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25 Most Beautiful Cities and Towns in Africa

Africa as a continent is known for its stunning vast deserts, extraordinary wildlife, rolling hills, highlands, and beautiful savannah grasslands. It also hosts extraordinary towns and cities that are enriched with culture, history and other activities.Below are our top cities and towns.

capetown south africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is an exciting, outstanding and colourful citywith amazing culture history and fantastic restaurants or hotels. It is located at the base of the beautiful Table Mountain with some of Africa’s best vineyards and stunning beaches. The mountain offers scenic views on a clear and sunny day and hence you can take a cable da ride to its top at sunset or sunrise to have an experience there and take a number of photos.

They city is covered with modern skyscrapers, basically Cape Town’s skyline gives you a picture of some major cities in NorthAmerica.You can also visit the boulder’s beach which is home to beautifulAfrican Penguins, visit Kirstenbosch a botanical garden near the table mountain, signal hill an many more other existing shops, bars, streets, markets among other thing in Cape Town.

Stone Town, Zanzibar

It is a Swahili coastal trading town located in the Indian Ocean of the Tanzanian coast is Zanzibar which is home to crystal clear waters, amazing white-sand beaches and a rich history and of course the Stone Town is the cultural heart of Zanzibar. Many visit Zanzibar and engage in various water sport activities but are always thrilled when they visit Stone Town. It is an authentic town and has been in existence for over 200 years and just a few things have changed in this old city.

The winding alleys, Sultan’s Palace, carved wooden doors, animated bazaars and the narrow streets make Stone Town an attractive place to visit. It is not a surprise that it is regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lamu, Kenya

This is a small coastal town found on LamuIsland in Kenya. It is located 341km by road northeast of Mombasa. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 23 mosques including one that was constructed in 1900 called the Riyadha Mosque.

Lamu is a donkeysanctuary and travellers can spend most of their time walking around thee amazingnarrow alleys, historical places in this town. This town is among the best places to relax from and adopt a coastal way of life.

Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira is one of Africa’s most beautiful towns you should visit. It hosts lustrous fortifications and ancient medina which have existed since the 28th century and stunning beaches. It also has a fish market you could visit. This town is great place for kitesurfing and windsurfing because of the strong currents and wind, the peace and tranquility in this town is far better than the chaos in most big cities in Morocco.

Furthermore, Essaouira is a paradise for watersport lovers and a picturesque coastal town.

Djenné, Mali

This is a beautiful and fascinating place with mosques and mud-brick houses plus a history you wouldn’t want to miss hearing. It isone of the country’s oldest places dating back to around 250 BC. It is a unique holiday destination for tourists with the world’s most creative and largest mud-made buildingsand hosts the Grand Mosque.

Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

This fascinating city lies on the shores of Lake Tana in the Amhara region. Bahir Dar landscape is madeup of stunning river views and lines palm trees. It hosts some of the oldest churches and monasteriesin the world, and these are a must to visit while in Ethiopia.

Travellers can also enjoy boating trips, this can be combined with visiting the Blue Nile Falls which are an outstanding sight for travellers to see and are located just a few kilometers from Bahir Dar.

Luxor, Egypt

Luxor city is found in Upper Egypt and its Luxor Governorate’s capital. It was once an ancient City of Thebes and over the years since the 19th century, this place has attracted big numbers of Egyptologists and tourists who come in search for ancient wonders which up to now cover the city’s landscape.

The word ‘Luxor’ means ‘palaces’, today Luxor is a vibrant and beautiful city with stunning desert and Nile scenery landscapes. It is also where the tombs where the remains of the pharaohs are, it also hosts the beautiful temple of Karnak, the spectacular Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Hatshepsut.

Windhoek, Namibia

It is a modern and tidy city with spectacular traditional German houses and pastel-painted buildings. It is Namibia’s capital andlargest city with a history and a number of historic locations. Moving around the Windhoek immediately reveals its beauty, visit craft shops and buy souvenirs.In the night you can’t miss out the unforgettable Nightlife in this beautiful city, you could visit bars or casinos.

The city is pedestrian friendly and quite walkable. You could also visit the Germancastles, neo-baroque cathedrals and modern skyscrapers which dominate the city’s skyline.

Stone Town, Mozambique

This is situated at the Northern part of Mozambique’s tiny 3km long Island and the island as a whole was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site by 1991 due to its extraordinary architectural unity. Stone Town was once an important trading post for the Portuguese and hence in 1507 it was named the Portuguese East Africa capital.

This island is one of the region’s attractive locations with interesting local culture and traditions plus the architecture which reflects the birth of the different cultures present over the years, this means that while here you can feel the influence of the Arabs, Indians and the Portuguese on this island.

Johannesburg, South Africa

This is one of Africa’s wealthiest modern cities and the biggest in South Africa followed by Cape Town. It hosts the world’s largest man-made forest and also one of the best airports in the world. It is well developed, with a number of international hotels, shopping malls and beautiful attractions including the Apartheid Museum and the City Deep- world’s largest dry port. Of course Johannesburg is one of travelers’ finest and number one choice cities in Africa.

Agadir, Morocco

Agadir is situated in mid-southern Morocco, it is a major city and the largest seaside resort in the country which attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. The city was rebuilt after it was affected by an earthquake in 1960. And today the city is served by a highway and low-cost flights from Tangier.

Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is the largest and capital city of Kenya. It is one of Africa’s most leading cities thefinancially and politically. The city has high skyscrapers in the downtown which gives it the country a modern look. Also the modern architecture and traditional African styles plus culture and historical sites makes Nairobi different and unique, and on the continent it is among the cities with the best infrastructure.

Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali is regarded as one of Africa’s cleanliest cities, it is the country’s central business center with a number of modern architecture such as the New Kigali Tower, and it also hosts the Kigali Genocide memorial site, moderate weather, hospitable citizens, hotels, restaurants among other things.

The interesting thing about Kigali is its location, it is well situated near most touristattractions including volcanoes national park; which is only a 2hurs and 30minutes drive from Kigali to the Park, this means that a tourist can travel to the park to track Mountain Gorillas and come back to Kigali in the same day.

Kampala, Uganda

Kampala is Uganda’s business center and capital citybuilt on 7 hills, most people around the city speak English and are friendlyhence it is not a problem if you need to interact with a number of them. It hosts various traditional sites, religious sites, craftshops, rewarding nightlife, affordable transport means,international hotels, restaurants, events and festivals, banks and ATM machines.

Gaborone, Botswana

Located in the southern part in Botswana, Gaborone is a beautiful city and the capital of the country with economic strength and politically stable. It is among the world’s largest rough diamond producers however you shouldn’t expect to find or pick a diamond along the street.

It hosts the Art Gallery which displays cultural artifacts and the National Museum. It is also famous for the Gaborone Game Reserve which is home to wildlife such as impalas, wildebeests plus the migratory and resident birds.Just in the south western part of the city is Mokolodi Nature Reserve which hosts giraffes and rhinos.You could also climb to the summit of Kgale Hill to have more exciting views of the city.

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is the largest city in Egypt and the Arab world,built on the River Nile banks, Cairo is regarded as “the city that never sleeps”. It is surrounded by several regionswhich have some of the world’s longest recorded history.

It is here where the second largest university in the world is found.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

This is the capital of Ethiopia and is said to be “the political capital of Africa” since it hosts very many political organizations.

It is a relatively safe city to live and is the center of most of Ethiopia’s economic activities.

Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos was said to be Nigeria’s capital city up to around 1972. It is the country’srichest and largest city with a large economy and hosts several large corporations

It is in this city that most musicians and actors that want to make it in the film of music industry come.

Accra, Ghana

This is Ghana’s most popular and Capital city. It is the country’s Centre of financial and economic activities and above all the seat of the government.

There are several architectural structures in the city that reflect itsrich history, over the years, there has been improvement and construction of many modern building in Accra.

Port Louis, Mauritius

The city’s architecture, history and cuisine have drawn tourists from all walks of life, hence Port Louis is mainly populated by tourists that come to unwind and see the architectural wonders and museums plus the cuisine in the city.

It is the capital of Mauritius and the main economic and political base for the citizens in the country.

Algiers, Algeria

Situated along the Mediterranean Sea shores, Algiers hosts a number of beaches which are great relaxing places for both visitors and the residents. The city also has some of the amazing monuments that were constructed to mark important eventsand dates in Algeria’s history.It is the heart of Algeria’s economic and political activities.

Tunis, Tunisia

Tunis is the Capital of Tunisia and offers shopping centers, sandy beaches, nightlife, traditional markets, cuisine and historical architecture which therefore make it avery famous destination. Most citizens migrate from different regions of the country to Tunis to improve on their standards of living.

Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja is among Africa’s fastest growing cities yet it was built inthe 1980s, not everyone in Nigeria can afford the standard of living in the city.

The large monolith found outside Abuja and the impressive architecture that houses Nigeria’s government corporations andministry will leave the tourist in awe.

Jinja Town, Uganda

It is located in the Eastern part of Uganda on the Lake Victoria shores approximately a 2hours drive from Kampala.It has lots of attractions to offer such as the source of the River Nile, Itanda falls, Bujagali Falls, Samuka Island and also various activities can be enjoyed including the adrenaline pumping ones like bungee jumping and white water rafting. There is no adventure tourist that missesout on visiting Jinja.

Luanda, Angola

Most Angolans have flocked to Luanda in search for employment in the carious oil and manufacturing companies found there and since it is the capital of Angola it’s a place to be.

In Luanda is where the country’s main seaport is found which is where exportation of diamonds, sugar and coffee plus other goods is done. Today the city is undergoing new developments andhence a place to visit.


Top 10 Questions Travelers Ask Before Booking An African Safari

 The most important Questions travelers ask before booking a safari

There are many important questions that travelers from all-over the country ask before finally booking a tour to any destination country. Many travelers are curious about what type of tour they are going to have once they decide to book a tour, and these are not to blame since it takes strength to trust large amounts of money to a mere tour operator to organise a safari on their behalf. However, before anyone would decide to book a tour, here are the most important questions to ask before making your final decision.

1.  What is the entire experience of the tour like? Do you have any videos as well as photos of this particular tour?

With Tourism, we sell experience to our clients and it’s important to describe the whole associated experience of the tour package you are giving to the travellers. Always end ever to attach photos as well as videos to the tour package you are sending to the clients. This is because a picture has more meaning than a thousand words. Many visitors are attempted to book a safari by watching an online video attached to the tour, therefore it’s more advisable to add attractive safari photos as well as videos to the website.

2. How does the exact safari itinerary look like?

Writing a safari itinerary is real art where you have to be very specific as you lay out the different activities to be engaged in by the travellers. Always make the itinerary very exciting and interesting to read. This can be done mainly by describing how the experience is in the final destination instead of just out lining it out. For example, if the itinerary has an activity of gorilla trekking, end ever to describe to the client in the itinerary how it’s going to be done, the time it takes, what to expect while trekking and many other engagements. The main reason for this is, many travellers love detailed content since it brings out the whole picture of the itinerary.


3. What other travellers have commented about the same tour?

Many travellers who book with different tour operators write reviews on Trip Advisor and many other willing travellers make their final decision based on the many reviews about a tour on trip advisor or safari bookings. Always ask your past clients to write a review and testimonials about their past tour experience with your company on trip advisor or one any other marketing platforms. This will help to bring more traffic to your website.

4. How much is the tour? Does it include any hidden costs?

Always be honest with pricing the whole tour package and avoid the unknown hidden charges that might make the price to appear so high. End ever to mention all the tour inclusives as well as the exclusions to ensure that your clients get to account for their money before booking a tour with you. This kind of costing will build a degree of trust and credibility between you and the traveller.

5. Is the tour price reasonable to the traveller? Do you have any less expensive price options to give out?

Many travellers are always conscious about the prices which are given to them and they will always carry out their research to find out the exact rates of different activities. Always make sure that the rates you provide to the travellers go in line with what you are to provide to them. Avoid over costing the clients because these will always look for the lowest prices from different tour operators. Travellers always look out for options since by this they can get low rates of the same package.

6. Am I making a booking with a credible operator?

The first question in the traveller’s mind is how credible is the operator they are trying to deal with. Many of these book tours when venturing into unknown territories, they have less knowledge about both the destination and the operator.  Make sure you show the traveller how credible you are by showcasing all the credibility especially you are part of any associations or government bodies so that they can buy your trust easily.


7. Is my life at safety? What are some of the safety measures taken by the operator?

In case you are offering tour itineraries with activities including a high degree of physical risk, you have to explain the nature of the risk and the specific measures that are to be taken to ensure the safety of the travellers. You can go ahead and talk about the team’s expertise, experience, track record, and safety precautions at the facility and many more.

8. What if I want to make a cancellation of my tour? What are your cancellation and refund policies?

This is possible especially when booking a flight, a hotel or a tour, cancellations are inevitable. This calls for all the operators to always lay down all the cancellation and refund policies without ambiguity.

9. Is the tour Guide an expert to carry out the tour?

Will the travellers be able to learn from the tour guide, is he experienced enough about the different tourist destinations to be visited? Any tour guide should be flexible enough during the tour and should be position to answer any questions from the clients. The operator should also inform the traveller which type of guide will carry out the tour, whether is a local, trained historian or specialised professional guide. You should clearly explain to the traveller the language that will be used while carrying out the tour. This is important because some clients don’t understand some languages and need to be catered for a special way. In case the tour is to be given in more than one language, you might need to ask whether one language will be considered the main one for the whole tour.

10. How do I book a tour and pay for it?

This is one of the final stage in completing booking a tour, once the traveller is ready to book, the operator’s aim should be to complete the booking process. The most ideal way of doing this is to go through the automated booking process, this includes, picking a departure date, filling in the details of the tour, making online payments and then getting instant confirmation.

Make sure you make the process of confirmation as simple as possible and never tell your client to transfer money to your personal account, it should a company account for secure payments.

On top of the above questions, as a traveller, end to know which type of food is to be provided on the tour? What weather you should expect? Is this type of tour kid friendly/ handicap accessible? What about the pickup and drop off after the tour? How long is the tour? What time flame to spend in each destination? And many questions that may satisfy you as a traveller.


Tourism sector in Zambia facing big challenges

The latest Zambia International Tourism Expo held in Lusaka could have been overwhelmed with troubles beyond the control of the organizers, however delivered a convincing clarion call to this Southern African country’s tourism community which a robust, united front is required if lasting development is to happen.

A regrettable last-minute heavy downpour on the opening day put an end to the ideas of having the expo outdoors at the Mulungushi Conference Centre in what must have been the nice and cozy autumn sun, compelling exhibitors to get cover in the center’s fairly out dated and worn out interior and severely delaying the start of the yearly event that was co-hosted by Zambian Tourism Board – ZTB as well as conference organizers Afri-cast.

The theme of the expo being domestic tourism, the expo was able to limp to some more consolidated as well as much organized day two, that was open to the general public and that coincided with festivities for the 50th independence anniversary of Zambia.

Tourism within Zambia is mainly based on the two support beams of eco-tourism or safari as well as business tourism, having destinations like Kafue national parks, the Lower Zambezi as well as South Luangwa dominating the commercial centers in Lusaka along with the rich belt from which Copper is mined generating the majority of business. In addition Livingstone together with the Victoria Falls, still promoted (or even over promoted) as the gem in the tourism crown of Zambia and also the country has an impressive variety of destinations for travelers on business or simply having leisure time.

On the other hand, what Zambia doesn’t have is any kind of leadership within the tourism sector, and a shocking insufficient tourism “nous” amid those responsible for marketing this destination and developing the economic contribution of tourism. At the moment having the 7th tourism minister in just six years, the profile of tourism is basically being utilized as a political soccer by the government that is entirely unaware of the opportunity the sector has and exactly how wise to take advantage of that potential. And while the hierarchy of Zambian Tourism Board are friendly, enjoyable fellows with a great deal of experience amongst them, they continue to demonstrate deficiencies in perception of what the worldwide, plus local tourist requires and expects with regards to tourism offerings plus a broad understanding of the valuable tourism offerings that this country has and how they have to be optimized.

Just as the situation with the most of national plus provincial tourism companies, the opportunity of greatness is there, however becomes lost in interpretation and caught up by political gerrymandering as well as small bureaucracy. The outcome is a private sector bereft of any communication and an “each man for themselves” attitude where people that have the very best promotional budget as well as loudest voices have a tendency to get the biggest share of the tourism market.

In a nutshell, it’s time that Zambia realizes that so as to compete successfully on the tourism international stage it should have an obvious plus achievable goal as well as visionary leaders supported by a lively, committed and also entirely uniform private sector.

