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Waza National Park

This Cameroon National Park is also a UNESCO bio-sphere located in northern area of Cameroon. It was established in 1934 as a forest reserve but in 1968, it became a fully pledge national park and today stretching to nearly 1.700 square kilometers The vegetation in the park is majorly acacia forest and open savannah covering […]

Benoue National Park

Benoue National park is located in the northern region of Cameroon. It covers 1800 square kilometers and is a designated UNESCO Bio-sphere reserve on the banks of Benoue River from which it gets its name. Benoue River meanders more than 100km into the forest and forming an eastern border to the park. This Cameroon national […]

Cameroon National Park and Reserves

Cameroon has more than 10 National Parks and other 8 nature reserves that serve to protect and conserve the wealth of Mother Nature in this densely forest central Africa habitat. Some of the most popular national parks include Waza National park, Korup National Park, Benoue National park and Lobeke National park which is particularly famous […]

Korup National Park

Korup Cameroon National Park is located in the south western province near the border with Nigeria between the towns of Eyumojock and Mundemba. The park occupies nearly 1,260sq km most of it under Korup forest gallery.  There are a few rivers crisscrossing in the forest Korup forest This rain forest is one of the oldest […]

Lobeke National Park

The Lobéké National Park is a gorilla protected region in Cameroon, known for several western lowland gorillas in Africa that live in the dense forest s of the Congo River basin in southern Cameroon. This Cameroon Park is bordered by Boumba National Park in the North West and Sangha River in east which separates Cameroon […]

Cameroon Travel Guide

Visit Cameroon on an African safari and you will not even for a moment be disappointed. Cameroon is from West Africa bordering Nigeria to the west, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon to the south, Republic of Congo to the south east and Central Africa republic to the east. Cameroon Facts Although it is not the largest […]

Cameroon Hotels and Accommodation Guide

Hotels and accommodation in Cameroon come in a variety of options ranging from five star luxury hotels, business class hotels, standard hotels, guesthouses, bed and breakfast, holiday inns and self catering apartments among other accommodation options. Cameroon is an Africa safari country and believe me it has an amazing tourism industry, with a full package […]

Flights to Cameroon

Cameroon is taken to have the best flight services due to the fact that they have two international airports. Yaounde is the capital city with an international airport called Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport (NSI) a few metres from the city centre. Yaounde Cameroon flights Cameroon Airways has Cameroon flights from Yaoundé International Airport to all […]

cameroon birding

Bird watching in Cameroon

Located in the dense forested area of central Africa, Cameroon boasts a diversity of biotopes ranging from the mangroves, coastal lowland jungles, montane forests in the North West and vast savannah plateau in the northern region. An eco-system as rich is home to an enormous range of avifauna.  As record of more than 900 species […]

Douala Cameroon

Douala is one of the most important towns in Cameroon. It is actually the economic capital of Cameroon and also serves as the main entrance into the country through Douala International airport and sea port at the Atlantic coast. Douala boosts nearly 75% of Cameroon’s industries thus attractions a growing population of 2m people. The […]