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Lesotho Flights

Lesotho is called the kingdom in the sky because of the rugged terrain of the Drakensburg and table mountains that extend through it borders with South Africa. Your Lesotho Holidays will include hiking to the great mountains, visiting Maseru the capital city, Katse Power dam, Maletsusunyane Falls , and many other interesting places. Lesotho…

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Tsehlanyane National Park

Tsehlanyane National Park is in Lesotho making the remaining part of the famous Maloti/Drankensberg Transfrontier Park that stretches across the border of Lesotho and South Africa on the Drakensburg Mountains. The rivers in the park such as Tsehlanyane and the Holomo flow graciously in the summer and spring months creating spectacular waterfalls over rocks and swimming…

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Lesotho is a landlocked country which is located in South Africa and is famously known to have a rich culture that can be seen in the way of life of the people the kingdom and the many historical sites that are found in the country. The country has 2/3rds of the whole country covered with…

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