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Congo Gorilla Trekking

Welcome to the guide of gorilla trekking in Congo. Visit Virunga National Park for the ultimate gorilla tracking experience in Africa. TREKKING GORILLAS IN THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO. The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the 3 countries in East Africa that have these Mountain Gorillas. In the DRC, there are a number […]

climbing mount nyiragongo

Climb Mount Nyiragongo

Climb Virunga’s Active Volcano- Mount Nyiragongo This article will basically offer you travel information about Congo’s Nyiragongo Volcano, below includes the geography of the volcano,  how much the permit to hike the volcano costs, accommodation, requirements for hiking Mount Nyiragongo. Since Nyiragongo volcano lies in the Virungas and near Virunga National Park, you could have […]

Okapi National Park

This park in north eastern region of Ituri DR Congo is sometimes recognized as just a wildlife reserve. Okapi National Park is named after the endangered antelope species Okapi that only live in this area of central Africa. The park is dominantly filled by the Ituri forests which mark the boundary with Sudan and Uganda […]

Maiko National Park

Maiko National Park is found in the remote regions of north eastern DR Congo in the states of Nord Kivu, Maniema and Orientale. This park occupies more than 10,800 sq km of thick rain forests. North of the park is Okapi National park which is popular for the okapi and other animals. It was established […]

Virunga National Park

One of the popular National parks and reserves in DR Congo, Virunga National Park is located on the slopes of the Virunga volcanic mountains. Formerly referred to as Albert National Park, this Congo Park is bordered by Virunga Mountain in the south, Rwenzori Mountains in the north, Volcanoes National park (Rwanda) and Rwenzori National Park […]

Garamba National Park

Garamba National park is located in the north eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is one of the oldest national parks in Africa established in March 1938 and today is listed as an endangered habitat on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. The park is bordered by Southern Sudan to the north […]

Upemba National Park

Located south east of the country, Upemba National Park is named after Lake Upemba that borders the park to the west in Katanga Province. Other park boundaries are marked by Lualaba river-Upper Congo River also in the west. The park lies on Kibara plateau which is 1750m above sea level thus covering more than 11,500sq […]