Best Tips on a Photographic Safari in South Luangwa Zambia

Africa Wildlife Photography has turned into a very popular activity over the past couple of years, specifically considering the fact that digital SLR photography has developed to be more easily available. A growing number of wildlife enthusiasts have begun exploring into nature photography. The Wilderness of Africa is a dreamland for enthusiastic photographers, including professionals plus beginners.

What will help improve your safari photos?


Set out and look for your subject during the time of the day with ‘the golden-light’. The ‘digital darkroom’ offer us great control over the raw images. You can make them lighter, or darker, even change color balance, increase sharpness plus saturation plus much more. the best image editing program is Adobe Lightroom Photoshop. The finest natural color balance can be attained in the early morning or in the late afternoon while the sun is lower. Normally, I recommend that you underexpose your pictures on the Africa continent with minus 1/3 so as to increase the saturation that will make the photos more alive.

Pick and know the subject plus environment of your interest:

In case you have ample time, you may explore the environment of your photography subject. In case you are on a Two to three week tour, I recommend that you venture out with an expert guide that is familiar with the area. This will save you so much time and greatly improve the success rate.

Having Information about animal behavior is another essential skill that will assist you obtain the right photo. Figuring out when the birds are about to fly off, to which direction as well as at what speed is often very useful for modifying your camera composition plus settings, as well as in the end, obtain the result which you had imagined.

What to do on a Photography safari in South Luangwa?

South Luangwa is among the finest wildlife sanctuaries on the planet. The park covers 9050 sq km and it hosts a wide array of wildlife, vegetation plus birds. The level of guiding is of a extremely high standard and the driving plus walking guides must pass the given examination and several hours out in the field of practical application.

The shifting seasons increase the richness of this national park which ranges from the dried out, bare bushveld during the winter months to an abundant green imagination during the summer months. You will find more than Sixty different species of animals on your Zambia Photographic Tour; the only noteworthy exception is the large rhino, unfortunately which is severely poached close to extinction.


South Luangwa has a very large number of Wildlife. Fortunately the majority of the species are acquainted with the vehicles driving within the national park and they are really calm and easily approachable. This national park has one of the biggest numbers of leopards that are the perfect reward for every wildlife photographer as well as enthusiast.


Having more than 400 varied bird species among which are thirty nine birds of prey plus Forty seven migrant species, you will find so much for a birdwatcher to see regardless of the season.

Each of the different seasons comes with unique photographic scenes. The majority of people are recommended to come particularly in the dry months that start in April up to November. Nevertheless with regards to photography, even the months of the off season are very rewarding as well.

Wasira Calls for Wildlife Management Area within Bunda

Stephen-WasiraMr. Stephen Wasira the Minister of State in the President’s Office for Social Relations & Coordination is calling for the creation of a Wildlife Management Area – WMA within Bunda District found in Mara Region.

At the moment the game controlled area is inhabited by residents of Tamau, Nyatwali as well as Serengeti villages. Mr. Wasira talking on Thursday right after attending the Mara Regional Consultative Committee – RCC exclusive session that talked about intentions to make this game controlled area a section of Serengeti National Park said that What is required is to enable free movement of wildlife and with Wildlife Management Area, wildlife will have the opportunity to drink water from the freshwater Lake Victoria

Villages giving up their land for the establishment of this WMA have been putting their signature on deals with the investors as well as performing photographic plus hunting tourism.

By now Mara Region has among the most successfully Wildlife Managed Area in the country known as IKONA that is formed by 5 villages within the Serengeti district a number of years back.

Mr. Wasira who is the Bunda constituency member of parliament said that The IKONA WMA yields between 600 and 800 million shillings each year from 8 investors working within the region. He added that The WMA will provide job opportunities for the youth and enable people reap the benefits of the conservation activities

A number of ministers plus senior officials from Tanzania National Parks – TANAPA attended The session and it was chaired by Mr. Evarist Ndikilo the Mwanza Regional Commissioner – RC who as well serves as the Mara Region Acting RC.

Mr. Ndikilo said that the entire process of making this 129 square kilometer area a section of Serengeti National Park isn’t new and referred to this move as very delicate to people residing in this region.

Tanzania to Promote Prehistoric Tourism

Early-man-footstepsTanzania will draw in more tourists in the coming future given that the country adapts to Paleo – prehistoric tourism that permits people to go back over human history.

The South African Tourism Deputy Chairperson Mr. Zweli Vincent Mntambo revealed that they refer to it as Paleo tourism and up to now the Olduvai Gorge together with the Laetoli archaeological sites found in the Northern part of Tanzania are places in which the whole world will be rushing to go back over the amazing history of man.

he added that it is a well-known fact that everyone in the world descends from Africa and remnants show that the very first human to move on the earth did so inside the Ngorongoro area found in Northern Tanzania, and that the new form of tourism of the African continent will be centered on this as well as that in Arusha needs to get ready for millions of international visitors plus scientists as well.

Mr. Mntambo was talking at the Olduvai Gorge in which the ‘Walking Tall’ physical theatre troupe coming from South Africa was launching the academic silent acrobatic shows showing international history through the evolution of man, focusing on impacting this knowledge to colleges plus schools within Tanzania and the rest of the East African countries.

The Head of the Laetoli archaeological site Mr. Godfrey Ole Moita said that At the present time the combined number of tourists visits at Olduvai as well as Laetoli peaks is from 300 to 500 people each day with this number escalating throughout the high season.

He went on to mention that Laetoli is the sole place on the plannet having human footprints which were left by the ‘Australopithecus afarensis’ on the volcanic ash found at Laetoli, offering solid evidence of permanent bi-pedalism.

in accordance with Ole Moita Man’s ancestors, the Australopithecus Afarensis, , lived here between 2.9 to 3.9 million years back. Mr. Moita was in view that considering that the historical sites total in more than One hundred ninety Thousand visitors annually, they’re the second most widely known destination following the crater (that receives Six hundred Thousand visitors annually) at the moment the historical sites are also leading the renowned Zanzibar Islands in tourist visits and as soon as South Africa begins marketing them, this number may possibly increase significantly.

The ‘silent theatre’ that is set to market those sites plus other cradles of mankind within East Africa, was taken to Olduvai, then to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority – NCAA by the Palaeontological Scientific Trust – PAST based in Johannesburg whose Chief Executive Officer Ms. Andrea Leenen described that the finest way to educate about human evolution to the people coming from various races, color as well as language was by means of a symbolic acrobatic performance which can be fully understood by nearly everybody.

She went on to explain that in South Africa, for example, they have eleven official languages plus other spoken languages, however the ‘Walking Tall’ theatres have successfully been in position to convey the message without difficulty across these individuals talking different languages.

Tanzania Looks at European Soccer Matches to Draw In Tourists

Michael-OwenSeeking to attract Spanish along with other European tourists, the Republic of Tanzania is targeting the best European soccer teams to participate in the marketing and promotion campaigns of its tourism   through major football leagues in European.

A team of Twenty five former players with Real Madrid took on a 5 day trip to Tanzania a couple of days back in a excursion that was geared towards learning about this African safari destination, as well as to participate in a friendly football match with the former national Tanzanian players.

Around Forty Thousand football fans from different parts around the globe led by Mr. Jakaya Kikwete the President of Tanzania who is a diehard soccer fan, watched this friendly match that was played at the National Stadium which is an extremely modern-day sports ground found in Dar es Salaam the capital city of Tanzania.

In the course of their visit in Tanzania, these former legends of Real Madrid visited Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, plus the Ngorongoro Crater, renowned for its amazing wildlife safaris on the African continent

The former legends of Real Madrid including some of the former football stars of the team like Fabio Cannavaro, Ramon Cobbo, Michael James Owen, Luis Figo and Christian Karembeu got an opportunity to visit and even spend an entire day inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area where they enjoyed a full day wildlife safari on the floor of this wonderful Crater filled with numerous different wild animals.

The crater is filled with wild animal species with a wild nature where the legends of Real Madrid in accordance with conservation officials there are reported to have been fascinated the most. They also visited some particular Maasai pastoralists’ cultural sites within this wildlife conservation area.

An official with the Ngorongoro Conservation Authority said that The Ngorongoro Crater was an attraction to the Madrid Legends. in fact they are thinking about a come back for another safari here, along with their spouses.

Stakeholders within the Tourism industry in Tanzania happily welcomed these Madrid legends with very good hopes of seeing Tanzania achieving yet another remarkable mile within its tourism campaigns across Europe, the number one source of tourists traveling to this African destination every year.

Tourism stakeholders added that throughout their entire visit, several media program coverage will be revealed to publicize the tourism of Tanzania in Spain through different media outlets among them international sports media, newspapers and TV programs.

Prior to their departure home, Devota Mdachi the Acting Managing Director of the Tanzania Tourist Board got the opportunity to handle over souvenirs of Tanzanian coffee, tea plus Maasai clothes to the players.

The Tanzania official tourism marketing and advertising institution Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) said that the Real Madrid legends are going to be good ambassadors to market the tourism of Tanzania in Spain plus other European countries.

At the moment, The Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) is carrying out a tourism marketing campaign through the Sunderland AFC matches within the UK.

Excessive Taxes Stress Air Transport in Tanzania

The Tanzania government has been cautioned to relieve taxes on air Transport in order that several Tanzanians are able to afford to make use of air transport in carrying out their financial activities.

This advice was offered by Mr. Eliasph Mathew the General Manager of Travelport, at the launch of a brand-new network for giving tickets online – Precise Sky that will assist small airlines to be competitive within the aviation industry. Travelport is a worldwide company that is involved with helping airline companies to obtain systems for air ticketing.

Mr. Mathew stated that there are a lot of taxes imposed on airlines however at the end of the day the responsibility of these taxes is passed on to passengers.

This has an effect on the economy for the reason that tourists would prefer to travel to adjoining countries such as Uganda and Kenya where they’re going to be charged less whereas Tanzania has the best tourist attractions throughout East Africa.

He said that at this moment They are suggesting that there ought to be VAT on air transport, since this will simply weaken the aviation business,” . Adding that at this point air passengers acquire all their services online among them purchasing of tickets, reservation, food plus the hotel to sleep in at their ultimate destination as a result the need for all airlines to adopt to this new system and remain relevant.

Gloria Urasa the Manager of Precise Sky, stated that the brand-new online system is completely new to the country and is going to assist small airlines acquire recognition in foreign countries through increasing regions where they can market tickets and as a result expand business.

Mr. Charles Chacha the Acting Director General of Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA), was i agreement that several Tanzanian can’t afford to travel using air however the government is currently taking necessary measures to deal with the situation. He mentioned that among the measures is to make improvements to infrastructure in order that airplanes can easily land at the airports night and day in the country and also to register any amount of airlines as is possible.

He mentioned that in the event that more companies are to operate within the country there would certainly be competition which will help to decrease the costs of air transportation and several Tanzanians will be in the position to manage to pay for it.

Construction of Bagamoyo Port Commences This Year – Tanzania

HE-Abdulrahaman-ShimboOn Monday, the Tanzania ambassador to China said The building of Bagamoyo Port is anticipated to start this year as soon as the required agreements have been written down.

Earlier, the building of the port found at Mbegani creek was thought to start the coming January however speed of discussions permitted that project to start this year, as a result of the great efforts of Big Results Now – BRN initiative.

Mr. Abdulrahaman Shimbo the Tanzania ambassador to China informed the media that this port is going to be constructed in phases and the main phase is expect to start right after completion of the talks that are presently in their final stages.

Amb. Shimbo added that the agreement at the start was signed at the start of this year to create way for these final negotiations that on completion then the agreement to commence work will eventually be signed.

In addition, the previous agreement permits the beginning of preliminary feasibility study of a huge port which will take Thirty years to be built to its complete capacity at a total expense of 10 billion US dollars.

Nevertheless, the ambassador said that the construction of the quay side, dredging, container yard and the dust cargo terminal of the port will take 3 years to be accomplished in 2017.

Mr. Shimbo, a retired army general said that this will include supporting infrastructure of the 2 railway lines which are TAZARA and TRL. To steer the BRN talk, in the first Ten years, the logistic plus export processing zone is going to be in place.

The initial phase of the port once accomplished in the 3 years, will have a holding capacity of Twenty million containers annually, in comparison with the installed capacity of Mombasa which is 600,000 whereas that of Dar es Salaam is at 500,000 to be the biggest on the eastern coast.

China Merchants Holdings International – CMHI, the biggest independent port operators in the world, is the primary investor for building and developing Bagamoyo Port.

CMHI which holds a principle of a customer first, seeks to strengthen its primary abilities to serve the increasing international economy, after amassing experience ever since the 19th century.

The ambassador said that China Merchant is the key player however there other different investors within the project that features land locked countries which the country served such Uganda, Zambia, Burundi, Malawi, DRC as well as Rwanda.

He flatly dismissed claims that this port is also going to be used as a Chinese military base claiming that such unproven and damaging reports which focused on ruining the business port project.

China Merchants Group, a corporation started in 1872 is the parent company of CMHI, whose three main businesses include finance (insurance, banking, funds and securities), transportation (energy shipping plus logistics, ports plus related services and toll roads) in addition to property. Additionally, own China Merchant Bankt

Inspections Stiffened at Tanzania Entry Points to Defend Against Ebola

After the outbreak of the deadly Ebola in the nearby Democratic Republic of Congo, the Tanzania government yesterday proclaimed that it has increased surveillance at all its entry points into the country to keep this deadly disease from exploding.

Dr. Elias Kwesi the Assistant Director of Disasters & Emergency within the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare said while talking in an exclusive interview with journalists in Dar es Salaam that more than Two hundred health personnel along with no less than 8 staff members working in the airports and from the areas along the borders have been properly trained on how to fight the dreadful Ebola virus.

he explained that The training concerning how to fight Ebola in the event that it erupts here has actually been done here well before the disease broke out in the Western Africa nations and at the present time they will continue training even more personnel in order to have enough man power in the event that the crisis erupts in this country.

Dr. Elias went on to mention that all the airports at this moment have got unique equipments that screens those passengers that are more likely to have already contracted the lethal Ebola virus; the immigration officers and various other authorities at the airports are jointly working to ensure that the entire screening exercise is correctly carried out.

He added that the main border at Namanga has as well acquired this special equipment to carry out the screening exercise and also the other key borders of Tunduma, Holili, Mtukula as well as Sirari will in the near future be provided with this equipment for successful detection as well as response.

The doctor stated that they have as well released a directive to all the referral plus regional hospitals to create emergency isolation centres for any suspected cases, mentioning that there is no restriction on the movement at any of the entry points at the present time since there isn’t any case that has been clinically determined to have the disease in Tanzania to date.

He further explained that the countries in East Africa not too long ago had a assembly in Entebbe – Uganda, including various health experts, where standard restriction plus screening of the passengers in each member state was finally agreed upon as an successful means to control this disease from getting into this region from the adjacent affected nations.

He reassured the locals not to fear as the government of Tanzania is taking all the needed measures to guarantee their safety, recommending, however, every person to take preventative measures.

Ebola has broken out and spread through West Africa, particularly in Sierra Leone, Liberia as well as Guinea many months back, killing several people.

Latest reports revealed that the DRC that shares borders with some countries of Eastern Africa has affirmed that about 2 people in their country are affected by the disease whereas thirteen others have died.

Health experts plus medicine students participating in this training are from Zambia, Uganda, South Africa, DRC, Mozambique and Kenya.

Kilimanjaro Airport debatable for Awards Tanzania

Kilimanjaro International Airport – KIA, is the second largest Airport in Tanzania situated close to Arusha is nominated for an international award.

The last decision will be acknowledged in Chicago in the month of September. KIA is competing with Tampa as well as Abu Dhabi in addition to the City Airport – Bremen.

The Kilimanjaro Airport Development Company – KADCO’s Business Development Manager said that they hope to repel harsh competition to the top-level in the esteemed international award come September 2014 within Chicago. KADCO is contracted by the government of Tanzania to manage this airport.

The International Routes Marketing Awards acknowledges excellence in the development of air service by airports, as well as specifically the airline network organizing community usually ballots for the winners.

It is believed, airlines in the last couple of months have been balloting for airports they believe have made the best usage of their marketing in the past One year.

She added that this submission procedure was created to allow the shortlisted airports to offer information for the evaluating panel as to the reasons why they think they should win this award, offering proof to support their case.

The KADCO Managing Director Mattijs Smith said that they are very thrilled and extremely pleased to win the general Routes Africa award for another second year consecutively. This award is a genuine recognition by their airline customers for building up their present routes and attaining a record development of twenty four Percent in traffic in the year 2013.

Smith added that they are currently working much harder not just to uphold this status, but as well to enhance their services so as to become the globe’s best airport plus terminal of preference across East African.

