba diving, Snorkeling as well as Fly Camping on private beaches

#4. Camping in Zambia

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Escape from the hustle and busy life of Zambia as you set out camping in its countryside, sitting in the serene environment with a more relaxed lifestyle, watching the starlit skies and enjoying the warmth of the camp fire. Exploring the pristine tourist places scattered across the country while opting for accommodation as camping wont only help you cut your budget but also give you a chance to enjoy the uncontaminated natural fresh air in Zambia’s wilderness.

Below are some of the most loved and commonly visited camps in Zambia

Zambezi Waterfront: found about 4 km upstream from the renowned Victoria Falls, this is the perfect place to go for anyone who is interested in engaging in various outdoor activities on River Zambezi.

Croc Valley Camp: this bush camp is located is River Luangwa’s banks, and it offers very budget accommodation facilities for both Full board guests as well as self catering guests.

Bilimungwe Bushcamp: this amazing camp is found in South Luangwa National park which is classified as one of the most popular natural wildlife habitats in the country. The camp is owned by the Bush-Camp company that manages Mfuwe lodge as well as six other bush camps in the country.

Kabula Lodge Western Zambia: this amazing place is perfect for outdoor activities including bird watching, fishing and nature walks. It is located on the banks of River Zambezi offering good quality yet affordable services and above all, bringing you closer to nature.

Track and Trail River Camp: for those of you interested in enjoying great views of wildlife, this is one of the best places to go. The beautiful small camp is located within the wildlife are along the river nabks of River Luangwa and it overlooks South Luangwa National Park. This camp has specialized in arranging photographic safaris in the park.

Lusaka Backpackers: located within Lusaka, the Lusaka Backpackers was formerly known as ‘Chachacha Backpackers’ the premise includes facilities such as a bar that in addition offers sandwiches and snacks, cooking facilities as well as a place for making barbeque.

Jollyboys Backpackers and Camp: this is located within Livingstone city and has been in existence since 1995 offering very satisfactory services as per the testimonies of the clients who have stayed there. top service is one of the things that are guaranteed for every guest  that visits this camp.

Eureka Camping Park: also referred to as ‘best showers-in-Africa’, the camp park is located on a private game-farm only fifteen minutes drive from the town of Lusaka. The grounds are very spacious and scattered with good shade perfect for pitching your tents. You will find a number of en-suite chalets as well as self catering facilities.

Kariba Bush Club: on Lake Karibu’s south western shores is this amazing facility that includes various accommodation facilities including private rooms, boat house, self contained guest houses as well as tented camps.

Shaka’s Camping Park: located a couple of kilometers from the town of Kafue, shaka’s hill camping park is another amazing place to set camp during your camping Safari in Zambia

Muyanganas Picnic Water Front Campsite: well this is another favorite among campers. On Saturdays and Sundays, the place is visited by numerous adventure lovers who come to enjoy its serenity and beauty.

#5 Camping in South Africa

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one of the best ways to enjoy an up-close experience of the various outdoor activities in south Africa as you listen to the sound of different animals calling the background, smell the authentic African bushes ad marvel at the starlit beautiful skies is by pitching tents or setting up caravans out in the wilderness.

besides the numerous self-catering and catered places to go in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg as well as some other large cities across South Africa, the country offers more than 600 amazing sites for camping as well as setting up caravans close and within most of the renowned game parks, tour routes, nature reserves and tourist attractions not forgetting the endless breathtaking coastline that extends over thousands of miles.

The various campsites offer holidaymakers an opportunity to enjoy the outdoor setting as well as the serenity escaping from the busy and rushed lifestyle in the main cities. a number of these offer good bathroom facilities and electricity while others  a basically a cleared open space in the wilderness. There are also the super luxury tented camps specially designed for people interested in a camping experience yet with a unique style of glamour, comfort and class. These are pitched on raised platforms off the ground; with king size beds completed with very clean linen and mosquito beds. These are well furnished, have en-suite bathrooms with flowing hot and cold water and have electricity.

Whether a peaceful weekend away in a little tent for two, a family vacation in a caravan, or a romantic honeymoon in an opulent tented camp, the South African camping experience is a truly special one.

