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How to get to Ruaha

How to get to Ruaha National Park Taking a Safari to Ruaha normally commences in the capital Dar es Salaam as the point of entry in the country is Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam. Usually you will be picked from the airport up by your tour operator who will also take care […]

Ruaha Weather

Ruaha National Park Weather & Climate in general Ruaha is generally hot and dry. Its Temperatures do not vary so much all year round and this is basically because if tits location near the equator crossing.  All year round, the Nights are warm, and from October to March those are the warmest months while the […]

Ruaha Birding

Birds of Ruaha National Park The great variety of birds in Ruaha is a purpose of its location that is transitional to East Africa’s acacia savannah of miombo woodland belt in Southern Africa. This park features a checklist of about 450 birds. The crested barbet whose consistent trilling is a trait echo of the southern […]

Wildlife in Ruaha National Park

Other than the large rhino, all prime safari animals can be found here in large numbers. Lions normally sty in huge prides of at times over 20 individuals. In order to feed, they usually attack large animals such as buffaloes. Ruaha NP has an oddly high diversity of antelope species, such as most of the […]