KIA, that started out for business back in 1972, was built to handle only 200,000 passengers however at the moment handles approximately 900,000. The government of the Nederlander is offering $36.4 million for the expansion system.

Kilimanjaro International Airport – KIA is an international airport found within northern Tanzania and serves Moshi plus Arusha cities. The airport as well serves the global tourism business based on Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park, Arusha National Park as well as the Ngorongoro Crater. This airport invoices itself as the number one Gateway to this Wildlife Heritage in east Africa

Tanzania is really a tourist destination, gifted with large plus stunning national parks, mountains, game reserves plus beaches, and varied cultural ethnic groups. In accordance with Tanzania National parks -TANAPA around a quarter of its total land surface has been reserved for conservational reasons.

The tourism sector of Tanzania has not too long ago received yet another enhancement when it won 3 of the 7 natural wonders of Africa, which include The Serengeti National Park, Mt. Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro Conservation Area NCA.

Kilimanjaro Airport started out on 2nd December 1971 and used US$13 million to be constructed. The construction was funded by a long-term loan from the government of Italy. In 1998, it turned out to be the initial international airport on the African to be privatized and is managed by the Kilimanjaro Airport Development Company.

Bank of Tanzania Publicizes Tourism Earnings Report

Making up a rise from the earlier year of almost 12.3 %, the Tanzania tourism sector has turned out to be the leading foreign exchange earner right after the gold revenue greatly dropped due to lower international prices for this commodity.

Information merging from Bank of Tanzania verifies that this country attained almost US$2billion from its tourism receipts in the year financial between July 2013 plus June 2014. This figure of 1.973 billion is included in the month-to-month BoT publication “Monthly Tanzania as well as related information.

The facts were unveiled as the tourism industry of Tanzania gets ready for the first ever Swahili Tourism Trade Fair to be held in Dar es Salaam, that is scheduled to take place starting 1st to 4th October at the Mlimani City Conference Centre. The governing Tanzania Tourist Board together with the private sector will display at this trade fair the wide array of tourism attractions in the country, ranging from the Mafia islands over Unguja plus Pemba to the stunning national parks as well as game reserves on the Tanzania mainland.

Tanzania is a nation with several tourist attractions. Over 44% of the land area of Tanzania is covered with wildlife reserves plus national parks. The country has sixteen national parks, Twenty nine game reserves, forty controlled conservation areas as well as marine parks. the country is likewise home to the well-known Roof of Africa, Mountain Kilimanjaro. The New York Times awarded this country the Seventh position among Forty five leading destinations to go to in this year. The tourist sector at the moment sustains 27,000 jobs and also generates Twenty five Percent of the foreign exchange of the Tanzania. Tanzania is expected to obtain a million tourists by the close of 2011 and it generate around US$1.7 billion (approximately Sh2.7 trillion) in income.

Tanzania’s renowned tourist attractions are situated in Northern part of the Country and these include Mountain Kilimanjaro, which is the highest mountain on the African continent. Serengeti National Park is the world renowned destination and has magnificent seasonal migrations of wild animals. The Ngorongoro Reserve is an ancient extinct volcanic caldera having exceptional game viewing from the edge of the crater. The reserve has huge herds of wildebeests plus zebras, as well as lions in addition to the endangered black rhinos. There are Three major safari circuits, and the Northern is the most widely used and best suited to first-time visitors, then Western (Mahale Mountains National Park as well as Gombe Stream National Park) plus the Southern (Udzungwa, Ruaha as well as Mikumi Mountains National Parks along with the Selous Game Reserve). in addition, Tourism is centered on the coast, particularly the islands of Mafia, Zanzibar plus Pemba. Game fishing as well as diving are the leading attractions within these islands. Additionally there is a huge selection of destinations for the amazing cultural tourism like the Maasai boma as well as Bushmen settlements.

New record set on Mt. Kilimanjaro

Climbing Maintain Kilimanjaro, which is the highest mountain in Africa, is among the numerous options people to the country enjoy, and the area of Moshi, which is among the beginning points, to the international airport appropriately referred to as Kilimanjaro International, a quick beginning as tourists can travel in, spend the night at a hotel on the foot of the mountain, and then start on their climb that takes about a week.

The one week climb is considered to be the basic however what takes ordinary people between 5 to 7 days, is to ascend Mountain Kilimanjaro and return down this mountain again, was lowered a week ago to only Six hours, Fifty six minutes, and Twenty four seconds by Karl Egloff a Swiss Ecuadorian that ran the distance, ascending the sheer Umbwe route and descending through the Mweka gate.

This is apparently a brand-new record and was due to a number of months of training in high altitude in the Ecuadorian Andes and also on site within Tanzania, thanks to sponsorships by Aktiv Reisen of Switzerland’s together with a local partner the Leopard Tours.

nevertheless Fitness is a significant requirement and even though porters with each hiking group carry the hefty things, people who set their views on the peak will still need to do all the walking by themselves and live on the thinner air as they climb higher. There are tour operators customized to mountain climbing organizing like trips from the town of Arusha plus Moshi, certified by the Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism plus genuine members of the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators – TATO.

Elevation: 19,340 ft / 5,895m

Prominence: 19,308 ft / 5,885m; most outstanding mountain on the African continent.

Location: In Tanzania within East Africa

Coordinates: -3.075844 S / 37.353312 E or 03°04′33″ S / 37°21′12″ E

First Ascent: by Hans Meyer from Germany, Yoanas Kinyala Lauwo from Tanzania, as well as Ludwig Purtscheller from Austria on October 5, 1889.


The Meaning of the Mountain’s Name

The origin or even meaning of the name ‘Kilimanjaro’ remains to be unknown. It is considered to be a combination of a Swahili word Kilima, that means “mountain,” plus a KiChagga word Njaro, somewhat translated to “whiteness,” hence the name White Mountain. Then the name Kibo in in the local KiChagga language and it means “spotted” as well as refers to rocks that are observed on snowfields. Also the word ‘Uhuru’ means “freedom,” a name that was given to honor Tanzanian independence in 1961 from Great Britain.

Highest peak in Africa

Mt. Kilimanjaro, is Africa’s highest mountain and the 4th highest of the 7 Summits, is regarded as the highest freestanding mountain on the planet, soaring at 15,100 ft / 4,600m from bottom to peak. Kilimanjaro is as well the most well known mountain on the African continent.

Three Volcanic Cones

Kilimanjaro comprises of 3 distinctive volcanic cones: the Kibo at 19,340 ft / 5,895m; Mawenzi at 16,896 ft / 5,149m as well as Shira at 13,000 ft / 3,962m. The Uhuru Peak is the tallest peak on the edge of the Kibo crater.

Tanzania Iringa Lacks Luxury Hotel Facilities

luxury-hotelThe business community within Iringa Region happens to be challenged to benefit from tourist attractions that are available within the region as well as invest more money in hotel facilities.

Mr. Raymond Mbilinyi The Executive Secretary of Tanzania Business Council -TNBC, challenged the business community in the region during discussions on the possible development in the tourism industry in Iringa and just how investors can perform their role. Business people are essential in developing the hotel sub-sector in this area.

They must struggle toward that objective; he informed a portion of members in the business community here not too long ago. Iringa Region has a number of uncommon tourist attractions that include the well-known Selous Game Reserve the biggest game reserve in Africa as well as one of our most liked game viewing places across the continent.

Additional attractions within the region consist of Gangilonga stone, cultural sites, Ox-bow Lake, historical sites, river meanders, sight-seeing as well as photography.

He mentioned that the government carried on to create favorable business environment as well as advised investors to make the most of those endeavors and also invest in different hotel facilities to enhance the tourism sector in this region.

He added that you will need to take advantage of present opportunities and improve this industry. He stated that the success of the tourism industry has taken advantage of tremendous private sector investments in product development, hotels, marketing plus transportation, as well as devoted government initiatives in assisting the development of this industry.

In addition, Mr. Mbilinyi asked all councils within Iringa to set aside areas for the investors in order to help cut down clashes between investors and residents.

He added that Good allocation of regions will assist prevent unwanted conflicts between these two sections. He said that council officials must work along with the private sector on appropriate land use.

Also Mr. Mbilinyi added that it will be a wise decision if councils could allocate additional funds for bettering infrastructure particularly roads going to tourist attraction places.

He mentioned that It is through this kind of efforts that several local plus foreign tourists will show up in this region. On his side, Mr. Lucas Mwakapungu the Chairman of Tanzania Chamber of Commerce, Industries & Agriculture – TCCIA, Iringa region, mentioned that better relations between investors plus citizens would assist boost the business plus investment climate.

In addition, he called upon more robust cooperation between investors, public officials as well as citizens to cut back red tape and in the end increase business.

He guaranteed complete assistance from the private sector within the region in virtually all matters which attempt to enhance business, sustainable development as well as investment of Iringa; mentioning that It is through cooperation which they will achieve progress plus prosperity for their people plus region.

New huge luxury hotel for Arusha

Arusha is preparing to welcome a brand-new luxury hotel – massive and magnificent; it will make the hotel owners among the top hotel groups in Tanzania.

The previous milestone Hotel 77 will in the near future make way for a brand-new luxury Three hundred room Hyatt Regency Hotel, given that the land purchase as well as required paperwork were supposedly completed. The New owner of this property is ASB -T Limited, by itself part of the Albwardy Investments based in UAE.

By now in the ownership profile of ASB is Hyatt Dar es Salaam, the wonderful Bilila Safari Lodge in the middle of the Serengeti area as well as the Zamani Resort found in Zanzibar, all formerly run by the Kempinski Hotels. The brand-new hotel within Arusha will prove through adding more 5 star room bed capacity to this tourist city, that is home to the head office of East African Community, the chair of the East African Court of Justice as well as generally observed as the perfect gateway to the renowned Northern safari circuit of Tanzania that includes Tarangire National Park, Serengeti, Manyara National Park as well as the Ngorongoro Crater.

With this extra property now arising will ASB turn out to be, with regards to the quantity of rooms, one of top hotel groups in Tanzania. Generally properly informed sources in the hospitality industry have already advised that as soon as the Arusha Hyatt is in business the group might seek more expansion since the tourism sector is constantly enjoy growth.

Awesome, lavish and green, the city of Arusha is among the most developed as well as fastest-growing cities in Tanzania and the headquarter of the East African Community, a enhanced attempt at regional cooperation. It sprawls close to the bottom of Mountain Meru at approximately 1300 meters altitude and relishes a mild climate all year round. The location of Arusha is best suited for all the national parks on the Northern Circuit, and because of that this is the safari capital of this country as well as a key tourism centre; with the good plus bad which brings.

Throughout your trip to this exotic plus the stunning Arusha holiday destination, you’ll find a number of types of Hotels within Arusha that await your nice presence to offer you the finest facilities services plus facilities. Every hotel in Arusha is the perfect blend of traditional hospitality as well as modern facilities. Hotels in Arusha are built to offer total comfort plus pleasure to their guests. To house the big volume of tourist within this place, there are numerous hotels that have been constructed in Arusha.

With regards to accommodation in Arusha city, you will not face any problem in any way. This city being situated near the airport causes it to become one of the main tourism destinations. You are guaranteed of finding a number of different hotels including guest houses, star hotels, tree houses, budget hotels, cheap hotels, lodges as well as discount hotels, plus several others. The great facilities which Tanzania provides are the explanation why several tourists choose it.

Tanzania Shilling steady against the US dollar

The Tanzania shilling began the week encountering some steadiness against the dollar; however it is going to be a short-lived circumstance prior to importers requiring that it gets up again.

In accordance with the National Microfinance Bank – NMB e-market report, the Tz Shilling continued to be stable against the US Dollar today, and the bids went up towards the end of the trading session, an indication showing that importers’ demand could weigh in on the local shilling in the couple of days to come if identical conditions continue to exist. Liquidity within the local money markets slightly reduced, right after local payments at the close of the month of July.

The overnight rates exchanged at 15 % on average, with the likelihood of further reducing as liquidity returns to this market. And in accordance with Market Outlook of Standard Chartered Bank, the Tz shilling together with the US dollar bought and sold fairly flat at the start of the week on Monday while inflows matched up outflows within the corporate plus interbank market.

A similar trend was anticipated to continue a day ago with a minor bias on a more powerful dollar as demand begins to pick up within the market. The market-pulse by Exim Bank shows that the Tanzania shilling was flat against the US dollar at the close of last week and traders quoting USD/ TSH at 1652/1667 once the market opened and eventually closed.

The shilling is predicted to keep on trading on the very same levels in the couple of days to come. Barclays bank In its market report stated that the local currency encountered another stability a week ago as players on the market were fairly quiet and rather trading slowed up as the market was shut for 2 days because of the Eid holidays.

The Tz shilling demonstrated indication of strengthening at the end of the week as the US dollar inflows heightened. Dr Honest Ngowi a Senior Lecturer at Mzumbe University on Tuesday mentioned during an interview that for Tanzania’s value which is outwardly determined, it is not easy to keep its stability against other strong foreign currencies.

he went on to say that since Tanzania is a net importer, this will continue to make the Tz shilling bend below against the US dollar, except if rigorous efforts are set up to reduce unnecessary imports.

In addition, the senior lecturer said that in order to give an extensive stability to the Tz shilling, they ought to boost the volume as well as diversify exports so as to obtain markets with high quality prices. In the same way, he brought up the need to market international tourism to improve inflows into Tanzania.

Jumbo from Serengeti National Park Killed

Elephant-killedA run away elephant from the internationally renowned Serengeti National Park has been murdered by game rangers soon after putting at risk the lives of civilians living in Rorya District within Mara Region.

The incident took place after twelve run away elephants entered Kirogwe village not too long ago. Mr. Ephraem Olenguyaine the Rorya District Council Executive Director- DED said that they have been able to take back the elephants to their natural home however one of these was killed right after it tried to kill people.

The jumbos are considered to have come from Serengeti, pursuing the River Mara route. The local council was compelled to send armed wildlife official to chasse back the elephants in to their habitats.

The DED said that it was a challenging task and costly however they thank God that they have returned to their habitat. Rorya is among the districts within the Mara region, in which a large number of villagers reside in and out of the Mara River Basin that forms a significant section of the internationally renowned Serengeti National Park.

Among the Other districts having villages that are vulnerable to such destructive elephants within the lake zone region are Butiama, Serengeti, Tarime as well as Bunda.

Officials estimate that Serengeti District alone has around 27 villages with hundreds of peasants prone to rampaging elephants.

A week ago Mr. Mahmoud Mgimwa the Deputy Minister for Natural Resources & Tourism visited this Mara region, where he as well had talks with the regional authorities on how to sort out this problem.

Tanzania Praised Over Fight against Cyber Crime

The United Republic of Tanzania is apparently doing great in the battle against cyber crime that plans to begin implementation of e-government being praised as a great move.

Mr. Kalpesh Maheshwari the country manager of Cyberoam said in line with the country report by the International Telecommunication Union that projects it as a nation starting implementation of e-government and increasing efforts to restrain the increasing trend of cyber crime.

Mr. Maheshwari noted that other more organizations are taking on internet as a medium of transmitting for the major business services with the e-mail replacing fax as the primary medium of transmitting.

He said while in Dar es Salaam that similar to other countries, the organizations which intensely rely on the internet as well as computer network are vulnerable to cyber attacks that may be purposeful efforts to interrupt services (Refusal of Service Attacks) or more complex attacks.

Furthermore, there isn’t any law that safeguards data or even databases within Tanzania. A number of the major concerns would be the right to data protection, level of privacy, as well as danger of data incorrect use. This kind of state of orders when it comes to Network Security requires large need for solutions such as Cyberoam within the region.

He talked as the international network security appliances organization declared the appointment of the Channel Manager of Tanzania Ms. Winnie Mafuru, to assist partners in acquiring customers for the Tanzania region.

He explained that this appointment came as part of extensive efforts in creating vibrant partner community, pushing for better service as well as support for their customers.

Ms. Mafuru added that she would be making use of her experience in tending the market together with long term development plans for the Cyberoam within the region.

Previously, she served as the Channel Manager for Signage Solutions, a top Sales and Marketing company that concentrates on Channel Management in Africa.

Mr. Maheshwari added that the African markets have a huge of capacity for a extensive solution such as Cyberoam. Talking about the future plans of Cyberoam for the region, he went on to say that Expansion is certainly their strategy, and recruiting a local channel manager was the first step to their larger goals for this region.

To accomplish this, she mentioned that she would boost focus even more on intently working with channel partners so as to broaden their business and even increase their offerings to every client that they serve.