The South Arica camping experience incorporates a basic weekend getaway in a small tent for 2 people, a family holiday in a caravan, a wildlife adventure in the game parks and reserves, or a romantic getaway for honeymooners. Be it spending time on the beach by the ocean or wandering off in the mountains, or trekking in the forests, all is possible on a camping expedition in South Africa.

Below are some of the leading campsites found in South Africa

Mahai River Campsite, Drakensberg: Located within the Royal Natal National Park, this beautiful campsite offers numerous hiking trails and offers expeditions to the Tugeka Falls. The campsite is surrounded by the Drakensberg Mountains, and occasionally baboons are seen loitering around the camping grounds. It has forty four electric and forty non-electric campsites

Tietiesbaai Beach Camp, West Coast: this is much loved among campers who normally visit especially over the weekend to enjoy various outdoor activities as well as enjoy the coastline.  The wash areas have flowing water with cold and hot water.

Fiddlers Creek Campsite, Orange River: located on the banks of river Orange, it offers both the basic camping faculties as well as the luxury tented facilities. Activities such as rafting can be enjoyed here. There is electricity, and clean lavatories with hot water.

Storms River Mouth Rest Camp, Garden Route: this Camping ground not only offers breathtaking views but also several outdoor activities like scuba diving. There is no electricity however there are shared bathrooms and an area for washing laundry

Storms River Mouth Rest Camp, Garden Route: this Camping ground not only offers breathtaking views but also several outdoor activities like scuba diving. There is no electricity however there are shared bathrooms and an area for washing laundry

Mabibi Beach Camp, Elephant Coast: this is a scheduled facility with no electricity however you will require a four wheel drive safari vehicle to access the site. The views of the verdant costal forest are very amazing and the long wooden stair way to the beach will enable you to see some of the turtles on the shores.

Nature’s Valley Rest Camp, Garden Route: located on the shores of River Grooti  this camp has no electricity but is ideal for bird watcxhers as well as hikers. you will be able to engange in forest walsk as well as canoe rides as you explore the area.

Kwass se Baai Campsite, Namaqualand: located within Namaqua National Park offers an authentic true ocean experience of the western coast. The sunsets are beautiful, the animals are numerous and the experience is raw!

Bontebok National Park, Swellendam: this campsite located on the banks of river Breede offer spectacular panorama of the Langeberg Mountains. This is a perfect base for several adventures like kayaking, hiking as well as game drives. The site has electricity.

Karoo National Park, Western Cape: having electricity, washing machine and a tumble drier, the Great Karoo is among the award winning campsites found within the green parts of this national park. Guests can base here to enjoy various activities like game viewing as well as exploring the various Fossil Trails.

Umlalazi Campsite Kwa-Zulu Natal: this campsite is found within the Umlalazi Nature Reserve hidden within the coastal forests and the sand dunes. It offers great wildlife views including the duikers as well as several birds of prey. It has electricity as well as shared bathrooms

Bakgatla Resort, Pilanesberg: located within Pilanesberg National Park on the bottom of the Garamoga Hill, this offers a perfect base to enjoy various about door activities such as balloon safaris, game drives hiking and birding. There are more than 302 bird species and over 36 species of large mammals in this area.  There are sixty campsites without electricity while 40 have electricity.

The Baths Resort: located about 19 kilometers from Citrusdal town is the country Baths Resort. It has adventurous trails with views overlooking the Olifants River Valley. There is also a beautiful hot spring which you can explore on your gateway holiday here. It has electricity and shared washrooms

Platbos Forest, Gansbaai: this campsite found within Africa’s southern most forest  has nice camping shades created by the very old yellow-wood trees and the milk-wood trees a number of them assumer to  be more than 1,000 years old. Activities like horseback riding and hiking can be enjoyed here. It has a well equipped kitchen with gas for cooking and hot water running in the bathrooms

Tweede Tol, Western Capenot far from Cape Town is Tweede Tol campsite which forms a section of the Limietberg Nature Reserve. Activities like hiking and game viewing can be enjoyed here.

