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Mombasa Day Trips

Visiting Mombasa should be top of your list on Kenya safari tours and travel plans. Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya located on the Indian Ocean coast with so much to enjoy from its white sand palm beaches to the old architectural designs and building from its suburb towns. Mombasa Day tours could […]

Kisite Mpunguti Marine Reserve

This marine complex covers an area of four small islands fringed by raised coral reefs that makes 28q km of Mpunguti Reserve . Kisite Park covers an area of 11sq km on a coral island 8 km offshore in the Marine reserve. The Park also occupies three other coral islets of Mpunguti ya Juu, Mpunguti […]

Masai Mara Balloon Safari

Kenya safari holidays are an adventurous way to spend your hard earned cash, away from the bustle and noisy of business towns and cities. There are many ways to experience Kenya safari excursion in the different game parks such as game drives, walking safaris and so much more One luxury way to enjoy Kenya wildlife […]

Kora National Park

Kora national Park is another of Kenya’s National Parks and reserves from the coastal region. The park covers an area of 1,7800sq km along the riverbanks of Tana River , 125km east of Mount Kenya. The former nature reserve was gazetted into a Kenya wildlife game park around 1990. The park is made up of […]

Arabuko Sokoke Forest National Park

Arabuko Sokoke Forest National Park is a small Kenya wildlife safari (6 sqkm)park located in the north Mombasa district of Kilifi near 350sq km under the Arabuko-Sokoke forest reserve. Statistics states that this forest reserve is the largest tropical forest on the East Africa coast preserving and serving as a great eco-system with diversity of […]

Kenya Hotels

For the African safari , Kenya Safaris and tours are hard to beat. There are many attractions and interesting places within Kenya that will present excellent safaris. To be familiar with exactly where you want to go and stay, you’ll do just fine to look through different Kenya Hotels online for all of the finest […]

Aberdare National Park

The Aberdare volcanic mountain ranges cover much of the central province of Kenya that stretches from North of Nairobi and into the east. There are two major peaks on the Aberdares; Ol Donyo Lesatima at 3,999 m and Kinangop at 3,906 m divided using a huge saddle of Alpine moorland within 3,000 metres. The among […]

Birding in Kenya

Kenya’s bird watching is probably the best worldwide now with 0.13% of the world’s birds thanks to its unique weather and diverse habitats that include open grasslands, rift valley escarpments, crater lakes, forests and woodlands and others that make Kenya, a birder’s paradise . On a short one day or two day birding trip, you […]

Kenya Flights

The land of true African safari is Kenya! Kenya is the authentic home of the annual wildebeest migration and more than 5,000 tourists from all over the world fly in to savor the wonder of Mother Nature. You can never get enough of Kenya safaris for the big five, mountains and hiking and so much […]

Mwingi National Reserve

Mwingi reserve is one of the three Kenya reserves located in the Mount Meru region that is often referred to as the Meru conservation Area (MCA) in northern eastern Kenya. This reserve shares borders with Kora National Park, Meru National Park and finally Bisandi National reserve. The total area covered by the Mwingi reserve is […]