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Global Bush Travel & Tourism Company Gabon   Cameroon   Chad (+237) 237 233 47 70 00 (+237) 677 24 66 24 [email protected] Chad is a small country in North Africa, lying mostly under desert for the upper north but to the south, there is some savannah and green vegetation. Many Tourists don’t visit Chad and […]

Manda National Park Chad

Manda National park is located in southern Chad near the town of Sarh and bordered. Chari River to the east and to the south west is Sarh-Ndjamena road. The park occupies more than 113,000hac and was established in 1965, prior being only a faunal reserve since 1953 The vegetation in the park is dense woodlands, […]

Ennedi Desert Chad

The upper part of Chad is covered by a big part of the Sahara Desert which is known as the Borkou-Ennedi-Tibesti Region. In the northeast is the Ennedi Plateau,one third of this region covered under the Ennedi desert. Even though is sounds harsh and hostile place to be, Ennedi desert is a beautiful place to […]

Zakouma National Park Chad

Zakouma National Park is a national park, located between Sarh and Am Timan, in the south of Chad. Zakouma is one of the most famous and well visited national parks in Chad because of its royal big elephant concentration and other attractions. Zakouma is a significant animal habitat in chad Africa as well as for […]

Chad Flights

Chad is one of the countries neglected by African safari travellers and tourists although it is gifted with endless desert scenery, a vast lake at the heart and more fascinating landscape features. In the Chad Sahara (Ennedi) desert region are otherworldly sights resembling animals and trees that were once used by people who once occupied […]