Elephant poachers enter South Africa

Poachers have killed Another elephant for its tusks within Parfuri found in northern Kruger National Park, Ten kilometers in from the borders of Mozambican with Zimbabwean . Officials of SANParks found the old carcass assumed dead for two day with its tusks cut out yesterday early morning. No additional information concerning the age or even sex of this elephant was offered and unfortunately no suspects have up to now been detained regarding this offense.

elephantsThis is now the incident of poaching of elephant within the Parfuri area of Kruger in the recent months, displaying the assault of elephant poaching forecasted by conservationists, that have cautioned that widespread poaching within bordering countries could start to spread over the South African boundaries, and the immediate requirement for greater action by the government to intensify protection measures as well as come up with answers to a crisis which appears to be not simply growing, but already recounting.

William Mabasa the spokesperson of SANparks said that Elephant poaching has been going on for some time now within Mozambique as well as Zimbabwe; therefore they did expect it would at one time get to their region.

The Parfuri area of KNP is specifically prone to penetration by these vicious poachers because of its closeness to the borders of Mozambique and Zimbabwe that makes it a leading target for unlawful groups operating on the other side of the borders, as well as a sitting group of corrupt customs officials plus officials in the parks.

A report that was recently released showed that criminal trophy hunters within South Africa are as well at play in planning poaching operations. Impartial intelligence sources apparently exposed documents that implicate a number of local safari units that are assisting and encouraging Mozambican poachers through giving them with ammo, obtaining buyers for their horns and even bribing officials in South Africa and politicians in Mozambique to assist in the progress of this process. They assert to have transferred the information to the authorities in South Africa, however, not to have acquired any feedback

Tanzania Authorities Push for New Arusha Road

Tanzania authorities especially those in Arusha region have requested the central government of the country to make haste the processes of building the Arusha-Musoma highway.

Members on the Regional Road Board – RRB Committee not long ago met and decided that finishing of the road will increase development within and outside this region.

Elias Wawa Lali the District Commissioner of Ngorongoro said that the road is going to play a significant role in the development of the people of Ngorongoro region who were lacking infrastructure ever since Tanzania gained independence.

The District Commissioner went on to explain that This road is the only left over hope for these people in Ngorongoro area and this project will entirely transform the livelihoods of the local Maasai people residing in this area.

In the month of June, the East African Court of Justice made a ruled against the intentions of the Tanzania government to construct a road going through the internationally renowned Serengeti National Park. This case was brought forward by a number of wildlife activist associations within and out of Tanzania.

Deusdedit Kakoko the Regional Manager of TANROADS said that the government will carry on with its intentions of building the Arusha-Musoma highway, talking about the project as essential infrastructure for this region.

Three districts which include Ngorongoro, Monduli and Longido are going to be the main beneficiaries of the Mto wa Mbu-Loliondo road part.

Jowika Kasunga the District Commissioner of Monduli, likewise referred to this road as crucial infrastructure to the local people in Arusha and to the rest of the country.

He explained that it will go through Engaruka, close to the active volcano of mountain Oldonyo-Lengai as well as on the shores of Lake Natron that is among the major tourism areas.

Commissioner Kasunga informed the members during the RRB meeting that they shouldn’t be disheartened by anyone; they need to carry on with their plans.

A number of participants likewise said that the Arusha-Musoma road project doesn’t have any connection with Serengeti National Park.

Tanzania in UNESCO Project for Usambura

The UN Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization – UNESCO a week ago unveiled a multimillion dollar project within the East Usambara Reserve regions attempting at empower the residents within that region to properly utilize the resources for their own better financial wellness.

Usambara-ReserveThe East Usambara is section of the Eastern Arc Mountain Range that is regarded among the 25 biodiversity best destinations on the entire planet. The rain forests of East Usambara are among the most precious conservation areas across the African continent and among the biodiversity hot-spots plus areas of plant diversity around the globe. Their biological importance has been matched up to the Galapagos Islands.

The $422,072 / Tsh700million project became achievable following the Korea International Cooperation Agency – KOICA offering to fund this project which will be carried out in 19 villages encompassing the reserve as part of the project implementation called “Green Economy in Biosphere Reserves” – GEBR.

This project is going to enable villagers to safeguard the reserve and utilize their resources effectively through reducing deforestation and generating activities related to economic plus entrepreneurship.

Mr. Joseph Kigula who is a member of the National Committee on Tanzania Live Reserve discussed that a number of the activities which will be taken on in this project include training to empowering villagers to perform economic activities inside the reserve.

This economic empowerment already has happened in 3 of the 19 villages and it was coordinated jointly by the Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism together with the East Usambara Biosphere Reserve (EUBR). The biodiversity hot-spot area provides living environment to over 100,000 villagers who were taught among several other economic activities entrepreneurship, business management, training in environmental conservation, marketing, accounting as well as finance.

This training is anticipated to increase the knowledge of the villagers regarding business relationships through environmental conservation as well as capacity entrepreneurship capacity building. Two more are anticipated to occur at the close of the year.

A number of entrepreneurs mentioned that the launch of this project will make it possible for most of the people residing in this area to focus on the different economic activities which they’ve been trained on and end those that are not environmentally friendly.

In General, the East Usambara is a section of the Eastern Arc Mountain Range that is amongst the biodiversity hot-spots on the planet. This biosphere reserve, that covers a total expanse of 83,600 hectares, comprises of sub-montane rainforest as well as lowland wooded grasslands. It is primarily characterized by large amounts of endemic flora (among which are several medicinal plants) and it is habitat to 13 endangered species of birds.

The transition part of the biosphere reserve consists of commercial forest plantations in addition to sisal plus tea plantations. Some of the leading economic activities within this area are Small-scale gardening as well as cattle breeding of the nearly 155,000 people withn this area (as per statistics made in 1999). The biosphere reserve targets to promote ecotourism as an substitute or extra source of income for the local residents and also setting up forest reserves in the local village. This biosphere reserve consists of the Amani Nature Reserve as well as the Amani Botanical Garden that are the sites of substantial biodiversity research plus monitoring.

Air Tanzania to Begin Operations in Local Skies

The comeback of the Tanzania national flag carrier into the skies is of great significance to the country as it will yet again begin operations along the Dar es Salaam route.

This flag carrier was founded in 1977 as Air Tanzania Corporation – ATC, following the dissolution of the East African Airways and it has been affiliated with the African Airlines Association from the time of its establishment.

During its peak days back in 1980s, Air TAnzania had several international, local plus regional routes and its hub was in Dar es Salaam for its numerous international carriers.

Since ATC had powerful regional plus domestic itineraries, many international airlines arrived at the present day Julius Nyerere International Airport JNIA, because it was simpler to connect passengers going to onward destinations.

Prior to the privatization of Air Tanzania, among its regional routes where Bujumbura, Aden, Mauritius, Dubai, Lubumbashi, Entebbe, the Comoros, Muscat, Harare, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Mombasa, Kigali as well as Lusaka. On the local front it landed in every large town having a nice airport.

Due to its robust regional routes, during those years various carriers such as Aeroflot, Scandinavia Airlines -SAS, Aeroflot plus Alitalia were landing into Dar es Salaam; regardless that the nation was a closed-economy.

Each one of these international airlines withdrew from the Dar frequency because of the decreased business following the ATCL went below. Therefore making the country a dead-end tourist destination.

Experts in the Aviation industry in China say that at the present situation it will be very challenging for a worldwide carrier to operate the Dar route, as there isn’t any link to regional or local itineraries.

The Mr. Duan Baorong the Deputy Managing Director of Avic International, Civil Aircraft Division, informed us that there is a great potential for the growth of Dar es Salaam as the regional hub.

By doing this Nairobi – Kenya will still be East Africa’s hub and Johannesburg the hub in Southern Africa since passengers have an unrestricted selections of onward regional routes as opposed to other airports in the region.

The powerful domestic airlines obtain passengers regionally as well as locally and link them to other internationally recognized airlines which take them and fro their final destinations.

Without any efforts of discussing with, for example, British Airways to restart flying into Dar es Salaam or appealing other carriers, particularly from Asia, is much like grinding water inside a millet machine. On the other hand, the light, finally, is observed at the end of the tunnel for the struggling ATCL.

The transforming of Dar as a regional hub will simply, materialize following the turnaround of the slumbering ATCL. Airlines need a large capital and may produce dividends right away, whether or not positively or adversely.

The Minister for Transport Dr. Harrison Mwakyembe, has assured to entirely involve the National Cabinet in obtaining lasting answers to the intensely in financial trouble national flag carrier.

The ministry has put together a document that will be presented to the cabinet requesting the government of Tanzania to soak up the 113 billion Tanzania shillings debt for Air Tanzania so that it may have a clear balance sheet.

He added that given the present status of ATCL, they can’t invest. Whatever investment done at the moment will be a mere waste of resources since the assets of the company will be seized by way of a court order. Soon after correcting the financial books of ATCL, the investing period will follow.

Dr. Mwakyembe went on to explain to the National Assembly in the budget session of this year that ATCL was processing the acquisition of 6 brand-new aircrafts, as part of intentions to restore this airline.

these planes will include an 80-seat ERJ 170 , two D8 Q400 that are going to be obtained on lease purchase, two Y12E planes obtained from China, a 100 seat ERJ 190 as well as two jets.

Each of the two D8 Q400 aircraft will have a seating capacity of 78 passengers, and they are expected to arrive in the country before the end of this year.

Mkomazi selected wildlife breeding center

MKOMAZI Rhino Sanctuary is set to be the main breeding facility in Tanzania, outperforming all other initiatives in Africa, Mr. Ted van Dam of Suzuki Rhino Foundation from The Netherlands has announced.

Mkomazi-National-ParkMr. Van Dam said that their large group has effectively and professionally accomplished their purpose of making this sanctuary found in Mkomazi Game Reserve a secure habitat for the wild animals, protecting them from wildlife poaching, traps as well as poisoning.

He informed Mr. Mizengo Pinda who is the Prime Minister, that they have accomplished that through permitting the people staying close to the reserve to have a dependable income source through indirect or direct job opportunities.

The project has fortunately been really successful; the number of rhinos is increasing because of the tight security enforced. In addition to that, they supported the special breeding programme for African wild dogs.

This project is an example to other projects, outperforming all other initiatives in Africa,’’ he remarked, adding that Mkomazi is ready to be the breeding facility for African Black Rhino and African Wild dog in the country

They decided to support this Rhino Project within Mkomazi in the most specialist way.

Mr Van Dam emphasized that The main things to do is to guarantee the safety of these animals that are close to total extinction as well as provide a safe home for them and also making sure that no poaching, no traps and no poisoning occurs along with making certain that adequate income source for the people staying near these animals and even education them

Mkomazi National Park

Mkomazi National Park is a spectacular, 3,500 sq km game reserve found in northern Tanzania. Distant and hard to get to, it was set up in 1951, however never pulled in the financial assistance offered to the better recognized wildlife sanctuaries like the Ngorongoro plus Serengeti National Parks. Since 1989, when the Government of Tanzania reexamined the status of the reserve and selected it a Priority Project of the Nation, has its real value and relevance been recognized.

Within view to the northwest is Mountain Kilimanjaro, the highest in Africa. To the south, the Usumbara plus Pare Mountains form an impressive backdrop and, then to the north, the huge Tsavo National Park of Kenya which shares a boundary with Mkomazi, creating common ground for the migratory herds of zebras, elephants as well as oryx in the wet season. Along with Tsavo, this forms one of the biggest and most crucial protected ecosystems on the planet.

Airtel Tanzania unveils ‘tourist pack’

Airtel Tanzania has unveiled a package for the tourists coming to the country to call back home at lower charges.

This ‘Tourist Pack’ will include Half an hour to call different international destinations, then Ten minutes for local calls, plus Ten SMS to the local networks as well as any other international destination across the world with a 1GB Internet data package for Thirty days.

The package costs as low as USD10 which is 16,000 Tanzania Shillings

This brand-new service is a extension of Airtel’s dedication to offering the Tanzanian Market with modern and cost-effective products plus services which will match customer needs as well as permitting them to remain in contact with their families as well as their loved ones constantly.

Mr .Sunil Colaso the product Managing Director of Airtel said while Speaking at the launch ceremony said that they would offer the finest experience to the tourists traveling to Tanzania, Particularly in the summer season through offering the finest voice quality plus data experience.

The pack is going to be available with a Sim Card plus an exclusive voucher having a bundle comprising of talk time for minutes, for international as well as local calls, Data bundle in addition to SMS.

The users will be needed to register their Sim numbers with a valid passport or ID at the time of purchase.

Mr. Gaudence Temu the Chairman of the Tourism Confederation of Tanzania said that they would wish to thank Airtel for introducing mobile service packages for the tourists.

Sirili Akko appointed as Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) CEO:

Tanzania Association of Tour Operators – TATO is a the number one body as well as support organization for the multi-billion dollar tourism sector in Tanzania a country greatly endowed with natural resources.

CEOOne of the country’s accomplished business administrators Mr. Akko having good trainings in private business development, succeeds Mustapha Akunaay who has served for long that stepped down following Twenty years of service at the controls of this association.

The nomination of a youthful CEO by TATO merged as a surprise step, signaling TATO’s resolution to change the way it carries out operations in the face of multitude challenges that the tourism industry is facing.

The CEO heads the TATO secretariat, which is an executive arm of this association having more than three hundred members, and is practically its responsibility, among other things to create lobbying plus advocacy strategies, head negotiations with the Tanzania government, international plus local bodies.

The new CEO comes in office at a time that is considered to be very trying to TATO, and his initial assignment is to make sure that the association properly negotiates with the Tanzania government to cut back pestering taxes so as to promote tourism development.

As the tourism industry is facing attacks on multiple fronts within the region, such as the increasing poaching of elephants crisis, unstable tourism environments, adverse consequences of travel advisories experiencing Kenya its northern neighbor, an important gateway for almost Forty percent of the tourists traveling into Tanzania, certainly Mr. Akko has his duties cut out.

On the other hand, in contrast to Mr. Akunaay, who is a disciplinarian lawyer nut politician belonging to Chadema the leading opposition party of Tanzania, Mr. Akko is regarded as a vibrant young professional having a calm personality with top level diplomacy attributes TATO considerably requires currently so as to elevate its profile much higher.

Recognized for his uncompromising position on promoting wildlife conservation, the brand-new CEO is in addition attributed as a straightforward individual, with higher negotiation capacity in nearly all aspects of life.

The Managing Director of Tanzania Rift Valley Tours Ltd Rashid Mtungi, who is among the most influential members of TATO, says the Mr. Akko has a wonderful capability for mobilizing people into resolving problem through insisting on concentrating on interests but not positions.

Mr. Mutungi clarifies that In accordance with the short amount of time he knew him as the executive officer of TATO, he can point out that Mr. Akko is exceedingly skilled in inventing methods of communal gain, through indicating interests-convergence. He added that he doesn’t remember any unsuccessful dialogue that he has had.

Given that he hardly ever shares his experience with the general public, less is known about the young CEO.

He started shining considerably following the successfully coordination of a session during which the World Bank was dealt with several stakeholders from the tourism sector to re-draft the tourism Policy of Tanzania so as to create unexploited potentials within the tourism industry.

Some of the Sources claim that he as well possesses strong ties within the European Union – EU and the East African community – EAC.

Precision Air in talks to trade debts for equity with Tanzanian government

Following the yearly financial statements of Precision Air being released a week ago to the shareholders as well as to the general public, they revealed considerable improvements over the last year, emerging information reveals that this airline is having talks with the government of Tanzanian to trade its accumulated financial-debts for equity.

One of our sources who is close to this airline has revealed that a number of charges and costs have accumulated and , in case the government of Tanzanian accepts this deal, could bring substantial financial relief to the airlines.

One of the key shareholders of the airline, Kenya Airways, is as well thinking of the injection of more capital into this Precision Air, following the selling off a large percentage of its share in the IPO back in 2012. That deal on the other hand is determined by Precision Air accelerating the recovery from being a loss maker into becoming a profit maker.

As stated a week ago when verifying the yearly financial results, are strategies in progress at Precision to trade a number of its ATR aircraft after which they lease them back, that would return more required money into the coffers of the company. Additional cost saving strategies are as well being thought about, such as additional outsourcing of a number of services.

Precision, other than the routes to Kilimanjaro, Mwanza, as well as Zanzibar from Dar es Salaam, covers a number of secondary airports throughout the country and in a number of cases provides the only flight alternative to the public to get to such destinations on scheduled services, an idea supported by the use of ATR 72 plus ATR 42 turboprop aircraft that are in a position of serving airfields with lesser runway lengths.