#6 Camping in Botswana

botswana safaris

If you would love to travel to Botswana, the best way to appreciate the wildlife would be through camping. Whether you opt for a self-drive or rent a mobile safari, the wildlife in Botswana will surpass your expectations. When I first went for camping in Botswana, as a first time camper, I was thrilled to finally find out what it is like to camp and doing it in the center of the wild is an indescribable experience. It was unforgettable waking up to the sight of elephants as well as seeing a hyena before going to sleep.

However before you decide to take on of the best adventures of your life, I will highlight a few necessities you should know for your camping trip in Botswana.

You will require a 4×4 wheel drive well maintained car: Whether you decide to use a tour company which will provide the 4×4 safari vehicle or if you opt for a self-drive safari, you are required to have a 4×4 wheel car for the roads in Botswana which are mostly sandy. Places like Chobe National Park and Moremi game reserve prohibit any visitors without a 4×4 wheel drive from entering.

Camping sites in Botswana have no boundaries: In case you are camping in national parks, you should be informed that Botswana camping sites do not have fences and therefore you will spend the night in the area that some wild animals consider to be their territory. This implies that the wild animals can roam into your campsite at any time and they have the right of way. In these situations, the main thing to do is keep calm and not disturb or startle them as they will defend their territory if they feel threatened at all. This should not worry you however since they do not just attack without cause. If you ignore them, they will return the favor. While preparing to go to Botswana national parks for a camping trip, you should keep in mind that the wild animals can stroll into the campsite at any point in time.

There is no phone service or Wi-Fi: Camping in Botswana involves unplugging from your everyday life and enjoying the beauty surrounding you as well as appreciating Botswana’s wildlife and a shot at seeing the big five. Some campsites however offer Wi-Fi but in the campsite offices only so you should get ready to enjoy your Botswana trip disconnected from the world without access to your emails or any of your social media accounts.

Many of the campsites do not have access to electricity: Botswana has done some excellent work in setting up great campsites with flush toilets and showers with both cold and hot water however they do not have access to electricity. You can only have access to electricity if you are in the city but not in the national parks. However you do not need electricity when you are camping in the center of a national park with exceptional scenery to look at. You can carry a strong headlight for light.

You should get ready to prepare your own food: You should be informed that most camping grounds in Botswana have no restaurants therefore you will need to cook you own food. You should also know that all the national parks are far from shopping areas hence you will have to prepare for your safari with that in mind. You need to find out how many meals you will need for your camping trip and stock the necessary amount of food.

Download the iOverlander app: The iOverlander app is a very important app for people camping in Botswana and you should download it before going. It points out the different campsites as well as providing you with important information about the campsite such as reviews of previous guests, facilities available plus the precise location of the campsite. The app can also show you the type of campsite you are searching for example luxury campsites, presence of Wi-Fi, established campsites among other criteria.

Get yourself a tourist map: Today, there are numerous navigation offline apps similar to maps and you might conclude that a tourist map is not necessary and this can be true if you are only taking a road trip in Botswana. If you are taking a safari in the national parks, it is important for you to acquire a tourist map especially a particular map for that specific national park. They are incredibly important in displaying major spots, coordinates, safari loops, as well as viewpoints among other things. Tourist maps can be purchased from the campsite offices plus any Botswana wildlife office.

#7 Camping in Uganda

river nile camping

For many holidaymakers, Uganda is not among the top camping destinations in Africa that would cross their minds; however, I recommend that you think again. Uganda known as the pear of Africa is quite an amazing destination to explore with great features and gifts of Mother Nature such as the biggest population of the endangered mountain gorillas found in the world, the source of River Nile (the longest River in the world), Lake Victoria (the second largest and Africa’s largest Freshwater lake), the powerful Murchison Falls found on river Nile, the snowcapped mystical Rwenzori mountains as well as a great profusion of wildlife found within its ten National Parks including Africa’s Big Five animals, several primates including thousands of chimpanzees and one of the highest number and variety of bird species.

The country offers luxury permanent tented and semi-permanent tented facilities, as well as amazing camping grounds some of which are self catering. Camping can be done around all the National Parks in the country as well as in a number of private campsites and places of interest such as Jinja or Fort portal.

