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Guinea Bissau Holidays

Guinea-Bissau is a small coastal country just to the South of Senegal and Guinea to the north east. This small nation has long been visited by foreign tourist, first the Portuguese colonialists who enjoyed the river and coastal region and beaches. Its warm climate remains a major inviting factor to different travellers from all over […]

Ilhas de Orango National Park

This park in Guinea Bissau is found in the Bijagós Archipelago around the most southerly group of islands of Orangozinho, Orango, Canogo, Meneque and Imbone. This national park covers nearly 2700sq km with the park extending 10km offshore. The park is composed of coastal woodlands, swampy shores, muddy coastal mangrove, water stream/channels and water logged […]

National Parks and Reserves in Guinea Bissau

Guinea-Bissau is one of the most nature gifted countries in West Africa. The Bijagós Archipelago is a biosphere reserve that has almost 60 of the exotic flora and fauna in Africa. Other nature reserves and parks in Guinea Bissau include João Vieira e Poilão Marine National Park, Ilhas de Orango National Park, Rio Cacheu Nature […]

João Vieira e Poilão Marine National Park

The João Vieira e Poilão Marine National Park is a complex of four small islands in the south-east of the Bijagós archipelago covering an area of more than 490sq km. Due to its geographic location João Vieira-Poilão National Park, Iles d’Orango National Park & Rio Cacheu Mangroves Natural Park are rich in biodiversity and relatively […]

Lagoa de Cufada

This protected area covers an area of 3909sq km and is designated as a Ramsar site. The area is a permanent fresh water lake that is an important drainage system acting to join the river and floodplain and also hosting several species of aquatic vegetation. Other parts of the protected area are under mangrove, swamp, […]

Rio Cacheu Mangroves Natural Park

This protected area is located in northern Guinea-Bissau on the banks of rivers Cacheu and Rio de Elias. It is bordered to the south east by Cacheu and on the east by the village of Apilho, the northern end is near the coast. The area includes some 5440sq covered in mangroves and tanne while other […]