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Mali Flights

Mali from West Africa is often neglected on African safaris and holidays but this seventh largest country in Africa offers more than you can imagine! Although it lies in the dry Sahara Region, not all is dry. Bamako the capital city is the largest city in Mali with five star hotels and accommodation, National museum, botanical…

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Mali National Parks and Reserves

Boucle du Baoule National Park This Mali National park is located near the town of Bamako in the western region of Mali.  The park is largely covered in West African savanna although the vegetation is divided into two bio-geographic regions of Sudan Guinea in the south and Sahelian zone for the north. Other parts of…

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Mali is located in the western part of the African continent with a population of over 20 million people. It is the largest western African country and was also the first black empire on the African continent. The country is believed to have been founded by Mansa Musa who made a pilgrimage to Mecca with…

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