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Ahaggar National Park

This is one of the largest of Algeria’s National park and reserves dramatically located in the vast Sahara region in the southern part of the country. Ahaggar National park covers nearly 450,000sq km that stretches to include the Sahara desert, undulating sand dunes, the lush oasis of Tamanrasset and the Ahaggar Mountain. The park is […]

Taza National Park

Taza Algeria National park is one of the smallest National parks in Algeria from the Jijel province of northern Algeria on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. An estimated area of only 370sq kilometers is covered by the park including the sandy beaches, the caves of Jijel, cliffs and grottoes among several other significant features […]

Algeria Travel Guide

Algeria is considered the largest country in Africa located in North West Africa to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the north. Its name originates from the capital Algiers (translated as Al jazir) that was formerly ruled by Berbers, French and Arabs up to the 17th century. It is bordered by Morocco in the […]

Chrea National Park Algeria

Mention Chrea National park and nay body will reflect automatically to the beauty of many of Algeria’s birds. Chrea National Park is from north western Algeria in Blida province. The park is mainly comprised of undulating rugged hills and mountains of the Blidean atlas that stretch from the Tell Atlas mountain ranges of northern Algeria.  […]

Gouraya National Park

Off the coast of Algeria in the province of Bejaia is the Gouraya national Park. This Algerian national park is named after the scenic Gouraya Mountains towering to 672m above sea level. The mountains ranges give way for the hanging cliffs and to breathtaking beaches on the Mediterranean Sea coast. Gouraya National park is one […]

Djurdjura National Park

This Algerian park is also found in Northern Algeria, a few miles from the coast. The Djurdjura Mountains are a significant sight in the park from which the park got its name. It occupies and estimated 82.5 square kilometers established in July 1983. To the south, the park pushes it borders into the province of […]

Tlemcen National Park

Tlemcen National Park is found in north western Algeria in the city of Tlemcen from which it got its name. This park is one of the new additions on the list of Algerian National parks and reserves. It is a very beautiful region of Algeria covered in amazing scenery, flora and fauna besides the interesting […]

Belezma National Park

Belezma National is located in northern Algeria on the foot slopes of the Belezma Mountains. The park is area is estimated at 262sq km. The park also has more than 440 species of flora, many of which are endemic to the area besides a record of more than 300 species of game and wild birds. […]

Tassili Ajjer National Park

This unique reserve and national park is found in the remote desert region of south eastern Algeria protecting a unique heritage and beauty of Algeria. The park is found on Crevice plateau or the Tassili N Ajjer that extends to include the oasis of Djanet in the sahara desert, borders of Libya and into Niger. […]

Djebel Babor Nature Reserve

This beautiful nature reserve is found in northern Algeria on the slopes of Djebel Babor Mountains. The reserve is particularly a protected forest reserve of Mediterranean conifer and mixed forest. This part of Algeria shares an eco-system or bio-sphere with characteristics similar to those seen in southern Spain and in the High Atlas Mountain ranges […]