Tanzania Aviation has been affected by operations that make losses, with Air Tanzania an excellent example, despite the fact that Precision’s primary local rival across the routes to Mbeya, Mwanza plus Kilimanjaro Fastjet, is additionally still writing crimson balance sheets in accordance with their previous financial annual results. Time without doubt will tell what steps will be applied, however Precision plus the other airlines, plus how effective these measures could be to return them to earnings territory.

Precision Air is cited on the Stock Exchange of Dar es Salaam, Fastjet’s controlling company is cited on the Stock Exchange London making the two carriers liable under the public company standards whereas Air Tanzania as one of the parastatal companies isn’t publishing financial data to the general public directly, a good reason possibly why it was able to stack up a huge mountain of debt that has previously severally frightened potential investors. Keep in touch with us for more updates about the aviation business in the Eastern African region.

Kinondoni District Strives to Save Mangrove Reserve

More projects have been focused on conserving mangrove forests along the Coast plus Dar es Salaam areas because of regular attack on the mangrove reserves, particularly for human settlements.

Magroove-forestIn accordance with Mr. Celestine Onditi the Kinondoni District Administrative Secretary – DAS, his office had focused leaders in Hananasif, Mbweni, Msasani, Kunduchi as well as Kawe wards where you will find these mangrove reserves not to permit any construction activities to take place in the mangrove areas.

He went on to explain that they came to this decision after findings by the committee which they formed a year ago in the month of December. The committee made up of professionals from different departments with the intention of making an assessment of the level of the harm brought on by unlawful harvesting of the mangroves, and also constructing of residential houses within the mangrove reserves.

Mr. Onditi mentioned that further steps required to be taken in order to save the mangrove forests which in fact were fast vanishing. He also said that they are presently undertaking an assessment to determine how many hectares have up to now been destroyed, however it’s clear that these forests are reducing at a very worrying rate.

Besides this, he said that more awareness was needed to be made to the public in line with this issue; the local People have to comprehend the threat resulting from cutting mangroves, and also the danger of staying in an ocean area.

Mr. Danford Mwaiteleke the District Forest Officer On the other hand revealed that mangrove reserves within the Rufiji Delta have persistently still reducing after more farmers coming into that area to cultivate rice.

In addition, in an interview Mr. Mwaiteleke said that the delta area which covers an expanse of 53,000 hectares back in 2011 close to 8,700 hectares of the total expanse were occupied by farmers.

He went on to say that the land invasions by the farmers had been escalating each and every year such that by 1995 as many as 3,170 hectares were invaded, and then by 2000 the total invaded area had expanded to as many as 3,850 hectares.

He explained that his office for long has been educating the local farmers on the threats of cutting down mangrove trees; however the response has continued to be minor since farmers love the delta area because it is not conducive to the growth of garden weeds and therefore makes easier their farming.

He requested for more assistance from higher regulatory authorities to terminate this situation, cautioning that in case it continued unchecked people residing on islands in the delta could be at a greater danger of being immersed by floods.

Mangroves provide a number of advantages to the ecosystem, among which is regulating the waves of the ocean, safeguarding the coral reefs that are used by the fish since they lay their eggs there, as well as controlling soil erosion.

Precision Air Publicizes Yearly Financial Results

Precision Air, the only airline bin Tanzania’s cited on the stock exchange of Dar es Salaam, has recently announced their yearly result for last financial year that ended on 31st March.

As legacy liabilities together with other remarkable one-off factors, this company saw a general remain in the loss-making area, with an enhanced bottom-line from the red-figures from the records from the previous year of Tanzania shillings 30.1billion to only 12.1 billion Tanzania shillings.

On the other hand, a practical profit of 3.6billion TShs measures up very well with a loss of the earlier accounting time of 18.1billion, a growth of more than 120% every year, proof that the turnaround of profits for Precision is now ongoing.

With a number of the cost-saving procedures started by the present management team led by Ms. Sauda Rajab simply anticipated to show a complete impact throughout the financial year of 2014/15, it is anticipated that the airline will go back to the profit region either at the close of this or in the next accounting phase. In this year, the direct expenditure financial savings of 48billion Tanzania shillings were verified, whereas indirect expenditure financial savings were placed at 5.6billion TShs, the latter mainly because of a couple of structural reorganization.

Two main loss-factors were terminated, the leases for 2 B737-300 aircraft plus the loss-making routes to Lusaka as well as Johannesburg terminated scrapped, whereas all the domestic services are currently operated using the ATR aircraft belonging to the airline. As the whole ATR fleet, consists of the -42 and -72 models, is at the moment owned, actually plans are being completed to sell as well as lease back a number of these aircrafts, which were obtained completely new from manufacturers from France.

The yearly audit was conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers – PWC, leaving no question on the exactness of the monetary results declared by the Board of Directors of the company.

Extra information obtained about the way forward for Precision Air as well verifies the departure from the dedicated expansion course sought by the former Chief executive officer that largely overlooked the facts on the ground.

The Group anticipates finishing its turnaround plan in time in order to exploit the gains obtained a year ago.

The Sale and Lease back of a number of aircraft is going to be pursued so as to cut down the borrowing, better cash flow as well as cost of financial capital.

Over the following year this group will mainly concentrate on offering profitability plus liquidity through increasing revenues and also keeping costs at sensible levels. This company will predominately concentrate on the following:

• Improved customer service in all customer points within their operations.

• change the whole network as well as work on the HUB & SPOKE strategy in order to maximize possibilities to obtain more passengers to use their lights and hence generate extra revenues on the present fleet.

• assess the existing levels of skill of their staffs and possibly upgrade it by coaching or training; or through recruitment of the appropriate people in the appropriate places.

• Tight plus continuous attention on cost control throughout all their functional areas.

• boost partnership portfolio as well as sign up additional Special Prorate Agreements – SPA’s, joint ventures JV’s plus code shares hence raise the volume of passenger revenue.

More companies to be entangled in wildlife Hunting Business

Information that the Ministry of Natural Resources & Tourism had last week terminated a hunting block licences belonging to Green Miles Safaris Limited after supposed gross breach of sports hunting laws couldn’t have come at a much better timing than this.

BushmeatThe moves comes when the country is fighting widespread poaching plus issues like the one devoted by the prohibited firm.

These, regardless of using up the natural resources of the country yet still time ruining the economy as well as spoiling its image.

Tanzania is gifted with plenty of natural resources that generally are abused by a couple of people with the financial power to do this. This beats one’s imagination that a number of hunting companies are bending down that they priorities money rather than follow the set regulations.

This move by the ministry is going to go a long away to stopping those companies which were following in the footsteps of Green Miles. Talking to a media news conference in the capital Dar es Salaam, the Tourism Minister Lazaro Nyalandu mentioned that the terminated hunting blocks include Lake Natron GC East, MKI-Selous as well as Gonabis or Kidunda-WMA inside Selous Game Reserve.

He went on to say that this move should work as a powerful warning to all tourism hunting firms within the country regarding violation of regulations, rules plus hunting regulations.

This move as well led to cancellation of all hunting permits issued in the present hunting season. In accordance with the minister, research conducted by a group of experts from the Tanzania Wildlife Department revealed that this had Company violated the Wildlife Conservation Act – No. 5 of 2009, after a couple of irregularities done during their hunting routines.

A number of the irregularities done by this company include, permitting their guests to hunt wildlife that is prohibited within the hunting licenses in contrast to section 19(1)(2) of the Act; guests playing with some young zebras in contrast to section 19(1); permitting their guests to chase and also shoot wildlife (Section 56 (1) (a) 1) as well as hunting below age wildlife (56 (1)).

Additional mistakes also included, permitting children under Sixteen years old to participate in hunting wildlife (Section 43 (20 (a) plus guests scaring the wildlife during the hunting (Section 19 (1) and (2).

The investigations emerged following the Shadow Minister of Natural Resources & Tourism Rev Peter Msigwa, reprehended officials from Green Miles Safari for violating the present regulations on the Conservation of wildlife inside the Selous Game Reserve.

Tanzania Premier to Officiate the 2014 Economic Promotional Festival at Mtwara & Lindi

Mizengo-Pindacookery flavors, Rhythms, arts as well as music are coming to Lindi plus Mtwara Municipalities to celebrate the very first ever once-a-year ‘Mtwara Festival’ that will go from 16th to 17th August, at Nangwanda Sijaona Stadium.

The theme this year is ‘Fursa Zimefunguka, Tuzitambue, Tujiandae, Tuzichangamkie,’ (‘Lindi plus Mtwara opportunities have been made available; let’s specify them to be explored’) is anticipated to be officiated by Mizengo Pinda the Prime Minister of Tanzania.

The Mtwara Festival is organized through the cooperation between Tanzania Creative Industries Network – TACIN and the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation – TPDC, with support from the Tanzanian Tourism Board – TTB, as their tactic to bring in visitors and build tourism plus economic opportunities to the port areas in the deep water.

This festival is going to be a communication platform as well as technique from which the local community will become aware of the numerous opportunities all-around them, and also increase their pride through the marketing of Mtwara plus Lindi as destinations to check out, live, conduct business as well as work.

The Executive Chairman of TACIN Anic Kashasha said that Mtwara plus Lindi are coastal areas with beautiful beaches plus plenty of creativity, history as well as cultural wealth, which, through this particular festival, will bring in more foreigners, enhancing tourism in both communities.

He added that the latest discovery in Lindi plus Mtwara of natural gas will as well play a role in the economic development in the two regions through creating more job creation opportunities as well as income generation through connecting the gas economy with the economy of the local communities.

he went on to say that for several years, Mtwara has been hardly ever affected by the rest of the world and explains its late development could be followed all the way back to the colonial times when the Portuguese plus Germans wanted a buffer area and used River Ruvuma as a boundary.

Following the defeat of Germany in the First World War Britain acquired power over Tanzania.

Mikindani town, a protected lagoon that was basically utilized as harbor by the local fishermen plus traders from Arabian Peninsula from the 9th to the 18th Century, stayed a major administrative post till 1947 when British administration began developing this port in the nearby town of Mtwara to make it the export hub for the peanuts cultivated on the well known groundnut scheme found at Nachingwea.

Even though the scheme did not take-off back in the 1950’s, at the moment Mtwara looked at as the biggest cashewnut producer across the entire nation.

Reiterating on the advantages of public-private cooperation, Devota Mdachi, the Acting Managing Director of Tanzania Tourism Board said that they are delighted to be part of this tourism strategy that is going to play a huge role in the general socio-economic development of the country.

She went on to say that businesses plus organizations must come up and support this Mtwara Festival and also utilize this excellent opportunity to display their products plus services for the rest of the world to discover.

In addition, the Mtwara Festival is supported by Mtwara regional authorities plus various media associates.

Zambia plus Tanzania commit to TAZARA Railways’ future

The governments of Tanzania and Zambia have accepted to invest an additional US$80 million to the TAZARA railway line that is at present as well receiving extra help from China. The railway line was built about forty years ago to connect Zambia with a dependable rail connection to Dar es Salaam. An option through South Africa’s Apartheid at the time wasn’t practical.

TAZARAApparently this decision was arrived at last weekend during a ministerial meeting of delegates, with about US$9 million paid right away to cover salaries plus any additional operational expenses.

The railway, nearly from the beginning, was dogged with various financial losses, technical issues as well as poor management, plus a number of endless labor disputes, however has made it through against all challenges.

Railway infrastructure innovations are higher on the program of each day in East Africa with a number of projects being carried out, such as the Standard Gauge Railway connecting from Mombasa through Nairobi as well as Kampala all the way to Kigali, then LAPSSET from port Lamu to South Sudan’s Juba as well as Addis Ababa in addition to plans within Tanzania to restore the Central Rail-line, along with plans as well on the table to connect Tanga Port with Lake Victoria’s Musoma.

TAZARA connects Dar es Salaam with other areas of Tanzania in any other case simply reached at using air because of the usually bad road network, as well as still forms a crucial import plus export axis for the national Zambia.

The government of China has over the last months made solid commitments to help in the improvement and renovation of the rail line plus rolling stock, offering hope for all the rail users, which along with the financial invest by these two governments, this railway will sooner or later return to complete operations, reduce the length of the journey as well as add the necessary capacity.

6 year Tanzanian school girl summits Mountain Kilimanjaro

A 9 year old school girl in Standard Four in Moshi has attained a lifetime accomplishment by climbing the highest mountain on the African content Mt. Kilimanjaro, claiming a suitable right to be included in the world’s books of records.

This young girl, Idda Baitwa who is a studying at Moshi Airport Primary School, has perhaps been seeing this mountain from a distance each day as it shines beneath shimmering sun on clear days, glowing its magnificence over her county.

She pulled an additional notable accomplishment by climbing to Africa’s Roof Top through the challenging Umbwe-Kibosho route, thus becoming the very first female to climb mountain Kilimanjaro through this route.

This is the amazing story of a brave girl only 9 years of age actually, who tried what the majority of children or perhaps a number of adults wouldn’t imagine doing.

Through doing what most people would consider “impossible”, young Idda has passed on a clear message that there is nothing impossible; it simply needs the determination to make it happen.

The uncommon accomplishment as well helped send a clear message country wide on the necessity for Tanzanians to try their own national tourist attractions, that are readily available as national parks which are filled with wildlife beautiful lakes, nature parks, mountains plus rivers in addition to the legendary Zanzibar spice islands.

It’s at absurd to see people from other countries in thousands coming into this country to visit the various game parks, Mountain Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar islands plus other different tourist attractions while Tanzanians, especially those attractions close to their areas, haven’t been there.

This reminds most of the people of Tanzania of their elementary school history classes of the likes of Rebmans plus Kraffs who long ago discovered Mountain Kilimanjaro as though the occupant Chagga people were very blind not to see it!

For instance there is this particular local driver, that was traveling to Moshi; who yelled in amazement as he saw a shimmering snowy object in the skies right ahead while he was in Mwanga District, pondering what he was exactly seeing.

This was actually the very first time that he saw mountain Kilimanjaro! Endeavors by the Tanzania government to market the tourism abroad of the country needs to be supplemented by an exclusive campaign to “market” Tanzania to the residents of Tanzanians using a strategic publicity campaign to improve domestic tourism.

It’s about time we stopped paying major plan to this and attempt domestic tourism on a rather serious note.

Air Tanzania on Course for Resurgence

Air Tanzania Company Limited – ATCL is recuperating from deep downturn following investments to improve its fleet and raise performance.

Dr Harrison Mwakyembe the Tanzania Minister for Transport, mentioned on Monday that this airline had upgraded its services and is currently flying to Moroni, Mbeya, Bujumbura, Comoro Islands, Arusha, Zanzibar as well as Mwanza.

He mentioned that the airline might entirely recover and have the ability to remain competitive with others as soon as its debts totaling up to 133 billion shillings were cleared. The moment they clear the balance sheet of ATCL, the airline is going to fly high such that no one will stop us.

Dr. Harrison went on to say that ‘Once beaten, twice shy’. This airline owned by the state has accrued a debt of 133 billion shillings   over the couple of years as a result of embezzlement as well as poor administration.

The Transport ministry has well put together a business plan to restore this airline that, amongst others, proposes this debt ought to be absorbed by the Tanzania government to offer the airline a clear begin.

While in parliament a month ago, Dr. Mwakyembe said that properties belonging to ATCL within the country and in foreign countries can’t service this debt. The Tanzania government has by now made it public that it will obtain 6 other new aircrafts as part of its agenda to restore this airline.

These airplanes include 2 Y12E planes made in China, 2 D8 Q400 that are going to be obtained on lease-purchase basis as well as 2 Embraer jets that include an 80 seater ERJ 170 plus a 100 seater ERJ 190.

Mr. Charles Tizeba the Deputy Minister of Transport informed Parliament a week ago that these 2 D8 Q400 aircrafts that each has a carrying capacity of 78 passengers are expected to arrive in the country this very year.

He went on to say that the Embraer jets made by Brazilian aerospace – conglomerate Embraer are going to be obtained using a loan acquired from the Brazilian Development Bank.

Then the 2 Y12E planes which each has a seating capacity of 20 passengers are going to be would be purchase through a special consideration loan obtained from China’s Exim Bank.

Tanzania to build Museum within Ngorongoro Area

Building of the long awaited international standard first “Genuine mankind history” domestic-museum inside the Ngorongoro Conservation Area found in northern section of Tanzania, is to commence early the coming year.

hominid-footprintsThe government of Tanzanian is to finance this project that is estimated to take approximately thirty million dollars for the building of this modern hi-tech museum that is capable of managing its temperature as well as weather conditions so as to preserve the historical footprints as well as display the wonder to visitors.

