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Birougou National Park

Birougou National Park is found in central Gabon formerly called Mt Birougou wetlands. The park protects the rain forest of Chaillu Mountain and Birougou Mountain. This Gabon National park was named after Mount Birougou (975m) and occupies 690sq km. Wildlife The large block of forest on the mountains is covered with footpaths that lead to […]

Waka National Park

Waka National Park is a national park in central Gabon. Waka protects over 1,000 km² of rain forest in the Chaillu Massif. The mountains of the Chaillu Massif- tough, steeply-valleyed and of a savage beauty- seem today to be at the heart of untamed nature. However, a second look shows that it has not always […]

Pongara National Park

Pongara National Park is a national park in Gabon near the capital Libreville along the Komo estuary and the Atlantic Ocean. It covers an area of 929 km². Beautiful wild beaches and very big mangrove area on the south bank of the Komo Estuary. This Gabon National Park is a breeding site for Leatherback sea […]

Mwangne National Park

This Gabon National Park covers an area of 1, 160sq km and is most popular for large herds of elephants and the western lowland gorillas It is one of the places to find the western lowland gorillas in Africa.

Moukalaba-Doudou National Park

This Gabon National park is located in the southern Gabon covering an area of 4500sq km on the slopes of Doudou Mountains. Little known and rarely visited up to now, the site offers a rich variety of natural scenery- different types of forest, the savannas of the Nyanga plains, the Doudou Mountains, the immense papyrus […]

Minkébé National Park

This Gabon National Park is found in the north eastern part of Gabon and is part of the larger Trin-national Dja-Odzala Minkebe protected area. The park covers nearly 7,750 sq km and was designated s a national park in August 2002. The Minkebe landscape is covered by forest stretching 30,000sq km while other parts if […]

Batéké Plateau National Park

This Gabon National Park was founded in 2002 and is located in the south east of Gabon in the province of Haut-Ogooue. The park covers an area of more than 2,034 square kilometers and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site listed in October 2005. The landscape is totally captivating with high Bateke plateau forests, savannah […]

Mayumba National Park

Mayumba National Park is found in southwestern Gabon on the coast near the border of Congo and the town of Mayumba. Mayumba National Park protects an area of coastal sea of approximately 900 square kilometers, and a narrow 1km x 60km strip of beach and coastal vegetation. The Mayumba coastline is characterized by long exposed […]

Akanda National Park

Akanda National Park is located on the north east coast of Gabon and is one of the 13 Gabon National parks that were gazetted in 2002 to protect the bio diversity of Gabon by President Omar Bongo Ondimba. The park is near the town of Libreville in the north and on the bays of Mondah […]

Crystal Mountains National Park

The crystal mountains National park in Gabon is found in the renowned rocky crystal mountain ranges that stretch form Equatorial Guinea to the valleys on River Ogooue. The mountain slopes are breathtaking scenery as the name resounds…a variety of trees, orchids, lichens, gallery forests and begonias. The high altitude forest reserve is shielded by mist […]