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Sousse Tunisia

Sousse is one of the famous tourist destinations and cities from the east coat of Tunisia. The city is home to a variety of tourist attractions form the 9th century Phoenicians reign to the modern day Sousse. Sousse is the third largest city in Tunisia also known as the ‘pearl of Sahel’ is majorly a […]

Tunisia National Parks and Nature Reserves

Tunisia has a total of 8 national parks featuring some of the rarest plant species and animals that are almost not seen anywhere else in the world. There are some located in the desert and other near water logged region in central Tunisia. Although there are not many animals to watch, Tunisia’s national parks are […]

Lake Ichkeul National Park Tunisia

Lake Ichkeul Park is one of the famous Tunisia National Parks covering almost 12,600hac on the shores of Lake Ichkeul in the northern district of Tunis Bizerte. This park is a world heritage site conserved as an important bird sanctuary in North Africa. However there are many other interesting plant species and wildlife. The park […]

Sidi Toui National Park Tunisia

Another of Tunisia’s wildlife park, Sidi Toui Park is located north on the border of the Sahara desert making it a source of life in this semi desert area. The park covers an area of 6.3hactres under undulating hills and steppes raising to 172m above sea level. Much of the park’s vegetation is made up […]

Djerba Tunisia

Djerba is a large island located off the coast of the Gulf of Gabes in south western Tunisia. The island attracts thousands of tourists from Australia and Europe every year thanks to its beautiful beaches. This Tunisian town stands out as the only town where the Berber language is spoken to this day and also […]

Hammamet Tunisia

Hammamet is undoubtedly the biggest tourist destination in Tunisia thanks to its endless white beaches popular for several water adventures like swimming and water sports. There are also may other interesting tourist attractions in this town include old mosques and museums. The weather is great although the year. The hot season comes in July and […]

Monastir Tunisia Tours

Monastir is located 160km from Tunis the capital of Tunisia in the south east and also borders the Gulf of Hammamet to the south. Getting it name from the French word Monstere, Monastir is indeed a monastery. The town is mostly a fishing port with plenty of Tunisia’s history inscribed on its walls. As the […]


It is Tunisia’s largest city, with a population of 728,453 as of 2004; the greater metropolitan area holds some 2,412,500 inhabitants.Tunis is located in north-eastern Tunisia on the Lake of Tunis, and is connected to the Mediterranean sea’s Gulf of Tunis by a canal which terminates at the port of La Goulette / Halq al […]

Tunisia Tour Operators

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Tunisia Flights

Regarding the fact that Tunisia is part of the African continent, many people find it hard to accept that it takes fairly short flight to other tourist destinations. North Africa is a famous destination that can be accessed from UK within 3hours.Its this short flight time that has made Tunisia a popular holiday spot in […]