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority’s public relations manager Mr. Adam Akyoo said that Technical drawings for this planned live hominid footprints museum is going to be completed prior to the finish of this year, to make way for the beginning of this project

This facility is going to be constructed at Laetoli archaeological site at the distant corner of Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This very modern “Jurassic Park” is to have a human-foot shaped housing. At completion, the dome museum is anticipated to lead all the tourist sites within East Africa in global recognition, since the entire world is going to be visiting Laetoli to have a look at the genuine footprints that were made by their ancestors approximately Four million years back.

in 1978, Dr. Mary Leakey Discovered an ancient hominid tracks-way estimated to be 3.6 million years located on locality 8 – site B at Laetoli, revealing immortalized footprints of 3 human beings – a child, woman plus a man who should have stepped onto wet soft volcanic soil that preserved these prints on checking into rocks.

The head of this archaeological site Mr.Curator Godfrey Ole Moita says that Laetoli is the sole place on the planet having this kind of human footprints that were left by “Australopithecus Afarensis,” at Laetoli on volcanic ash, offering strong proof of permanent bipedalism.

In accordance with Ole Moita Australopithecus Afarensis, a human ancestor existed between 2.9 – 3.9 million years back.

Margaret Kaisoy the assistant curator of Laetoli mentioned that the size of the Laetoli ground volcanic plate on which these pre- historic footprints were imprinted; extend to around 30m prior to vanishing underground in the scorching savannah, although scientists think that more prints may be discovered on more digging.

These hominid footprints have already been hidden beneath special layers of rock plus sand ever since 1979 however in 2010, these were partially exposed with the orders of the Tanzanian President Mr. Jakaya Kikwete, who went to this site and directed the Ngorongoro Crater Area Authority to build a unique museum surrounding these prints.

Professor Charles Musiba from U.S., who was responsible for the re-excavation process, explained that the museum is going to be a huge dome which forms its unique weather condition by means of special machinery as well as high technology electronics.

Air Tanzania Stuck with Tsh133 billion Debt

Accrued legacy, as well as current debts with a minimum of 133 bn Tanzania Shillings are a damaging factor for the advancement of this airline was parliament within Dodoma city which is the political capital of Tanzania informed during the week by Deputy Transport Minister, as he answered questions brought up regarding the scenario of ATCL.

At the moment The airline  merely runs 2 planes, a not too long ago acquired Bombardier CRJ200 as well as a Bombardier Q300 turboprop, and also despite promises that other planes will be acquired this hasn’t yet taken place. The minister in addition informed parliament that there were plans to obtain 2 Embraer e-jets of E170 as well as E190 brands along with a minimum of 2 Chinese made Y12’s. however Exactly how government was intending to settle the financial debts wasn’t clarified, spreading uncertainties over the alternative to ultimately look for a good investor yet again, since they would anticipate finding a company that is free of debts to invest their money into and also not be encumbered with older problems like Fastjet found with the purchase of Fly 540 operations within Tanzania.

observers within the Aviation industry also took instant trouble with the statement that ATCL must acquire 2 Chinese made Y12 20 seater aircraft, saying that the more successful DHC 6-400 Twin Otter was an advanced aircraft that has been operating within the region for the last thirty years through previously models and was considered to be considerably better, on the other hand pointing to the Czech made LET 410, as well a 19 seater that was similarly widely used within East Africa. unfortunately we could not obtain any comment from officials at Air Tanzania, which previously has remained silent regarding the extent of legacy as well as current debts sustained as well as about their financial records.

Other air operators expressed their continuing issue that continuous settlements and tax assistance to the loss-making national air carrier angled the playing field and permitted for altered competition, an accusation previously denied by sources in the government however generally considered to be the appropriate evaluation of the Tanzania aviation sector.

Keep watch for more of the latest and breaking news within the aviation business covering the whole of the Central plus Eastern African region as well as the islands in the Indian Ocean.

Congo’s Virunga National Park battling to Survive

Several threats to individual personnel and the Virunga National Park seem to continue unchecked following the attempts to assassinate the Chief Park Warden Emmanuel de Merode this very year in the month of April. As he was driving back to the office from a meeting in Goma with the reported prosecutors, Merode was shot many times, and fortunately he survived and has been able to resume with his duties in the park. It was alleged that he presented a report on the involvement of an oil-company recruiting within the park during that meeting. However, the office of the prosecutor later denied having held this meeting at all. Progressively other reports have been revealed of increased intimidation of staff as well as threats against them plus the lives of their families.

Virunga-National-ParkSOCO, which is the British oil-exploration company in the middle of the conservation union, unsurprisingly released a statement right after that shooting, forswearing and also disassociating themselves from that scenario and disapproving all kinds of corruption however stories emerging on ground reveal a very different truth for those at the forefront of protecting the integrity plus character of the park. TOTAL, a French oil icon, already released a public announcement a year ago that they wouldn’t venture into the Virunga National Park which is habitat to about 200 of the surviving mountain gorillas within the larger Virunga area that includes Uganda plus Rwanda. Brimming with biodiversity, that extends way beyond the mountain gorillas, half of the area of this park is part of Block 5 that was awarded to SOCO for oil drilling by the regime of Kinshasa. This was carried out in complete neglect of the fact that this park is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site that forbids any financial exploration as well as exploitation of any of its resources above and also underground, unless approved by UNESCO under extremely rigorous guidelines as well as continuous supervision.

Underneath the disguise that scientific research is allowed under the rules of UNESCO, SOCO carried out oil prospecting, even though it must have been clear that that clause was intended for genuine scientific research on plant life and animals and not for financial research for example finding prospective oil sources. It’s those exploration groups together with their security information, that are purported to have continuous run-ins with the rangers as well as the local communities, using intimidation plus threats and apparently pick out park rangers recognized to have rigorous ethical standards, which means those who do away with a bribe and don’t have any difficulty in arresting the suspects.

The threats have been expressed through mobile phone from unknown numbers, and goes in conjunction with written messages plus verbal threats, all obviously warning individuals to avoid the interfering with the oil prospecting. An increasing general opinion is that SOCO is going to find it more challenging to disassociate itself from this kind of outright arm-twisting and robust arming of rangers plus the locals, since they are the supreme beneficiaries if the threats work, which at the moment haven’t worked.

Ethiopia claims Tanzania revalidated dedication to Nile Agreement

An Ethiopian official on Monday said that Tanzania had given the assurance to his country that it hadn’t altered its position concerning the 2010 Comprehensive Framework Agreement which was signed by the upstream Nile Basin nations, referred to as Entebbe Agreement.

The director of boundary & trans-boundary rivers at the Ministry of Water, Energy & Irrigation for Ethiopia Fekahmed Negash informed Anadolu Agency that the Ethiopian government got into contact with appropriate authorities within Tanzania, that confirmed that statements made not too long ago by the state minister of foreign affairs don’t represent the official stand of the government of Tanzanian. .

A week ago, Bernard Kamillius Membe the Minister of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation in Tanzania called for an assessment of the 2010 agreement so as to consider the needs of water by Egypt.

Back In 2010, upstream countries Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda as well as Uganda, all signed this Cooperative Framework Agreement controlling the use of the Nile water. Burundi later signed this treaty in the following year of 2011.

The contract was aimed at replacing the treaty signed during the colonial time which gave Egypt plus Sudan the biggest share of the waters of the Nile.

The Minister had said that the government of Tanzania was going to call for a general meeting of all countries in the Nile Basin to assess the 2010 agreement. He had added that this meeting would be actually be attended by the ministers in charge of water as well as the foreign ministers.

Fekahmed said that this isn’t an official statement by the Tanzania Government and they made certain that there isn’t any change of stand.

He went on to say that the foreign affairs minister for Tanzanian appear to be not properly informed of this agreement which he talked about. He referred to the Comprehensive Framework Agreement as merely ‘water sharing’, which actually isn’t.

The distribution of Water among the Nile basin countries has for ages been controlled by a colonial time treaty offering Egypt plus Sudan the biggest share of the waters of the river.

Ethiopia as a country claims that it has never at all acknowledged this old treaty.

Relations between Egypt plus Ethiopia have been damaged because of a multi-billion hydroelectric dam that is currently being constructed by Addis Ababa on the upper reaches of River Nile.

Egypt is concerned that the multi-billion hydroelectric dam currently being constructed by Addis Ababa on River Nile is going to reduce its traditional share of the waters of the Nile.

Stating its desire for advancement, Ethiopia claims that it should construct a number of dams that will generate electricity, to be used locally as well as exported to other countries.

Addis Ababa contends that the brand-new dam is going to benefit downstream countries of Sudan plus Egypt, each of which will be requested to buy the generated electricity.

Ethiopian Airline expecting Dreamliner

Ethiopian Airlines – ET has so far received Seven and yet to acquire three more the most technologically advanced aircraft – Boeing B787 Dreamliner which is the very first airline on the African continent to acquire this ground-breaking new bird as well as the one having the biggest fleet at the moment which by the close of 2014 is going to have as many as 10 of this kind of aircraft.

Boeing-787Tewolde Gebremariam the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines was quoted to have said as he welcomed the new aircraft that Ethiopia being the flagship carrier of Africa has at all times remained at the top with regards to aviation technology on the continent through offering the most advanced aircrafts to its valued clients. He added that they at the moment have the youngest fleet on the Africa having an average age of seven years. In accordance to their fifteen year strategic plan of fast, rewarding as well as sustainable development – Vision 2025, they will carry on expanding and modernizing their fleet so as to continue offering utmost comfort to their clients.

Currently serving about eighty destinations internationally from their main hub at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, this new type of aircraft has played a crucial role in rising the flight frequencies as well as the destinations as the fight for dominance on the African continent goes on. Of late, Ethiopian has been increasing its destinations, with Vienna being among the latest as well as among the 3 Star Alliance members having the geographical advantage of center location, which connects Star members’ traffic through Addis Ababa to other parts of Africa.

On the other hand, beyond the in Kenya, the Kenya Airways across the border in Nairobi, Kenya Airways has long been making progress in working hard to match up the Pan African carrier through creating a remarkable Africa network as well as by including on their destinations.

In contrast to Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways will gradually retire their old B767-300 fleet and as Five others of their Dreamliners come in this year to become listed on “The Great Rift Valley,” and 3 others at the start of the coming 2015, their B767s is going to be taken back to the lessors or sold-off, Ethiopian Airlines, where this a lot more costly to operates and much less appealing type of aircraft will continue to be in service till may be 2018.

When asked about the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of decision, a Kenya aviator Commented saying that he thinks that Ethiopian Airlines should keep those aircrafts flying right after buying some combined winglets to scale back fuel burn. he added that However he particularly thinks that it is to maintain their fleet numbers high so as to serve their broadened network as Kenya Airways brushed aside this temptation and just will replace their old aircrafts with the brand-new B787s. Probably the way stuff has been happening in Kenya this could be the appropriate decision, in hindsight at least, however it puts the 2 strategies up to be compared, and he personally prefers the Kenya Airways decision, since it offers passengers a fleet that is not only younger and even betters but as well as fuel efficient.

Mozambique’s Renamo opposition leader – to run for presidency

Afonso Dhlakama The Renamo opposition leader in Mozambique said last Friday that he plans to run as a presidential candidate come October 2015 presidential election, however he blamed the government forces of blocking him from moving from his hideout within the bush.

Dhlakama, who led the previous Renamo rebel group in the civil war 1975 to 1992 and has over and over again been defeated by the presently in power Frelimo party in upcoming elections, has stayed in a bush-base within the central Sofala province for over one year to flee what he claims to be persecution by the government.

The leader of the Renamo Movement informed reporters on phone that he was encircled by various government forces that have clashed with some of his armed party members a number of times in the past couple of months back.

During a conference call made from his base within the densely forested Gorongosa mountain-district, found over 800 km / 500 miles north of the city of Maputo  Dhlakama said that he is a party leader and for that reason he should be organized

He added that in case he is attacked, he will respond with great force and entirely destroy everything.

Ever Since April the previous year,  the Renamo guerrillas have made erratic raids on military plus police posts in central as well as southern areas of Mozambique. In addition they have ambushed cars on the north-south main highway, murdering so many people, disturbing traffic and even causing cancellations within the tourism sector.


Diplomats based in Maputo say that as the country’s army has fought hard to put down Renamo’s low-level rebellion in largely the rural areas north of Mozambique’s capital, they don’t picture Dhlakama having enough military strength to push the country into a war.

One of the negotiators in the government as well as Minister for Transport Gabriel Muthisse, stated that Dhlakama was at liberty to leave his hideout in the bush and take part in the political process. He added that they will do nothing to him since there isn’t a threat against him.

Afonso Dhlakama who had earlier this very month signed up to vote during the October election, mentioned that he had intentions to run his presidential campaign with the official approval of his party.

Antonio Muchanga the Renamo spokesman informed reporters the National Council of the party supported Dhlakama as the presidential candidate.

Dhlakama required guarantees from the ruling government that his security will be respected, and also an agreement be reached for military members of the Renamo party to be incorporated into the national police as well as army.

Fast Developing Economy

The person who wins the 2015 vote is anticipated to assist bring to realization of major coal plus natural gas investment initiatives which have the possibility to create billions of dollars to this country which twenty years ago was in ruins.

Sustained by foreign investment, the economy of Mozambique is predicted to develop by over 8% this year from the 2013 7%, in accordance with IMF.

Dhlakama explained that he didn’t have any desire for paralyzing the Mozambique economy and that his military forces weren’t blocking foreign companies from exporting or even mining coal.

Ethiopia might delay signing up for WTO to guard service sectors

Ethiopia could delay intentions to be part of the World Trade Organization to be held in 2015 in the event the country is needed to liberalize its firmly governed telecom plus banking industries earlier than it could like, just as the minister of trade said.

Kebede Chane informed lawmakers that the member countries had come up with numerous queries with the government of the Prime Minister Mr. Hailemariam Desalegn, concentrating on the timeframe for beginning the service industry to worldwide competition.

The fast increasing market of Ninety million people has attracted foreign investors coming from Turkey, Sweden plus China to its manufacturing industry. However laws deny external firms admission to areas seen domestically as politically sensitive

Kebede while in parliament said that a number of concerns are being brought up concerning the service industry while referring to the telecom, power plus banking sectors. Kebede added that they are being requested to clarify their timetable with regard to privatizing these industries.

Addis Ababa, with its strong state-interventionist regulations, has one of the fastest developing economies in sub-Saharan Africa; it is in fact the 5th largest.


However it has spurned the open approach of a number of other markets in Africa to defend its infant private industry from international competition and also to keep profits in the country.

It was revealed during this very week that this country – once governed by communists – was pressing the door half closed to foreign investors through providing management of enterprises that are owned by the government while leaving Ethiopia in total control.


Other leading brands are really pressing open this door in sections exposed by the government. Diageo DGE.L a Drinks giant purchased a brewery while Hennes & Mauritz a fashion retailer makes nice garments within Ethiopia. The Trade officials mentioned the previous year that Nestle together with Unilever were both around the corner.

On the other hand, Ethiopia has held on to dominate over its telecoms monopoly as well as kept outsiders out of banking plus retail.

This week a USA management consultancy agency publicized its deal to manage Ethiopia’s recently launched nation owned cash & carry chain, the very first kind of concession within the retail industry.

Kebede added that Addis Ababa was pressurized to expand change to open up its service sectors prior to the conclusion of its present 5 year economic plan which will end in 2015.

He added that they have to seriously think about this issue; presently the country’s economy is still small and it needs so much further development.

The minister quoted China which is Asia’s powerhouse and said that it took fifty years to acknowledge membership into the international trading club.

New rules by WTO adopted back in 2012 lessened the bar for those joining for the least developed nations in the world. They permit members to open-up fewer industries, liberalise less forms of transactions, and simply makes available their markets as the economies grow.

Kebede said that they are currently considering which laws are appropriate for WTO’s rules and which aren’t. They are taking a step each time. Consequently, membership may not be accomplished by 2015.

Malawi listed 5th in Lonely Planet’s Best countries for 2014; what next?

The Republic of Malawi has been termed among the leading countries on the planet for travelers in 2014. This country received the award in the ‘2014 Best in Travel’ by Lonely Planet, the long awaited group of the world’s most well liked destinations as well as experiences for the year 2014.

Malawi positioned 5th on the list provided by Brazil plus Antarctica, however comes before the likes of Seychelles plus Mexico. The book brags about the rich and varied landscapes and also talks about Malawi as the big 5 plus beach-life with no crowds. The country is usually overshadowed by the larger and trendier safari destinations in Africa however with the lure of its spectacular lake that they talked about as ‘the Maldives with no sharks as well as the all inclusive buffets’, perfect beaches plus mountain hikes it’s appropriately getting the spotlight.

