Why take a Tour in Cape Verde?

cape verde holidays photoThe beautiful Cape Verde islands are a bewitching combination of Portuguese plus African influences, as reflected in the numerous European -style structures dotted across the ever-changing terrain, the exceptional musical styles, as well as the intriguing combination of African plus European traditions and conduct. It is most evident in the food they offer, with various Portuguese foods (like fish and other seafood dishes, sausage, olive oil, lemon plus garlic) in addition to African foods (maize, stews, tropical crops plus beans) nicely combined of the majority of menus.

The first impression of several visitors’ to Cape Verde comes in the somber tunes of Cesaria Evoria, the best known vocalist on the island. The ‘barefoot diva’ is the best promoter of morna, a lovelorn form of folk music much like Portuguese fado. the leading aspect of life on the Cape Verde is music, and many islands stage joyful carnivals, and the Baia das Gatas Festival is the most commonly known of all .

What to see on a Tour in Cape Verde?



Cape Verde hosts a number of uncommon African bird species, in addition to distinctive species of warblers, sparrows plus swifts.

Cape Verdean rum

Taste the rum of Cape Verdean manufactured on Santo Antão.

Cidade Velhacape verde holidays photo

Stroll around Cidade Velha found in Santiago, which is the initial European settlement within the tropics as well as a World Heritage site on top of that. There are City ruins believed to be constructed back in the 1600s which have made it through the forces of pirates plus time, together with Fortaleza Real de Sao Filipe, a spectacular cliff-side fort that offers sea views.

Dance barefoot

Bare footedly Dance on the beach. The people of Cape Verde enjoy dancing, and you are certain to pick up a number of unique dance-moves from the local people.


Make your way around the different islands of Cape Verde. Fogo has a gorgeous volcanic peak with wide ranging views, whereas Boa Vista possesses a desert-like feel with moving sand dunes plus palm trees.

Go scuba diving

Head out scuba diving in Sal’s wonderful underwater world. Get in close proximity to the abundant sea-life of Cape Verde.

Live music

Enjoy live music on Sao Vicente. this country is renowned for balmy morna folk music, however its occupants as well love to dance to fast tango plus samba rhythms, don’t forget to try Cesaria Evora, their national icon.

Salcape verde holidays photo

Sun-bathe on the beautiful pristine beaches of Cape Verde.

Surf the waves

Cape Verde offers some of the very best waves on the planet, and the majority of hotels are pleased to organize lessons on surfing or water-skiing or even hire a board.

Watch the sunset

Watch the beautiful sunset on Sal Island. Genuinely one of the most breathtaking on the planet.


Which Tour Company or Tour Operator?

Cape Verde is percecape verde holidays photoived among the number one tourist holidaymaker destinations in Africa and for several years has received thousands and thousands of guests traveling from varied countries. The truly amazing thing is that Cape Verde has lots of tour operators who organize awesome tours to the different tourist sites across this beautiful country. You may in fact contact them for assistance in organizing your memorable tour in Cape Verde.

Where to Stay On a Cape Verde Tour?


When preparing a holiday, among the essential things to think about is where you will sleep. Luckily, Cape Verde delivers a various accommodation types which are grouped from the lavish 5 star luxurious hotels offering   first class services, excellent food as well as prime quality facilities, there are also the mid-range facilities suitable for a standard travel and lastly the basic affordable facilities which also provide regular services plus amenities.

The quantity of hotels within Cape Verde is growing swiftly as the nation markets itself as one of the tourist destinations. There are huge international chain hotels found on the main islands, whereas there are many beach resorts within Sal. On the other hand, you may sleep in beach huts or even pensions found on the smaller islands. Reservation in advance is crucial in the high season (from April up to September).


Best Time To Visit Cape Verde?


The average weather in Cape Verde is generally tropical. in contrast to a standard tropical weather Cape Verde experiences hardly any rainfall in nine of the months in the year while the other three months experiences minimal levels of rainfall. Less than an inch is distribute over what is known as the ‘wet season’ from June, through July to August. On a typical day within the Cape Verde, you will have average temperatures of about 25ºC in the month of June and then 29ºC in the months of July and the August, offering a year round exceptional climate. The climate in Cape Verde experiences very minimal seasonal variation and temperatures will become a little cooler in late-October or nine the month of November and in early April, it will warm up again . Sunshine hours stay very high during the entire summer (which is the wet season) as the rest of the year it goes beyond ten hours every day.

