Africa Tour Operators

African Safaris Guide offers solid Car rental packages from several tour and travel agents as part of their standard reservation process without the restrictions and limitations associated with naming your own price.
Start out by checking travel agents and tour operators before doing anything else. The regular price and work out your optimal car rental scenario including what locations you are willing to accept for pick-up/drop-off, times, the number of days you need the car, and the type of car you want. these conditions are however a general for all Tours and travel agencies across Africa. You might find a travel agent of tour company with a package that meets your budget without having to worry about restrictions.

What you need to Know

Make sure you understand what the different categories of cars on offer in terms of amenities and capacity, both for passengers and luggage. Some brands “economy” category cars don’t have radios and the passenger seating availability in one company’s mid-size might be different than that of another company. Inquire about the luxuries for different categories of cars here before you commit yourself.
Check the prices offered by for tour and travel agents online/ on phone as this with give you competitive advantage on car rental packages and tour packages. With this you have a good idea of the average price for the exact rental you need, ensure you are comparing apples to apples. When ready, it is common to bargain for a good price with African Safari agencies
While researching standard pricing, make sure you are accounting for differences in weekend rates versus weekday rates versus full week rental rates. Picking the right rental period may result in additional cost savings and is a key piece of information you will need to name your own price.
If you are flying into a major airport in Africa, it may be worth it to check into the rates available if you pick-up and drop-off at a city location rather than the airport. Although you will have to arrange for transportation from the airport to the pickup location and it may not be as convenient, it might save you enough money to make the extra hassle and the cost of a cab more than worthwhile.

The role of Tour and Travel Agents

As you get ready to make your choice, write out all the details of what you need to ensure you are getting the exact reservation your vacation plans require. Remember that each Tour and Travel agent in Africa has its own price program, with severe restrictions around changes, cancellations, and refunds. Taking a minute to plan out your choice before you commit to anything will help ensure you don’t inadvertently pick the wrong vehicle type or arrival date and end up paying more than you bargained for.
You can also check on African Safaris Guide to see the most recommended Car rentals and Car hire services for reservations similar to the ones you are trying to make. Use this information to validate your choice, price and adjust up or down if needed.

Price determinants

The cost of taxes, fuel prices and fees will be shown as part of your total choice before you finalize and lock yourself into purchasing. Make sure you review this confirmation carefully and understand the full cost you will incur if your bid is accepted.
In order to get the most benefit out of the discounts African Safaris Guide, it is important to remember that the discounts are available depending on the time of your holiday-peak seasons and low holiday seasons play a big roles here.

Flights and Airport Pickups

Lastly, be sure to read the policy on delayed/cancelled/rescheduled flights  so you know what you need to do in the event you find yourself in one of these situations. If your flight is delayed or cancelled and then rescheduled, your reservations will be held for 24 hours and extended by one day.
If your flight is cancelled and you will not be taking a rescheduled flight, you will need to contact your Car rental’s customer support team to determine what options you have based on your specific circumstances.


You will find a variety of means of visiting the wilderness for instance horseback riding trips, hiking, canoeing, and the list runs. Open Vehicle safaris are usually another way to experience the wilderness in close range. Cars or trucks put to use will always be 4X4s trucks adapted to the wild surfaces.
All you must do is normally arrange for accommodation in the bush camps or even game lodges adjoining the national park which you intend to visit. A majority of these boast of remarkable assistance including tempting breakfast plus dining.
Game drives regularly are in the early mornings plus eventually for the afternoon as the animal are tucked away in the plains thanks to the scorching heat. There is an likelihood to see everything from the vegetation, small insects, animal spoors to trace, as well as prides of lions, mammals as well as birds. Additionally, there are night game drives meant for pursuing the nocturnal predator animals for instance the cheetah, tiger, hyena along with the serval.
Booking is necessary with this type of safari. There are actually a variety of safari operators that are able to handle this to suit your needs, such as Adventure Africa Tours and Safaris, Hertz, many supplying private tours throughout Africa’s national parks and will likely relax making your reservation for accommodation.
When it comes to car rental, African Safaris Guide has the right tour and travel agents in Africa at the right price can save you a significant amount of money but you need to be prepared and informed in order to get the rental car you need at the best price available. The extra time and effort you put in may help you save enough money to splurge on sampling the local cuisine or taking a once-in-a-lifetime adventure while you are away from home.