The book proceeds to state that International media awareness has been coming in these days, stimulated by the nurtured parks plus reserves, the splendor plus range of the lake as well as the ever-increasing array of lodgings that accommodate budget, midrange and luxury clients.

The Malawi Travel Marketing Consortium is happy with the worldwide attention that this acknowledgement provides. Kelly White the Managing Director with pleasure said that to be acknowledged by Lonely Planet brand, that is read by a huge number of travelers each year, is a huge enhancement for the country. They believe that 2014 is a great year for the country. Also celebrating Fifty years of independence it views investment in brand-new accommodation, fascinating developments in the Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve on the backside of the achievement of the Majete re-stocking project, plus brand-new flight routes into and around Malawi.

Travel experts have forecasted Malawi is going to be on the top of the best safari as well as adventure holidaymaker destinations for vacationers in 2014.


Advice by Lonely Planet is “best reach there soon! This move of a country has until now steered clear of the safari-suited ‘bush plus beach’ masses. You get near to elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards as well as buffalos minus the annoying 4WD scrum that is prevalent in the most widely known parks in Africa.


Kelly White carries on to say that Malawi is a developing tourism force to be considered. He added that their current marketing will aid the trade and then draw upon the top notch wildlife experiences, groundbreaking conservation efforts, beautiful beaches, thrilling water-sports, beautiful landscapes, interesting culture, amazing people, well known lake as well as peaceful ‘bare foot’ high end appeal, which makes it an attractive holiday destination for several world travelers.

This is the ninth edition of Lonely Planet yearly travel release. The destinations highlighted in this book are chosen for a number reasons; maybe there’s something special happening that year, that there is been new development plus so much hype concerning the place, or that we believe it’s up-coming and recommend that you visit just before large masses do. The book as well includes Seventeen motivational travel lists, like the most cost effective destinations for the next year, the best destinations to be fit as well as the best destination to try something totally new. Choosing what to incorporate in the Best in Travel edition by Lonely Planet is crucial process that involves authors, the online community as well as editors.

Voting for Routes Africa Awards now Open

Voting for the 4th regional heat of 2014 Routes Marketing Awards is currently open, and also airlines coming from inside the African region are now being inspired to take into account the effective use of the marketing activities by a destination or the airport during the past twelve months while selecting who should be nominated.

Winners of these awards, that acknowledge the marketing performance of the different African airports, are going to be announced in the Routes Africa Networking Evening that is going to be held on 23rd of June; it will be a Monday, at the Victoria Falls.

The once a year Routes Marketing Awards are well known as the Aviation industry’s most esteemed awards since they are not only voted for bust also judged by the community of airline network planning. They offer the airline community an opportunity to have their choice regarding which tourism authority and airport they feel offers the best all round marketing services for them no matter if it pertains to their specific relationship, successful results, data and info provision or innovative strategies to set up new or even maintain and also develop the existing routes.

All these significantly desired awards are a good way for the winning the airports to possess a reputable recognition that they can talk about with pride to their clients plus other stakeholders in the industry. Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro International Airport was declared as the winner of the 2013 African heat and during her speech the Business Development Manager of Kilimanjaro Airport’s Development Company Christine Mwakatobe mentioned that his has been among the most remarkable evenings for them at Kilimanjaro International Airport to actually win this great award. She went on to thank all of the different airlines that serve this airport for actually voting for them in this process and pledged the airlines commitment that they will continue working together with all their partners. She appreciated them for trusting this airport and even believing in it and giving it this glorious opportunity to demonstrate to the rest of the African continent what they are doing at Kilimanjaro International Airport.

The 2014 awards are going to be divided into 3 categories as listed below:

– More than Four Million Passengers

– Less than Four Million Passengers

– Best Destination Marketing Campaign

Then the overall winner of the 2014 Routes Africa Marketing Awards will be instantly shortlisted, together with the winners of the various other regional heats going on in the year at the other Routes events, for these World Routes Marketing Awards that ate going to be publicized in the month of September in Chicago.

Morocco puts hand on World Travel Awards Grand Final deal

Morocco has been announced as host for the 2014, 2015 as well as 2016 World Travel Awards Grand Final currently coming after the signing of a 3 year hosting contract during the ceremony that was hosted at the Arabian Travel Market.
This announcement was made during a press conference that was jointly hosted by Graham Cooke the President of World Travel Awards, His Excellency Dr. Lahcen Haddad the Minister of Tourism for Morocco as well as the Innovate Marketing Solutions’ chairperson Mohammed Arkobi.
Graham Cooke the President of World Travel Awards in his address at this event said that this is an important day for the World Travel Awards as well as the tourism sector of Morocco.
He added that Morocco is the perfect destination for the World Travel Awards; rapidly developing to become the region’s number one tourism destination.
President Cooke pointed out that there is a lot to offer, ranging from the beautiful beaches in Agadir, to the magnificence of the Atlas Mountains as well as the cosmopolitan attractive downtown Rabat.
This grand event will be held in the stunning Marrakech city later on this very year.
Debating about the function of Innovate Marketing Solutions in acquiring the contract, Graham Cooke went on to say that they look forward to improving their relationship with the Innovate Marketing Solutions, in the next months before the event.
As representatives of the World Travel Awards their duty in discussing the agreement with tourism authorities of Morocco has been critical.
Acquiring hosting rights for this Grand Final of World Travel Awards is precisely the latest coup for the republic of Morocco that has been in position to utilize its reputation as one of Africa’s most politically stable places within the region to greatly boost its tourism revenue over the recent times.

As Marrakesh has been one of the must-see destinations for many years, the capital Rabat, Fez plus Meknez are today joining this city on the international level.
His Excellency Dr. Lahcen Haddad went on to say that Morocco is a charming, hospitable country full of cultural wealth, mystery plus wonder.
It is among the best tourist destinations in northern Africa, its dusty desert, the snow covered Atlas Mountains, the medieval old towns as well as the pristine beaches continue to fascinate and attract visitors.
Hosting the Grand Final of the World Travel Awards is going to be a defining event in increasing the awareness of the Republic of Morocco among the most influential leaders in the industries of hospitality plus travel.
The Innovate Marketing Solutions’ chairman Dr. Mohammed Arkobi said that they are glad to be able to hold the grand finale of WTA in the Republic of morocco.
He went on to say that they strongly believe that morocco is going to be among the leading twenty tourist destinations on the planet.
He added that the believe in the hospitality as well as the ability of the country
World Travel Awards was launched in 1993 to recognize, reward as well as celebrate excellence all over the different departments in the ministry of tourism.
At present, the WTA brand is internationally recognized as the greatest hallmark of top quality, with the winners establishing the standard to which others aim.

World Travel Market Africa, Safaris and Tours

The first World Travel Market (WTM) Africa which ended on 3rd May at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC), providing a remarkable economic effect on the tourism industry of the continent, with Five hundred certified buyers participating with 5,386 earlier scheduled prearranged visits between certified buyers as well as exhibitors recorded at the mercy of an unbiased ABC Audit.

Within the 2 days of this event, about 4,500 travel plus tourism experts utilized authentic business possibilities and involved in worthwhile business conversations, attained new contacts, shared ideas, discussed best practice as well as learned plus networked in a brand new surroundings.

Suppliers plus buyers have lauded this event as a great chance for the business development of Africa, knowledge improvement plus distinctive networking within the region however with international importance.

Responses from buyers plus exhibitors likewise has been extremely positive, stating that Polly Magraw the Director of WTM Africa Exhibition. Polly added that they are overjoyed by the positive reactions they had heard from the suppliers as well as buyers. The Exhibitors have also reported how amazed they were with the high quality buyers.

Henk Graaff said that Local exhibitor, SW-Africa was subjected to several prospective clients they had not met before, and that their diary has been relatively full and they have noticed many new faces.

Mike Richardson of Big Game Parks Swaziland concurs and says that The quality of buyers was outstanding. WTM Africa was a very productive event. The quality of people they have seen appears to have been the decision-maker who in fact asked properly researched questions. it is really inspiring for Swaziland as well as African safari tours.

Marianne Strydom a member of the Buyers Club from XL Boland lauded the first event for its amazing organization. She added that Reed together with Thebe Reed were extremely helpful and incredibly organized. Their product displayed totally exceeded what they had expected and they made a number of helpful contacts. She particularly loved the technology convention sessions.


WTM Africa was elegant and professional, added Ian Harris of Coffeebeans Routes. He went on to say that The show was very rejuvenating from a picture point of view. He had enjoyed that it’s concentration and not mind-boggling, however understand that it’s likely to develop.


Polly also added that The Speed Networking program held on the two days was profoundly successful and this conference program is extremely popular, and in the majority of the sessions there was simply standing room, while the digital technology periods were specifically nicely attended.


Travel technology showcased remarkably on the show’s schedule throughout the two days, with a number of conference sessions focused on checking out the digital trends plus challenges, such as the mobile revolution within tourism plus the increasing purpose of travel bloggers as well as travelers in promoting tourism destinations plus products.


An additional area that was focused on was Environmental Responsibility plus Responsible Tourism, top on the agenda of WTM Africa that culminated in the very first Responsible Tourism Speed Marketing occasion held in South Africa. Heidi Keyser the Advisor of International Sustainable Tourism who coordinated this groundbreaking event said that WTM Africa has durability as its foundation so this was an ideal event for Responsible Tourism product to show off itself.


Polly adds that this first event wouldn’t have been achievable without the commitment and support of Wesgro, Cape Town as well as the CTICC. We are actually grateful for their assistance and would like to extend our appreciation to them for their outstanding hospitality and for providing such a stunning background for the first WTM Africa; without a doubt we will return. 

The Date for WTM Africa is 15th to 17th April, 2015

Kenya Still Safe, Hoteliers

Hoteliers reassure tourists that the coast of Kenya is still safe

Hoteliers within Mombasa have reassured tourists that there is sufficient security at different destinations along the Kenyan Coast.

But, they raised some concern over the fighting that has shaken some areas in Mombasa.

The Chairman of Mombasa and Coast Tourist Association (Mcta) Mr. Mohamed Hersi said that some hotels have had reservations for conferences put off or even postponed because of the prevailing battles between the Muslim revolutionary youths and the Kenyan police.

Hersi who also doubles as Heritage Group of Hotels’ Chief Executive Officer further said that the eruptions of violence that have been seen at port city do threaten the tourism sector; so he called upon government them sort-out this mess harmoniously and immediately

Kenya as a Destination

He on the other hand was pleased that resorts such as Voyager Beach Hotel have continued to be optimistic due to arrivals of repeater guests. He pointed out that such guest know well Kenya as a destination and have continues to support the country by repeatedily  coming for holidays here.

The Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers (Kahc) said that the uprisings that have shaken Mombasa are mostly concentrated in a couple residential areas in the Central Business District (CBD).

Sam Ikwaye the Executive officer of Kahc, said that guests hardly frequent the destinations within the areas that are presently experiencing fighting.

The Organizers of an international financial workshop by the Global Association of Deposit Insurers which was scheduled to take place in one of the leading resorts in Mombasa reportedly put on hold t his meeting due to security concerns.

Zimbabwe Safari Vehicles To Pay Import Duty

on Friday, an official notification revealed that  The government has renewed the revocation of duty on all vehicles that are imported by the different safari operators following it being scrapped over allegations of abuse.

In accordance with the Government Gazette which was released on Friday This new measure, became effective from 1st January. The section of legislation was first gazetted back in 2012 prior to being revoked temporarily over claims of abuse by a number of operators.

the statutory instrument in part read that The finance and Economic Development minister of in consultation with the Tourism and Hospitality sector minister shall consent to a revocation of tax with respect of the particular motor vehicles for distinctive use in safari business by the tour operators who are registered with the Tourism Authority as well as the Safari Operators Association of the Republic of Zimbabwe

A tour operator will, when effecting entrance on importation, or on moving from bond a motor vehicle within a suspension, submit to the appropriate bill of entry, an affirmation signed by her/him, to the effect that this described motor vehicle is to be exclusively used for the business of the safari operator.

This safari industry has Sixty five large operators with numerous tourists interested in the big 5 animals:  elephants, lions, leopards, buffalos as well as rhinoceros. There are Two hundred and twenty registered mid-sized operators as well as more than 1000 small safari operators.

The large operators make up over 7 percent of the total revenues.

The industry revenue was about 20 % to $65 million last year driven by an increase in tourists. In 2012 the number of tourists was about 2 million however in 2013 it decreased to 1.8 million.

Seychelles 2014 Carnival

Alain St.Ange the state Minister for Tourism and Culture in Seychelles announced the countdown to the 2014 Carnival while close to the La Plaine St. Andre, which is among the most beautiful colonial houses in Seychelles.

Minister Alain added that the Seychelles Carnival International de Victoria is yet to begin. It is only a couple of weeks away. The island and the whole world is in for a great surprise. This 4th edition of the Carnaval International de Victoria is for the first time going to see Air Seychelles or Etihad as its associate airline. The Minister St.Ange express gratitude to Air Seychelles for its partnerships and its committed contributions to the success of this very year’s edition of this event which is currently known as an exclusive “Carnival of all Carnivals.

The Minister added that Without your assistance, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture as well as the Seychelles Tourism Board won’t be able to hold this significant event. In case Seychelles is here, it’s mainly because of companies like this which understood in what the government is doing.

Amid numerous friends of this carnival, performers, sponsors as well as artists, the Minister further said that in case Seychelles wanted a really good event like this carnival, all it required were committed partners together with the Seychelles Tourism Board plus the Ministry of Tourism and Culture. The minister used this opportunity to advise the local business society to organize their own carnival-floats which will exhibit their businesses to the people of Seychelles as well as the rest of the world.

Minister Alain appealed to the local traders to use this carnival as a stage to exhibit their business, since The carnival just as the previous year will attract a very large media coverage, the biggest ever had on the Seychelles shores – so local businessmen should use the presence on the international media here to exhibit their businesses to the rest of the world.

This 2014, the Seychelles Tourism Board is working with several of the renowned as well as reputable media houses to make sure that there is enough coverage of this event referred to as the “Carnival of all Carnivals.” Seychelles Tourism Board has verified that journalists coming from different parts of the world as well as from the region will travel to Seychelles to have a live capture of this amazing moment which will be a 3 days carnival party. It is as well verified that the carnival delegations, plus those who refer to themselves as key revelers that follow these thrilling events wherever they are staged, have also confirmed that they will be in Seychelles. He also informed us that the list of delegations that have confirmed coming to this carnival is really long. Nearly the finest as well as the most renowned carnivals will be coming together this year, along with cultural troupes originating from other countries that are interested in promoting their countries through their culture; as a consequence their people have also confirmed their presence. Minister St.Ange added that more nations from the association of Nations are yet to confirm their arrival days and that they are as well sending their local cultural troupes to the Seychelles carnival in to promote their visibility as tourism destinations

In addition, the Minister retold on the developing partnership this Carnaval International de Victoria has created among the Community of Nations.

the Minister added that the participation from the mainland countries of Africa has increased. They will have most of the countries marketing the Big Five notion in the carnival. Also South Africa is to make its very first presence in this carnival as a co-host nation. Having South Africa involved, Seychelles, the Vanilla Islands of La Reunion, Mayotte plus Madagascar have a strong partner maligning them, so they are prepared to move this carnival forward.

the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Seychelles Tourism Board Nathalie Didon, has stressed out the significance of this carnival delegations meeting to Seychelles to commemorate this year’s edition of this event. She expressed here gratitude to the sponsors who had committed themselves to the 2014  Carnaval International de Victoria and the outstanding dedication of all the staff of Seychelles Tourism Board who continuously are working to put this carnival together.

The launch of the countdown to Seychelles’ Carnaval International de Victoria took place amid Friends of this Carnival plus the members of Seychelles Tourism Board. The Official sponsors of this event are: Air Seychelles or Etihad, Hunt Deltel, Airtel Telecommunication, Seychelles Petroleum Company (Seypec) and Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA), have all pledged their great support for this event. The thrilling moment of this launching was the declaration of the winner of the song contest for this 2014 Carnaval International de Victoria. 3rd position was to KJ plus Extra with the song – the “Carnaval narive,” in 2nd position was to George Payet with the song “Carnaval ile vanilla,” and then Travis Julienne in first place and won the prize of R35000 with the song “Ole Ola, en sel lavwa.”

Kenya Tourism Board To Market in South Africa

As tourism come from the customary core markets especially the Kenyan coast continue to be below expected values the Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) increased marketing efforts throughout Africa, especially in destinations in which Kenya Airways is operating.

