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Conakry photo


Conakry photoGuinea from West Africa is one of the spectacular undiscovered destinations in Africa. This country is often confused with it neighbor Guinea Bissau in the north. For easier distinction, Guinea is commonly referred to as Guinea Conakry, Conakry being its capital city and the largest city.

On its borders are Senegal, Mali and Guinea Bissau in the north; to the south is Ivory Coat, Sierra Leone and Liberia while the Atlantic Ocean shares much of its western border.

Like other West African countries, Guinea was colonized by the French and attained independence in October 1958. Once one of the biggest kingdoms from West Africa, Guinea is home to 3 major ethnic groups-Fula, Mandika and the Susu. The official language is French although different tribes have indigenous languages and sometimes use sign language

Tourist Attractions

Despite its unique beauty and magnificence, Guinea is rarely visited by tourists. The government has not invested much in the tourism industry but there are a few sights to enjoy in Conakry and other towns in Guinea. Some of the sights in Conakry include the Grand Mosque which is the largest mosque in West Africa, Camp Biro a monument raised president Sekou Toure, Palais des Nations and the different craft shops.

The mountain ranges of the Fouta Djjallon and Mount Nimba are the source of many of the rivers that flow in Western Africa. Senegal, Niger and the Gambia rivers are said to originate from these mountains plus other streams that flow to the Atlantic.

There are no many beaches in Guinea but Cape Verga located a few kilometers from Conakry is worth a holiday adventure.

Conakry photoThe country is rich in minerals by the sea and on land. Bauxite, gold, aluminum, diamond and Oil are some of the minerals discovered in this unspoilt wilderness. Many companies from America, Australia Asia and Europe have invested in the mining industry in Guinea but the rampant corruption and selfish interests have tied the country in poverty! You can however stop by one of the mines in the country side for a look at rural living.

Some of the wildlife in Guinea can be found in Bossou forest and the forest classee de ziama. These animals include chimpanzees, forest elephants

Travel Information

The rainy season in Guinea Conakry is July to October. The best time to visit Guinea at the end of the Year when the weather is warm and the roads are firm after a few months of sunshine.

Guinea is easily accessed through its borders by land, sea and Air. Flights to Conakry are received at Conakry International Airport. There are direct flights to Europe Paris with Air France, SN Brussels and other west African destinations such as Abidjan, Accra, Bamako, Bissau, Dakar and Freetown among others.

Travel by road is by taxis and long route buses from all the neighboring countries. Some roads are gravel while others still remain dusty. Conakry is also the port town of Guinea and receives cargo and passengers from Freetown, Mali and Bamako

AccommodationConakry photo

Overnight accommodation and dinner is available in Conakry. A few of the hotel in Conakry Guinea include Hotel Camayenne, Central hotel, hotel Cesar, Golf Hotel Conakry and Hotel du Niger among many others. You’ll also find guesthouses, private residences and other budget options.

monte alen national park guinea

Monte Alen National Park

This national park is found in Equatorial Guinea and is the sole protected national park in the country found in the southern province of Mount Alen centre. The park lies on the foot slopes of the Monte Alen and Monte Mira-a small mountain range on the Niefang that is 1200m above sea level.

The park is a dense rain forest that covers an estimated 1600sq km. The park is bordered by the large and fast-flowing Uoro river to the west, while the main road from Niefang to Gabon forms the eastern boundary. There are no natural savannas, although some small areas of exposed rock with low bush occur locally near the summit; one small lake (Lake Atoc) is entirely surrounded by forest.Another interesting sight in the park is the waterfalls on Uoro and Lana rivers.

monte alen national park guinea

Wildlife Tours in Monte Allen National Park Guinea

Despite its small surface area, the park is habitat to more than 105 species of mammals, including more than 16 types of primates: 3800 gorillas, 1600 chimpanzees,65 reptiles, 55 amphibians and 65 aquatic life. Examples of the mammals in the park besides the lowland gorillas include crocodiles, colobus monkeys, leopards,

Some of the birds in the park include duck, guinea fowl, spot-breasted ibis, tiger-heron, Afep pigeon, hawk eagle, flufftail, sparrow hawk, grey parrot, black-collared lovebird, swift, kingfisher, blue throated roller, spinetail, wood dove, cuckoo, bee-eater, hornbill, tinkerbird, barbet, flycatcher,  west African batis, sunbird, orange weaver, Malimbe and others. This park is an Important Bird Area with more than 2300 birds-both residents and migrants from all over Africa.


