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How to get to Mahale

How to get to Mahale Mountains National Park Mahale isn’t the easiest or even the cheapest tourist destination to visit. Basing on your tour itinerary, the point of entrance into the country will be at Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) found in Arusha city, or Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) in the capital city Dar es […]

Mahale Mountains Weather

Due to its location close to the equator, the climate of Mahale Mountains is warm and hot with high humidity. For most of the year, the weather remains the same. The evenings are usually warm, unlike the national parks found in the northern part of Tanzania, while the low temperatures drop to around 15°C or […]

Best time to visit Mahale

Best time to visit Mahale Mountains Excellent time is: July, August, September and October For good views you may visit in: June and May For fair views you may visit in: January, February, March, April, November and December You can  track chimpanzees throughout the entire year in Mahale Mountains National Park, however, possibilities of finding […]

Birding In Mahale

Birds in Mahale Mountains National Park There isn’t a proper study done on the birdlife of Mahale National Park, however a minimum of 230 bird species have been documented here at the moment. The majority of them are actually forest birds, that are challenging to see. This is particularly true because walking inside the forest […]

Mahale Mountains National Park

The most significant tourist attraction in the Mahale Mountains National Park is its resident population of chimpanzees. There are about 800 chimpanzees living inside this park, and close 60 of them have been habituated to receive human visitors. Your safari guide will lead you on a foot expedition along the trails in the forest as […]