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The East African Tourist Visa, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda

east africa tourist visa

About the East African Visa. What is the East African Tourist Visa? This idea of the single regional East African Tourist Visa is to make it so easier and attractive financially for the tourists to be able to visit the whole east African region. You will be able to visit the three countries on a […]

Mount Elgon National Park

mount elgon national park

MOUNT ELGON NATIONAL PARK Mount Elgon National Park is located in Eastern Uganda and on the western border of Kenya. It is majorly made up of Mt. Elgon where its name was derived from; the mountain is an extinct volcano and considered to be one of the oldest mountains in East Africa, it’s a large […]

Lake Victoria

lake victoria

In Uganda is placed the largest lake in the world…Lake Victoria.  This fresh water lake is typically identified as Nyanza, is without a doubt two times the entire area of Wales and additionally provides the natural boundary between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The lake stands out as the heart on the African continent, the source […]

Flights to Uganda

uganda flights

Uganda is another incredible country to visit on your East Africa safari and tours.  A number of tourist come here on Uganda safari tours for a number of reasons that include visiting the incredible range of Uganda National Parks, waterfalls like the 19m high Sipi Falls, undulating green hills of south western Uganda and mostly […]

Uganda Travel Guide

uganda travel guide

Uganda is found in east Africa in what is popularly referred to as the richest safari region in Africa. It shares its boundaries with Kenya in the east, Tanzania in the south, Rwanda in the south western mountain borders, DR Congo in the west and southern Sudan for the north. Uganda is a least visited […]

Kibale Forest National Park

kibale forest national park

KIBALE FOREST NATIONAL PARK The Kibale Forest is located in western Uganda in Kibale district with one of Uganda’s remaining equatorial rainforest contains the highest concentration of primates in the world – thirteen species live here including about 500 chimpanzees. the park lies in a protected area adjoining Queen Elizabeth National Park making a diverse […]

Kampala City Tours

KAMPALA CITY Welcome to Kampala…the land of Seven Hills The capital city of Uganda. Kampala, is spread over ten hills and derives its name from a kiganda expression “kasozi k’empala meaning – the hill of antelopes. The origins of the Kampala go back to 1891 the when King Kabaka of Buganda had his court on […]

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen elizabeth national park

QUEEN ELIZABETH NATIONAL PARK This is a wonderful and especially scenic National Park, with two lakes connected by a channel overlooked by a high peninsula. In addition to the lakes there are volcanic craters, grassy plains, papyrus swamps, open savannahs and tropical forests. Queen Elizabeth Park is ranked as Uganda’s most visited game reserve. . […]

Kidepo Valley National Park

kidepo valley national park uganda

Kidepo National park is a charm when it comes to Uganda wildlife safaris although it is located in the remote parts of northern Uganda. It is actually the least visited park in Uganda yet it is home to some animals of the dry savanna that you won’t find in any other part of Uganda. The […]

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

THE RWENZORI MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK The Rwenzori Mountain is the highest peak of the tectonic mountain ranges formed mountain from Uganda’s south western border with DR Congo Also called the mountains of the moon, Rwenzori is 120 kms long and 43 kms wide and includes a fantastic icy world and afro-alpine vegetation.  The peaks lie […]