The trails are generally well maintained and accessible, but hiking in the park can be hot, slippery and strenuous – stock up on water, dry clothes and other supplies. To see gorillas you generally need to go on a longer trek to stay at Esamalan Camp within Monte Alen. From there you take a six to eight hour walk to Lac Atoc, where elephants, sitatungas, buffalo, mandrils and other primates reside.

Guinea-Conakry Flights

The Republic of Guinea from West Africa, preferably called Guinea is enshrined in perfect equatorial beauty. A number of tourist come here on Guinea Holidays for a number of reasons that include visiting the forest and palm fringed beaches, serene islands, waterfalls, undulating green hills of Fouta Djalon, old French architecture on the streets of Conakry the capital and so much more.

Conakry is the heart of Guinea holidays and tours, welcomes each and every visitor into guinea via Conakry International Airport (CKY). Some of the attractions in Guinea include Soumba Falls, Conakry grand mosque, national museum, the vibrant Conakry markets, dazzling night clubs and the botanical gardens.

Flights to Guinea Conakry are offered through South Africa Airways with one stop or two stop flights from Jo’burg, Delta, Air France from Paris via Dakar or Johannesburg and SN Brussels Airlines. Other airlines with flights to Guinea Conakry include Egypt air, TAP flights, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, BMI, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and El Al Israel.

Some of the flights to Guinea come in from UK and Ireland via Heathrow, Glasgow, Southampton, Newcastle and other airports. Domestic air services fly from Conakry to Boké Kissidougou Kankan Siguiri Labé and Koundara.

Sehlabathebe National Park

This Lesotho National park happens to be one of the National parks in the Kingdom in the Sky covering more than 650sq km at a height of 2400m on a plateau stretching from the borders of South Africa. The high altitude park is associated with towering rocks, small lakes and greenery-forests, savannah grasslands and exotic Cape alpine species of plants.

There are several species of animals, birds and fishes in the waters of River Tsoelikana and in the dams.There are some hardy mountain buck to be seen, as well as small mammals, a wealth of birdlife, and a diverse Cape alpine flora. Of particular interest is a small minnow-like fish that was thought to be extinct, but has been rediscovered in the upper reaches of the River.


Trout Fishing is only done below the Tsoelikane Falls on the river and in the nearby water dams. Fishing was begun by the Prime Minister of Lesotho at the time, Leabua Jonathan who liked staying in the park too.

Hiking is a worthy adventure in the park while pony trekking makes views of the lush park better. Pony trekking is offered at the lodge in the park for 2-day trails to Bushman’s Nek and to the waterfalls for the evening and early mornings.

Sehlabathebe National Park is great with photographic safaris. Your pictures are caught with Sandstone arches, rock pool reflections, views of the ‘Three Bushman’ – the prominent peaks  and the escarpment.


There is a safari lodge in the park called Jonathan’s Lodge. It was named after the Prime Minister of Lesotho, Leabua Jonathan who often used to stay there during his fishing adventures.  The lodge offers activities like trout fishing, pony trekking and guided hiking adventures.

Bob Philips Campsite is another options for accommodation situated near the Matebeng Pass on the Thaba Tseka Side and is a great place to overnight en-route to Sehlabathebe National Park.

Equatorial Guinea,Information

Equatorial Guinea also known as only Guinea is found in West Africa bordering Guinea Bissau, Niger and other countries. The country consists of a mainland known as Rio Muni and a few islands of Bioko and Annobón, Corisco, Elobey Grande and Elobey Chicoz.
Guinea was first visited by the early Portuguese Explorers around the end of the 14th century and in 1788, the Spanish also arrived. In 1968, it was granted its independence from the Spanish. It is the only country in Africa where Spanish is an official language.
Equatorial Guinea is also famous for the National Swimming Champion Eric Moussambani, known as “Eric the Eel”.

