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photo safari madagascar

Madagascar Photo Safari

Photo safaris in Madagascar A photo safari refers to a safari where one travels all over the world to take photographs of the different places that they visit. A photography safari to Madagascar is one that you do not want to miss as there are several beautiful places with wonderful scenery that you can visit […]

cycling bike Madagascar

Cycling in Madagascar, Biking Tours

Madagascar biking tours The uniqueness that is found in Madagascar is just enough to make you want to visit the country and experience it on your own and what better way to see the wilderness other than by cycling across the country. This can apply to all those that have love for nature and are […]

Madagascar Frog

Madagascar Wildlife, Endemic Animal Species

Madagascar endemic animal species Madagascar is known for her unique fauna that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The unique animals that are found in the different Parks around the Island of Madagascar have made it become one of the best destinations in the world since they are all endemic to the Island. […]

Madagascar Hiking

Madagascar Hiking & Trekking Adventure Trips

Hiking in Madagascar Madagascar has a very good landscape that can be viewed from the airplanes before you set foot into the country. When you get to the country, the landscape provides you with enough possibilities of trekking and hiking which will be good for your health. We can always arrange for you to go […]

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Madagascar Facts

Facts about Madagascar Madagascar as a country got her independence on 26th June after the French colonialists left their country. Many people do not the exact facts about Madagascar as a country much less her history. Before you plan your trip to the Madagascan Island, it is best to know more about the country that […]

culture in madagascar

Madagascar Culture

The Malagasy Culture Madagascar is known for a lot of things and one of them is the unique culture found in the country. Madagascar as a country is known for her mixed culture due to the numerous different customs that are practiced by the people found in Madagascar. The different ethnic groups found in the […]

Madagascar Beach Holidays

The Best beach destinations in Madagascar Madagascar is known to have more beaches than anyone can due to its state as an island. It is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the water and white sand that is found on the ocean’s banks is more than what is found in any other country in the […]

Madagascar Safari Destinations

National Parks in Madagascar Madagascar is an island that was separated from Africa many years ago. The Island can be seen and accessed by either air or water transport and it has different unique and almost extinct species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The Uniqueness of Madagascar has made it one […]