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Anja Community Reserve Madagascar

The Anja community reserve The Anja community reserve is located in the southern part of Madagascar and was declared by the government of Madagascar protected in 1999. It is strategically located but not easy to get to due to the bad roads that are found in the country but even after the hectic ride, one […]

Anjajavy Private Nature Reserve Madagascar

The Anjajavy Private Nature Reserve The Anjajavy private nature reserve is found on a small fishing peninsular that is located in the north western part of Madagascar. It is found in a very remote area and it has a beautiful view that can be enjoyed by the different people who come to Madagascar for their […]

Fianarantsoa City Tours & Things To Do

The Fianarantsoa city The Fianarantsoa city is located in the southern part Of Madagascar filled with various tourist attraction sites that will make your trip to the Island memorable. The location of Madagascar itself is the best because it is an island that separated from the African continent which was a result of continental drifting.  […]

Tsimanampetsotsa National Park Madagascar

Tsimanampetsotsa National park was named after the famous lake that is located within the park and it was declared a national park in 1966 although its protection and conservation started a few years earlier in 1927. It is commonly known as a safe haven for birds which makes it a top birding destination for birders. […]

Masoala National Park Madagascar

The Masoala National Park The Masoala National Park is located in the North Eastern Part of Madagascar on the coastal peninsular. Masoala is a Malagasy word which can easily be translated to as the eye of the forest and it was named by the first inhabitants of the Park who are believed to have been […]

Zahamena National Park Madagascar

Zahamena National Park The Zahamena is located on the Eastern coast of the Island and is filled with rainforests making it one of the best destinations in Madagascar. It is referred to as paradise due to the lush forests and the wide range of wild life. The park has one of the biggest rain forests […]

Nosey Be Tours & Things To Do

Reasons as to why you should visit Nosey Be Madagascar is located east of the East African coast and was separated from the African continent years back. With its separation came separate tiny Islands that are found within the country and one of them which is considered the biggest is known as Nosey Be. The […]

Kirindy Mitea National Park Madagascar

Kirindy National Park is located in the south western part of Madagascar and it is located near the coast. The park is a home to various lemur species including the world’s tiniest primate known as the Berthe’s mouse lemur which is endangered at the moment. It is an extremely small park covering up to only […]

Andasibe Mantadia National Park Madagascar

The Andasibe- Mantadia National Park The Andasibe-Mantadia National Park is located in Alaotra Mangoro in the eastern part of the country and it is only four hours away from the capital city of Madagascar. Part of Madagascar and it is a combination of two reserves that is the Mantadia forest and the Analamazoatra reserve. The […]