Towns and Cities in Guinea
The capital is called Malabo built on the island if Bioko. This island formerly called Fernando Po is formed by three extinct volcanoes which are also the main tourist attraction on the island. Malabo is located along the Equator with beautiful weather.  The town is dotted with very attractive Spanish architecture, bustling streets and busy markets.
Malabo is an oil town seen it is found on the Gulf of Guinea which is a very rich oil region in Africa.

The port is lined with several oil plants and refineries. There are several beaches at the coast and one of the most fascinating is Arena Blanca. At Moca in the southern highlands you can learn the traditions of the indigenous Bubi people.
Bata is a main town of mainland Guinea and quite larger than the capital Malabo.  The town also doubles as the port town with several ships and cargo ships. It is the port used for exports and imports into Equatorial Guinea such as coffee, cocoa and timber.

Some of the attractions in this town in the white sand beaches and the local markets
The Museum of Biyabiyan is 20 km (12.5 mile) west of the town of Ebebiyin is a must see for all tourists in Guinea. The museum has traditional Fang sculptures and other works of art.

Wildlife Tours in Guinea

Monte Alen National Park is the only national park in Guinea covering 1400sq km of rainforests, marsh and savannah grassland. Some of the wildlife in Guinea includes leopards, gorillas, sitatunga, buffalo, mandrils, chimpanzees, crocodiles, western lowland gorillas, butterflies and more than 300 birds. Gorilla trekking in Africa is one of the fascinating adventures with many found in the forest clearings.
On the south of Bioko Island turtles come ashore on the beaches at Ureca to lay their eggs during the dry season. Villagers have been employed as guards to patrol the beaches during nesting season since 1996, as turtles and turtle eggs were previously popular food. The Cascades of Moca, Lake Biao and Lake Loreta are home to several species of monkey.

Walking, Trekking & Hiking are some of the ways to experience Guinea and especially for Monte Alen National Park. Experience the rugged landscape, forested areas, dry savannah grassland and mountain. – Take a walk, trek or hike in the popular Monte Alen National Park. You’ll have to trek slowly and carefully, as the terrain is rugged and steep. Most of the time, your tour operator will hire locals as porters, cooks and guides. You can even do some overnight hiking, as there are wilderness campsites available on a first-come basis.
On Bioko Island you can climb the slopes of the Pico Malabo volcano, which has several secluded hiking trails and mountain climbing opportunities, or enjoy the view from the 3,000m (9,843ft) Pico Basile where you can see Mount Cameroon on a clear day.
Mountain Biking is great experience on Bioko Island with great scenery, greenery and the beaches. A tour from the southernmost town of Ureca to Malabo and back will afford some hilly climbs and decent descents. Other peaks worth your biking experience include Pico Quioveo (598m), Pico Lago (525m) and Pico Do Fogo (435m).
Fishing is a major activity for the coastal region with fishing villages, tribes and tourists. There are many fishing spots along the long coast, or on any of the islands. Boat excursions to and around the islands can be arranged with a tour operator. Some of the best places to have fishing trips include the Benito River (Mbini), the Campo River (Ntem) and the Muni River (Muni).

Travel Guide

Equatorial Guinea is hot, humid and tropical since it lies on the equator. The dry season is during the May to September and is the best time to go. Bioko is dry from December to February. During the rainy season some roads are only passable in a 4-wheel drive vehicle with the heaviest rains during June.

Travel Tips
•    Prepare to be routinely stopped if traveling the roads. A guide assures that your group is all ready, with paperwork in its proper order.
•    Be prepared for patience when searching out the gorillas. You may to spend hours in search of them. Guides know where best to look but you must have a gorilla trekking permit.
•    Though the country is generally safe, check travel reports for foreigners before venturing here.
•    Foreign cigarettes are appreciated as gifts.
•    Do not photograph the presidential palace, airports, ports, or military bases.
•    Carry comfortable walking boots, sun hat, camera, drinking water, light clothing and warm clothing for the chilly nights.

Parc National du Haut Niger

Haut Niger National Park is located in in east-central Guinea and covers an area of 6000 square kilometers. This park is actually one of the largest in West Africa and of course in Niger region. This Guinea Park is one of the largest remaining tracts of dry forest left in West Africa.

Some of the attractions in the park and the area include tours to the fishing villages of Somoria and the exotic species of mammals like leopard, lion, hippo, bats, chimpanzees, snakes and other species of Mammals.