Choosing to explore Uganda’s more relaxed countryside and enjoy the beautiful scenery is the desire of every holidaymaker that visits the country. Tourists interesting in connecting with the gifts of mother can explore the various national parks, and there is no better way of being close to nature than camping.

for some people, pitching a weak nylon tent out there in a national park that is swarmed with some of the greatest predators ever known in the world may seem a very outrageous idea, however, there is some simple basic camping information you should know which may help cam your nerves. To begin with, a tenet in the eyes of any animals appears as a simple structure or physical feature. So just as you won’t find buffaloes ramming into a rock or an elephant walk through a tree, it is the same way they will look at your tent. So chances of any animal testing the strength of your structural tent by walking through it are extremely unlikely.

According to the Uganda wildlife ranger guides who patrol the different national parks in the country and safe guard such campsites, they emphasize that staying inside your tent at night is extremely safe, however if you choose to step out of it at night especially when the wild animals are within the vicinity, you should do so with great caution. Another thing that makes camping really safe is the camp fire. Animals impulsively fear fire irrespective of their size or strength, it be lions, zebras or hippos – to them fire means death! Always ensure that you pitch your tents during the day and then set up the fire pit well so that it is ready by night time. Always remember, that when an animal approaches in the night, you should not run, but rather back away slowly and take refuge in an enclosed place like your car.

Never keep food in your tent, this will attract different animals like hyenas, or snakes or even be attacked by a swarm of safari ants. Also important to note is keep the tent properly closed, ensure that all the flaps are well closed to avoid things like snakes that may wish to share the warmth of your tent.

The African wilderness to some may appear to be a harsh place to set up camp, yet for those who have tried it will testify how a great adventure it is. You will get an opportunity to connect with the beautiful landscapes, and other gifts of nature. This is a lifetime experience that will forever remain memorable.

Below are some of the best campsites in Uganda

Shoebill Campsite Murchison Falls National Park: There are a number of amazing campsites around the Murchison Falls National Park however the Shoebill Campsite which is part of the Nile River Lodge is worth taking about. The campsite has a kitchen for the campers; the place has a night guards who will also assist you make the camp fire to warm up the cold nights. The shared bathrooms and toilets are clean and well maintained.  You will be able to enjoy amazing views of the river and most of all it is only five minutes from the campsites to the national park. This will be a great place to base for your game drives and the launch cruise on the Nile to the bottom of the waterfalls.

Campsites in Queen Elizabeth National Park: Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP) is most visited national park as well as one of the largest natural wildlife habitats in Uganda.  You will find a number of amazing campsites found immediate close to the boarders of the park. These will offer a great base for adventures in the park such as game drives to see lions, the Uganda Kobs, elephants, zebras, buffaloes among others, launch cruise on the Nile, bird watching and so much more.

Whispering Palms Campsite: Located within Fort Portal, the amazing campsite found within the renowned town of Fort Portal is owned by a seventy year old Ugandan who schooled and managed several hotels across the continent before retiring to open up this private campsite. Its ground comprises of a beautiful forest, several hiking trails as well as fish pond. The campsite is clean and well maintained offering a great stopover for an overnight camp especially during a long drive across western Uganda.

Nkuruba Community Campsite: Located in the western part of Uganda, the campsite is best for budget travelers. It offers an opportunity to explore what is left of the forest in that area that serves as home to several primate species including the red colobus, red tailed monkeys and the white & black colobus monkeys which you will be able to see up-close. The campsite is well located next to a crater lake so you will be able to see some birds as well.

Some of the most popular campsites include: the Hyena hill Lodge offers a campsite in Sanga, the Kalitusi Backpackers offers a nice campsite in Fort Portal, Bunyonyi Kelabs Resort has a well maintained campsite in Kabale, Engiri Game Lodge and Campsite offers a camping site in Katunguru whereas Eagle’s Nest Camp has an amazing camping ground found in Ruragara.

Other Camping grounds include: Jinja Camping grounds, Mbale Camping grounds, Sipi Camping grounds, Kasese Camping grounds, Mbarara Camping grounds,Kalangala / Ssese Island Camping grounds, Bugala Island Camping grounds, Masindi Camping grounds, Kabale Camping grounds, Masaaka Camping grounds, Kisoro Camping grounds and Pakwach Camping grounds.