Fogo National Park

Fogo National Park is found on the foothills of a volcanic island called Fogo-from which is sole Cape Verde National park is named. The fresh hardened lava from recent volcanic activity of the mountain forms the park’s soils and base for the exotic vegetation that grows in the park.

One side of the mountain is covered in coffee and banana plantation while the other side is a dense forest growing within the clouds. The

Mount Fogo

The island is actually made up of only this active volcano that is nearly 3000m above sea level. The volcanic cone called Pico de fogo is the largest of the series of volcanic craters at 2829m above sea level. Recent volcanic activity on the mountain was recorded in 1995 when Pcio Pequeno a small cone on the side of the main cone spilled lava over 50ha on the slopes of the mountain


The island of Fogo is famously called the Fire Island because of the unpredictable volcanic activity of the mountain volcano. The island is served by an airport at Sao Filipe and several companies offer tours to the island and the volcanic craters on the mountain.

Tours of Sao Filipe are one way to experience the island of Cape Verde defined by old colonial buildings and small towns overlooking the white sand beaches and waterfront. Some of the towns to tour include Mosteiros, Fonte Bila and Cova Figueira among others.




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