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Emmylaurel Global Resources 08063502100 07017895370 [email protected] We Specialize in Tour Packaging of various Kind, Hotel Reservations, Car Hire, Event Planning &am… Osuya Tours +2348035556695 +2348121268669 [email protected] Osuya Tours is the leading tour operator in South Eastern Nigeria with special focus on Education… CADRIL TOUR AND TRAVEL SERVICES 2348023251155 2348033642990 [email protected] The general […]

Lagos Nigeria Travel

Lagos is the most popular city in Nigeria , the largest country in Africa. The metropolitan area, an estimated 300 square kilometers, is a group of islands endowed with creeks and a lagoon. More than 10m people live in this upper middle class capital. Facts about Lagos Nigeria Statistics has it that Lagos may be […]

Nigeria Flights

Nigeria on the West African coast is a regularly visited travel destination for African safari. This rich cultural country is very interesting just beyond it diverse cultures and people. Nigeria is situated in equatorial West Africa and has a coastline on the Gulf of Guinea and borders the countries of Niger, Chad, Cameroon and Benin. […]

Cross River National Park

This Nigeria wildlife park is located in the south eastern tip of the country in the cross river state.  The Cross River National park shares an eco-system and biodiversity with Korup National park in neighboring Cameroon. Together, these Africa national parks make one of the richest biodiversities the world has known over the years The […]

Old Oyo National Park

This Park was named after the ruins of Oyo-lle (Old Oyo) a former political capital of the ancient Ypruba Empire and was thus formerly referred to as Upper Oyo-lle forest reserve. The park divided into 2 forest reserves of Upper Ogun and Oyo-lle which were gazetted in 1936 and 1941 respectively. The two were joined […]

Chad Basin National Park

Chad Basin National Park is found in the northeastern part of Nigeria between Borno and Yobe States and covers an area of 2258sq km. The park covers 3 eco-regions of Chingurmi-Duguma, Bade Nguru Wetlands and Bulatura Oases. The largest is is Chingurmi-Duguma Sector covering an estimated is 1228sq km in the districts of Gulumba and […]

Yankari Game Reserve

Yankari game reserve is one of Nigeria’s best parks for observing wildlife. With some luck you one can encounter elephants, waterbucks, bushbucks, hippos, crocodiles and the occasional lion. This Premier Game Reserve is spread across 2,058 sq km of Savanna woodland. The best time for tourists is between November and May. Started in 1956 and […]

Kamuku National Park

Kamuku Park located in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna State of Nigeria in the north-central part of Nigeria. It is the closest Nigeria National Park to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. Kamuku National Park was initially by gazette of 1936, a Native Authority Forest Reserve under the defunct Northern Nigeria Government. It boasts of a land area […]

Nigeria National Parks

Nigeria is largely a landscape of tropical rainforests, mangrove swamps, a diverse system of rivers and small water streams that drain at the Gulf of Guinea. The thick forest canopy covers much of the south and the central parts of the country. Other attractions on Nigeria safaris include the undulating hills, cascading waterfalls, lakes, water […]