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Flights to Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is from West Africa bordered by Guinea, Liberia to the south and with hundreds of kilometers of coastal beaches. This tropical paradise is filled with scenic white sand Palm beaches, lush forests, untouched wild beauty to the mainland and historical ruins in towns like Freetown. Some of the best things you can do […]

Outamba-Kilimi National Park

Outamba-Kilimi National Park (OKNP) is found in the extreme north near the border with Guinea. It is the only designated national park in Sierra Leone covering two eco-regions of Outamba and Kilimi in the northern province of Bombali district. The park covers an estimated 1000sq km of which  Outamba takes more than  half of the […]

Forest and Nature Reserves of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is undoubtedly a great eco-tourism potential but this still needs to be developed in a structured and responsible manner for the most economic visit for communities in the area. There is so much to enjoy when it comes to nature and wildlife in Sierra Leone. Unfortunately some of these sites are also threatened […]

Protected Wildlife Zones in Sierra Leone

Although many of the protected areas and wildlife zones in Sierra Leone are endangered by increasing human activity, there is a whole of options to enjoy if you are a wildlife enthusiast.  Check out some of the prominent options for most Sierra Leone Holidays and wildlife tours. Outamba-Kilimi National Park Outamba-Kilimi National Park (OKNP) is […]