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Arba Minch

Exploring the Arba Minch If you want to see a fleet of crocodiles in one place both in the water and on the land, Arba Minch is the best place to do this while on a visit to the Ethiopia. It is 500 kilometers away from the capital city of Ethiopia Addis Ababa. Arba Minch […]

Ethiopia Mountains

Ethiopia is located in the Northern part of the African continent and it is one of the countries in the country that has a unique landscape due to the presence of the Great Rift Valley which led to the formation of almost all the Mountains that are found in the country. The county’s landscape alone […]

Ethiopia Festival Tours

Ethiopia as a country is located at the horn of the African continent and it is filled with a lot of things that will make your tour memorable. The country is filled with mostly Orthodox people and they carry out most of the festivals that you get to enjoy while in the country. And since […]

Luxury Tours In Ethiopia

Fly in safaris in Ethiopia As a country that is located at the horn of Africa, the landscape of Ethiopia makes it a bit hard for some tourist destinations to be accessed and this has led to the introduction of fly in tours which enable tourists to at least get to most of the difficult […]

Tigray Churches

Hiking up the Tigray churches The Tigray churches are located in the highlands of Ethiopia in the North Eastern part in the towns of Axum and Makele. They were declared a UNESCO heritage and they are the oldest Orthodox churches in Ethiopia and they are a bit hard to access especially if it is your […]

Chebera Churchura National Park

The Chebera Churchura National Park is located in the western part of Ethiopia in the Omo region covering over 1215 square kilometers. The Park is the best place to view elephants and this is because the park has a large number of elephants that habitate in it. The park is filled with savannah grasslands and […]

The Ethiopian Highlands

The Ethiopian highlands are a group of towns and landscapes that are worth your time when you visit the Country. In the past years all these were just rocky structures that had not faced any civilization but at the moment, they have been upgraded and they have become some of the best places for all […]

Lake Tana Monastries

The Lake Tana monasteries Lake Tana was formed due to a volcanic eruption that took place millions of years ago and cause lava to flow blocking over 60 Rivers and streams of water which led to the formation of the Tana Lake. The lake is a habitant of different aqua species, animals and birds and […]

Northern Ethiopia

The Northern route tour in Ethiopia Ethiopia is known to have one of the best tourist destination places on the African continent and one of the best regions to visit in is the Northern part of the county. The Northern route has a lot to offer due to the presence of the different tourist attractions […]

Dallol Tours Ethiopia

Exploring Dallol in Ethiopia The hottest place in the world is nestled in one of the remote places in the country and it is known as Dallol city and it is located in Northern Ethiopia. It is 328 feet below sea level and it is also the only place in the world that has a […]