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Gishwati Mukura National Park Rwanda

GISHWATI-MUKURA NATIONAL PARK Welcome to Gishwati Mukura National Park in Rwanda! Find where to stay, the tourist activities ,  when to visit this park and how to get there , tour operators and so much more. Gishwati-Mukura National park is the 4th and Rwanda’s newest National Park; famously known for its diverse plant species; over […]

Musanze Caves Rwanda

About Musanze Musanze is also the largest district with in the northern province of Rwanda and its capital Ruhengeri which is also known as Musanze and it serves as a center for tourism in Rwanda and its where Volcanoes National park id situated. This is also the most mountainous part of Rwanda and has also […]

3 Day See The Gorillas Of Rwanda

3 Day Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Tracking Day 1: The Volcanoes National Park Rwanda Get picked up at the airport on arrival by a guide driver who will drive you all the way to the north in Musanze to the Volcanoes National Park which is home to about 360 Mountain Gorillas. Here you will check into […]

Cultural Sites In Rwanda

Rwandan culture can be experienced in a lot of different things for example the food, their cultural dance which is the most anticipated, their way of dressing, everyday lifestyle and their traditional marriages. When you decide to take a cultural safari to Rwanda, some of the things that you will learn from the tour include […]

Birding In Rwanda

A brief background about Rwanda is that it is a land locked country and is located in the Albertine part of the rift valley and is bordered by Uganda, Burundi and Congo. There are over 750 different bird species and it has several birding spots all found in the different areas in Rwanda. There are […]

rwanda dancers

Rwanda Culture

Rwanda is a land locked country that is found in the Eastern part of the African continent. Rwanda became popular after the Rwandan genocide which took place in 1994 between the Tusti and Hutu and as a result many people were killed whereas others were exiled to the different countries around the world. 2000 years […]

Cultural Music and Dance, Rwanda.

Music and Dance in Rwanda. Music and dance are an essential part to be played when it comes to the African cultures and traditions. For almost everything that happened in any given community, a song was sung and dances were performed as a form of celebration. Some of the festivities included marriages, naming ceremonies, harvests, […]

The Best Times to Visit Rwanda.

The Best time to visit Rwanda. Many a times people ask about when the best time to visit Rwanda is. This question has been stated as complex since favorable times to visit all depend on the kind of activity and or reason as to why one is visiting Rwanda.  It is also determined by the […]

The Iby’iwacu Cultural Village, Rwanda.

The Iby’iwacu Cultural Center. It is a village not so far from the Volcanoes National Park in a district called Musanze, North of Rwanda. This center has got all you need to know about the culture of the Rwandan people. The Iby’iwacu Cultural center has got an anthology of lifestyle, artifacts, dance and activities that […]