Summercape verde holidays photo


Summer weather within Cape Verde is extremely warm during the day and at night. The temperatures at Night remain at a pleasing range of 16ºC – 18ºC as the enjoyable oceanic breeze assisting reduce the hot humidity levels during daytime. March, April, May as well as June are the driest months of Cape Verde as a very minimal 4mm of rain is received in that period. Rainfall during July remains very minimal with an average of 11mm. during August and September it is likely to receive more rainfall; but the volumes are still minimal compared to other tropical climates. Cape Verde hlidays are an instance of a real beach vacation since tourists spend the majority of days taking in the hot sunshine as well as experiencing the pleasant sea temperatures.




In case you wish to escape the cool winter climates common to the UK, a holiday in Cape Verde could be the perfect solution. The climates typically become somewhat cooler at night but nothing extreme that will hurt your beautiful skin. December plus January are the coolest months in Cape Verde however the islands will have minimums of 12ºC at night time with average temps of 25ºC in daytime. The Sea temperatures reduce from 25ºC during the summer time to about 15ºC in January as well as February. There are long hours of Sunshine long in the winter months during the day.




Cape Verde is a fresh discovered island chain of about 115 dramatically beautiful islands beaming with warmth and friendliness of the local people, breathtaking scenery, turquoise ocean waters, exotic white sand beaches and in a nut shell, a tropical paradise!

The islands is a versatile holiday destination, never disappointing to any tourist, be it a water sporting fanatic or just ready for a romantic gateway, enjoy the serene island beauty. For all those who like to spend their holidays close to nature, Cape Verde holidays include walk to the lush country side of beaches of Santo Antango, vast mountains backdrop and more. Horse riding, walking holidays, golfing, big game fishing, bird watching, windsurfing and kite surfing on the island of Sal make the host of adventurous activities on the island’s archipelago. Diving along with fishing can also be what you might enjoy spending your time while you are on holiday in Cape Verde. It is warm and sunny all through the year with temperatures of 22-27ºC, with this kind of weather; you can’t give an excuse for not travelling to Cape Verde!

Water Sports in Cape Verde

The islands of Sal, Boa Vista, Sao Nicolau and Sao Vicente are the liveliest and offer plenty of interesting activities and night life. Sal is surely the best island to start your Cape Verde holidays. That place is gifted with the trade wind gusts that provide the perfect conditions for both wind surfing and kite surfing on its remote, pristine beaches. If you are lucky enough, you can get accommodation on the beach and enjoy each day of your holiday in Cape Verde. There are always guides and training sessions for the inexperienced surfers. Loosen up with the beauty of a ride on a ferry from the port at Sal to the nearby islands of Sao Vicente, Fogo and Santo Antao and you could enjoy the scenery many of the world’s best natural volcanic mountains.

Diving holidays are also extremely popular sport on the list of travelers. Diving drop offs are at the caves, wrecks, rocky platforms, sandy drop offs with spectacular marine underworld teeming with  migrant sharks and whales, puffer fish, trumpet fish, moray eels, turtles, Manta rays, lobsters and tuna dolphins. As opposed to others your seas usually are filled with sharks, tuna, dolphins and turtles. Diving in the beautiful coral gardens in the company of unusual marine animals will surely make your own diving encounter an unmatchable one.

Also enjoy big game fishing trips in the turquoise ocean. Tarrafal village is an additional popular visitor destination in Cape Verde, popular for its undying big game fishing culture.

Cape Verde holidays travel Guide

These wonderful islands create an ideal holiday pertaining to couples on the romantic holiday as well as honeymoon. There are several stunning holiday villa rentals and self-catering holiday apartments to stay in any time on holiday below. They provide privacy and privacy making it a very romantic holiday.

Check out the historical sites like Cidale Vedha and fort Real de San Felipe, all dating back of the times of the Portuguese colonial era before 1975. You can find some decent overnight, self catering accommodation at the Fort if you are lucky though. Praia’s nightlife concludes a perfect Cape Verde holiday in its many night clubs and pubs.

Besides scenery, there are numerous other things you can enjoy in this particular part of the world such as its delicious fish cuisines and food, warmth of the people and cultural friendliness. The cuisines blend mouth watering dishes from modern Europe, in particular, Portugal and rich African foods. There are many eating places and throughout the islands, all offering excellent dining and ample service.

There are a few hotels and holiday resorts on some islands but many holiday makers prefer to stay in self-catering holiday accommodation.  The available facility may not be as luxurious but they are indeed clean and comfortable. Tortuga beach resort is amongst the best rentals for rent Cape Verde, found five units from Sal. It is situated about the stunning Ponta Preta Seashore just minutes by Santa Maria on the area of Sal. That private beach resort is equipped with all modern-day amenities and is designed to accommodate all types of guests from all over the world

The advantage of visiting Cape Verde for holidays is that you can check out it if you like. Flights are available and it’s only 6 hours to and from Europe, UK. Book and arrange your Cape Verde holidays with a trusted travel and tour company, to make the most of this beautiful series of amazing islands.

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