The Kenya Tourist Board has verified that a joint marketing campaign for Kenya within South Africa has been in close collaboration with Kenya Airways. From inside East Africa, Uganda offers the majority of visitors into Kenya however on the broader continent it is South Africa, with only a 4 hours flight from the city of Johannesburg.

Other markets that have been identified by KTB for development are Nigeria plus other wealthy countries in Western Africa, in which Kenya Airways operates daily.

The tourism sector, following one year of financial deficiency for KTB and the unending efforts of the country in promoting tourism, is currently waiting for the budget to be read in March, as figures will then be published of how much has been allocated in the tourism funding for the financial year of 2014 – 15 and whether Phyllis Kandie the cabinet secretary can actually deliver on the promises which he made to the industry regarding increasing expenditure on marketing tourism.

Essential Africa tourist draw obtains a day in Court

Information has emerged from the tourist city of Arusha that East African Court earlier this very week heard the ultimate submissions from the government of Tanzania and the plaintiffs who are looking to acquire a permanent injunction of the building the Serengeti highway. Resistance for the main road disagree that the road puts a risk to disrupt the yearly wildebeest migration between the famous Serengeti to the large Masai Mara.

The main rival party -Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW) represented by lawful counsel S.K. Mbalelo, submitted that: “the action of constructing the road across the National Park is unlawful and infringes Articles 114 1 (a), 5 3 (c), 112 1 (e) and 8 1 (c), of the accord for the organization of the East African Community.” He further said the road will create negative effect which will badly affect the entire eco-system as well as the environment which the court has authority to charm the argument.

He further stated that this road will be a potential danger to the wildlife since it will disturb their movements during the migration.

The Republic of Tanzania, was represented by Malata Gabriel the Principal State Attorney, who contradicted the plaintiff’s application, pointing out several mitigating factors, including that the cited protocol on environment plus natural resources wasn’t yet ratified, although not proclaiming that the explanation for that fact is the setbacks brought on by the government of Tanzania to create lawful loopholes as well as escape opportunities.

The court informed the 2 parties that this decision is going to be publicized on notice, even though no period of time was presented.

5 years of 4 Seasons Resort Seychelles

One week of serious staff activities at the Four Seasons Resort in Seychelles matured to a climax  last weekend with activities to mark the grand anniversary of the beginning of the resort on the island of Seychelles back in February 2009.

The day started with fun, various games as well as lots of sugar, as a total of 14 children of five years from the local nearby Baie Lazare Primary School visited the resort in the morning. These kids played and also learned as they spent some time with the Little Tortoises in the clubhouse with the team of the resort as they sang, danced, and played with tortoises, and participated in marine education actions with the conservation partner – WiseOceans. Following that, wonder met these kid’s faces when they entered a room almost completely covered in candy plus chocolate. At the end of touring the chocolate room, they began working as they decorated muffins with chocolates.

In the afternoon it was time to recognize the great team of employees at the Resort. The 64 personnel that had been hired since the resort’s opening had afternoon tea, before being awarded the five -year certificates plus gift which were presented by Mr Alain St.Ange the Minister for Tourism and Culture in Seychelles, and then they took photos as they cut the cake.

Addressing his colleagues, the General Manager of the Resort Mr Alex Porteous said that it is because of the staff’s great passion and undivided dedication that this Resort has reached the success of which it prides today. He called them the trailblazers.

He continued praising them and said that they have set the standard for all their colleagues who will come after. He thanked them for welcoming their fellow new staff as well as the other guests who demonstrated to them all the Four Season Golden Rule which is to treat others as you wish to be treated.

He said that they have come a really long way ever since 6th February in 2009.

He added that through the recent years, the resort has received various awards plus recognition from several organs like Tripadvisor, Forbes as well as Conde Nast Traveller, and in only one year all these are evidence to their hard work, devotion and talent as they work.

The Minister for Tourism who was escorted by the Permanent Secretary for Tourism Anne Lafortune, to the awarding of certificates in his address said that the retaining of the staff remains an important role in the success of the resort’s management team.

One third of the entire staff at Four Seasons Resort Seychelles has been here ever since the resort was opened in 2009. These devoted employees have turned out to be the backbone of this resort and must feel extremely proud of the fact that their resort has been recognized on the top among the 4 Seasons Group. the Seychelles Tourism Board together with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture are going to continue to operate closely with this resort, just as they do with all establishments that have been licensed in tourism.

The minister encouraged them to continue being united in the overall efforts to maintain the tourism industry of this great island on the sturdy footing the industry is on. He also congratulated the 64 staff members on this fifth Resort birthday at the resort

Kenya Tourist Board on promotional quest within the Gulf

The Kenya Tourist Board (KTB) is currently on a prolonged marketing assignment within the Gulf, finishing visits to Abu Dhabi as well as Dubai and on the weekend visiting Doha Qatar’s capital.

The Gulf region is of increasing significance for Kenya because the bigger number of wealthy expatriates working within the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia as well as Qatar, offer an important attraction of potential clients, other than the citizens of the countries interested in escaping the scotching summer heat and take pleasure in the beautiful beaches of Kenyan coast or visit the safari game parks. The UAE is connected to Kenya from Sharjah, Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi by Etihad, Kenya Airways, Air Arabia, Emirates, Kenya Airways, and RwandAir that has traffic privileges in Mombasa as well as Dubai in their flights from Rwanda’s capital Kigali. Also Saudia is serving into Nairobi from Jeddah plus Riyadh, Oman Air connecting from Muscat and then Qatar Airways linking from Doha, all offering quick connections at normally amazing special airfares. KTB has together with their marketing mission recently released a media statement that included some of the highlights below.

UAE, a rich ground for the tourism products of Kenya offering

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) carries on with its one week camp within the GCC countries in search of a share of the outgoing travelers within this region. KTB throughout the past Two days reached more than One hundred Destination Marketing Companies (DMC) in Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi with an aim of increasing information about Kenya and creating direct contacts with the various travel trade companies associated with KTB.

Abu Dhabi which possessed a sizable town from DMCs is the heart of the UAE’s oil plus gas industry, hence a wealthy city in which travelers are eager to enjoy luxury as well as special products as provided by Kenya. KTB verifies that the emphasis has been on marketing luxury areas of Kenya to the actual trade to a populace whose extra income is considerably high. Within Dubai, where the most of travels into Kenya in this region begin, the people here are more knowledgeable about Kenya’s tourism products however KTB was willing to focus on the new aspects in this trade. To this point, Dubai has in the past Three years shown the biggest percentage in progress with figures doubling during the past 24 months.

KTB in addition had a chance to present to select media within the region a review of Kenya with particular concentration on tourism. KTB affirmed that Kenya is dedicated to safeguard her visitors and also appreciated the assistance of media within the region through continued coverage on the Republic of Kenya particularly through sports activities such as the latest Dubai Sevens and a number of documentaries plus features on Kenya that had raised Kenya to the international map.

talking to the DMCs from a city Hotel within Abu Dhabi, H.E Mohammed Gello the Ambassador Kenya  to the UAE, praised the Ministry of East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism which through KTB was searching for the UAE clients. He advised KTB to continuously maintain profile within the region as other rivaling destinations have discovered this same market. He pointed out special places within Kenya such as Nyeri where Queen Elizabeth was declared queen as well as where the legendary Baden Powell leader of the Scouts movement was buried as part of the untold stories of Kenya emphasizing the need to promote the other products besides the wildlife and beautiful beach. the Ambassador also mentioned the connection of Kenya with UAE as running back to many year through the coastal relationship however had been solidified recently through opening of foreign mission headquarters in these two nations.

Nigeria to benefit from Kenya’s cultural tourism experience

Nigeria is ready to scale with Kenya on handicrafts and cultural tourism to enhance her number of tourists.

In accordance with Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), Nigeria’s Cross River State is interested in learning from the cultural tourism product of Kenya that has turned into a pulling factor for numerous tourists aside from wildlife and beach safaris.

A press release from the Tourism board cited the Director of Culture in the Cross River State capital Calabar Dr Mary Teresa Agba as stating that the country has so much to learn from the Republic of Kenya as this city seeks to brand-name itself as one of the cultural destinations.

Agba added that other than the wildlife plus the beach safari for which Kenya is best known for, they are really interested in learning ways of developing as well as repackaging culture as a tourist product and also embrace sustainable tourism through the handicraft business. She added that empowering the local communities through these handicrafts was a means of guaranteeing sustainability and also embracing Eco-tourism methods that is turning out to be popular.

She added that they are aware of enthusiasm of Kenya towards eco-tourism through offering communities priorities in aspects like community-made merchandise and handicrafts, among more opportunities which have a direct impact on local communities in which tourism is conducted carried out.

The Calabar festival

Calabar city is one of the tourism centers in Nigeria that attracts more than 500 thousand million tourists each year especially during the well-known Calabar Festival which normally happens between the months of November and December.

The festival displays the different cultures including marriage, dance , cuisine as well as costume.

670 tourists on the US cruise ship reach Kenya

A lavish cruise ship owned by the US returned to Mombasa port in less than one month right after it harbored on Boxing Day in 2013.

This ship called MS Nautica, on a voyage on the Indian Ocean docked yesterday early morning with six hundred and seventy passengers coming from eighteen different countries and the majority of these were Americans.

The vessel had reached from Zanzibar an island on the Indian Ocean island and was timetabled to sail from Mombasa to Mahe, Seychelles, to proceed with the cruise on the Indian Ocean.

Disembarking tourists removed in tour vans plus buses to the impressive Tsavo East National Park, where nearly 250 passengers were slated to have a nice lunch at the beautiful Ashnil Aruba Lodge in Shimba Hills Game Reserve, while some proceeded for a tour in the town of Mombasa.

Stakeholders in this multi-billion tourism industry called the return of this ship as a ‘sign of confidence in Kenya as a destination’.

Paul Kurgat the Marketing and sales Manager of Ashnil Group of Hotels  said that  following the restored sea patrols by the internations navies and the Kenya Defence Forces – KDF, the waters of the Indian Ocean are now safe from any piracy assaults.

Kurgat said that the arrival of this ship serves to enhance small numbers in hotel lodging. We are optimistic that in the future, cruise ships are going to be docking for additional harbour days.

UNWTO warns On Global Tourism Challenges

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has pointed out problems to be tackled by the international tourism sector so as progressing among the world’s top economic activities and among the few industries producing good news across the planet at ITB Berlin – Germany.

Kenya is one of the numerous countries from the African continent participating at the international tourism trade-fair with the Cabinet Secretary for East African Affairs, Tourism plus Commerce Ms Phylis Kandie to lead the delegation from Kenya.

while speaking at the opening of the 2014 ITB, Taleb Rifai  the UNWTO Secretary General said that tourism has turned out among the fastest developing economic industries, one that drives international development, creates countless jobs, exports plus investments and even changes lives.

Positive expectations

Mr Rifai said that to ensure that our industry continues to be competitive, we ought to tackle the various problems that we have numerous challenges that we have looked at as priorities at the UNWTO, dedicated to convert these into 5 key opportunities.

On a plan level, UNWTO’s communication to this 2014 ITB underscores the necessity to enhance travel facilitation, given that nearly two-thirds of the total world  population are needed to acquire a visa prior to their departure.

Rifai also said that Air connectivity is an extra important area, taking into consideration the obvious linkages between flight handling plus tourism, as well as the reality that more than 50 % of the international tourists in the world arrive at their tourist destination by flight, although numerous countries up to date have sketchy policies between these two industries.


He also added that UNWTO is interested in seeing balanced taxation procedures on tourism.

This necessitates tourism to turn into a national strategy and concern rather than a sectoral one. He also said that cross-cutting government procedures as well as public-private partnerships are the required precursor to all significant tourism advancement.


In addition, he said  that there is a chance to generate new and inventive coalitions for the development of tourism and forms of co-operation that take hold of the tourism private and  public sectors.

He added that It must as well embrace the lawmakers plus other players originating from areas like culture, technology, gastronomy and arts. The opening address made by the UNWTO Secretary General at the ITB 2014 that alongside development is a lot of responsibility.

He concluded that with the economic advancement, job creation as well as development opportunities which tourism brings alongside the overwhelming concern of sustainability.

Recognized for its concentration on travel-technology products year after year, ITB records approximately 170 exhibitors from across the planet this year to demonstrate their technology related services plus product inventions in the travel and leisure industry, while Thirty new exhibitors are going to be present for the very first time at this event.

In the mean time, this 2014 ITB Berlin fair additionally sees powerful development in segments of Responsible Tourism, Youth Travel as well as Adventure Travel and 130 exhibitors coming from 35 countries are all represented.

Kenya focuses on the tourism market in South Korea

The Kenya Tourist Board – KTB which is the leading tourism marketer for Kenya has extended its drive to South Korea to persuade tourists as it receives even more tourists from its upcoming markets.

The KTBoard is leading 8 companies on a city road show for 2 day that is 26th and 27th February in Busan as well as Seoul.

Muriithi Ndegwa the Managing Director of KTB said that this country as a tourist destination is moving on its latest upgrade as the best safari destination in the World as was voted during the World Travel Awards –WTA; to showcase its tourism.

He added that the road show is going to offer a business networking platform for the trade between Korea and Kenya so as to boost penetration, knowledge and distribution of the different tourism products offered by Kenya.

Ndegwa said that Kenya has shown an outstanding growth from this Korean market in the last couple of years with an increase of 28% recorded registered in 2012, making 9,422 arrivals in comparison to the 7351 tourists who were registered in 2011

He also mentioned that the start up of Korean Air serving into Kenya 2 times every week has also added momentum to the rise of this Korean market.

Mr. Ndegwa went ahead to say that they are also increasing the number of marketing strategies for this market.

He mentioned that since Korea is the fourth largest economy in the whole of Asia, it has the potential to enhance the number of tourists visiting Kenya.

The minister pointed out that Korea is as well joining the association of upcoming markets that the country is devoted to and KTB has focused a lot of effort to attract even more tourists. As part of the efforts to increase the number of tourists, Kenya is as well escalating her marketing activities in upcoming markets like the Middle East plus China.

In the meantime, the Kenya Tourist Board carries on to seriously market golf as one of the main tourism products and is now taking part in the Rhine Golf Fair held in Germany.

This Rhine Golf Exhibition held in Dusseldorf is among the biggest golf fairs in the whole of Germany, to be held in 2014 starting 21st to 23rd February. 1800 lovers of golf are expected to attend this  3 day occasion which is going to be attended as well by exhibitors coming from 26 various nations.

KTB is going to use this opportunity to display the golf products of Kenya so as to woo GolfculTour a golf tour operator as well as Leisure Lodge Resort the number one golf hotels on the South Coast.

Climbing Kilimanjaro For Diplomatic Relationships

To honor the 50th Anniversary of great Diplomatic relations between China and the Republic of Tanzania, a group of sixty trekkers from the two countries are now climbing Mountain. Kilimanjaro up to the Uhuru summit.

This ‘Diplomatic climb’ which will use the Marangu route, started in the middle of this week and it is led by Liu Dong China’s ambassador to Tanzania, and Charles Sanga the chairperson of Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) of directors, who is as well the former Ambassador of Tanzania to China.

The voyage was officially flagged-off by Dr. Ibrahim Msengi the District Commissioner of Moshi, on behalf of Leonidas Gama the Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner.

In his remarks as he flagged off this expedition he said that the authorities within the Kilimanjaro area greatly appreciate the part played by the Republic of China in the economic, political, cultural as well as social sphere within Tanzania.

He further stated that this is a historical and fundamental voyage; the diplomatic relations between Chinese and Tanzanians have been pretty so this mountain climb is going to in fact tighten these ties.  People of China and Tanzania have been very good and this climb is further going to tighten these ties.

Dr. Msengi used this opportunity to call upon the trekkers to make public Tanzania’s tourism sites back in their home country saying that the country has numerous tourist attractions which have won international acclamation so for that reason they should publicize them back in the Asian countries.
The Chinese Counselor said that the Chinese tourists were very thrilled to be a part of this historic voyage.

He added that this expedition is very important and that they are really overjoyed to be on it. This unforgettable trip will make stronger the diplomatic relationships between the two countries.
Erastus Lufungulo the Chief Park Warden of the Mt Kilimanjaro National Park (KINAPA), was hopeful that this group is going to promote Tanzania to rest of Asia.

He said that during the peak tourism season of 2006 – 07 the total number of tourists coming from China that climbed Mountain Kilimanjaro was just 46, however in 2012 – 13, this number shot up to 814 in the tourism season, and they expect more tourists after this historical trek.

Tanzania’s relations with China have a really long history, since they began many years just after Tanzania had gained independence when the father of the country Mwalimu Julius Nyerere made a tour in China in the year 1963.