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Safari on the Zambezi River

If you’d prefer Adventure Travel then one of several “activities” that ought to be on your “Bucket List” is really a Canoe Safari all the way down the Zambezi River , between Zimbabwe as well as Zambia.Head out Canoe Camping on one of the biggest riverson the planet, its shores teeming with thrilling African birds […]

Zambia South Luangwa Valley

Africa is outrageous and fantastic getaway and among the craziest features is the South Luangwa Valley in Zambia . It really is way over outdone trail as well as a massive beautiful wilds where handful of footsteps proceed.Probably the most beautiful strategies to encounter this section of “the actual Africa” is within a bushcamp. There’s […]

Zambia Smaller Parks

Luambe National Park Within the North and South Parks over the easterly bank of the Luangwa River, is a small park of outstanding grasslands plus an increasing animal and birdlife. There is a new camping site started in this park. There may be holiday accommodation from Luangwa Wilderness Lodge. Lavushi Manda National Park This park […]

Birding in Zambia, Birdwatching Safaris

Zambia is undoubtedly gifted with a range of wildlife, about 750 types of birds through the entire country and for a few habitats; 400 species found in South Luangwa National Park alone. This is valid, because of the variety of habitats including riverine forest, lagoons, lakes, swamps and also national parks and reserves, each one […]

Elephant Back Safaris Zambia

Elephant Back safaris have proven to be a wonderful experience more than the adrenaline excitement of sitting on one of the world’s hugest animal. This exceptional type of safaris is surely a chance to relate with the elephants, become familiar with them; the way they eat, and even why they’re easy to use for your […]

Game Viewing Safaris Zambia

There are actually a variety of alternatives of going through the wilderness for example horseback riding excursions, hiking, canoeing, while the list goes on and on. Open Vehicle safaris happen to be an additional way to encounter the bush closely. Cars or trucks put to use will be 4X4s trucks adapted to the untamed surfaces.All […]

Photographic Safaris Zambia

All African safari will not be meriting without carrying some sort of  pictures along at the end of the day. Zambia has got a lot to observe nevertheless all this is exciting over a photographic safari . It is actually beyond watching game for this unique safari.The photographic game stalking experience brings you towards locations […]

North Luangwa National Park

This place is not commonly visited but is popular for the trekking tours . North Luangwa is somewhat smaller than its corresponding South Luangwa National Park. It is very isolated and can only be access through a few safari operators who have got the permission to conduct trekking safaris in the area. The park still […]

Walking Safaris Zambia

The walking safaris are definitely more thrilling along with involving when compared with the open vehicle safari. You can wonder why to prefer a walking safari instead of a vehicle safari; considering a walking safari, there’s a personal encounter with wildlife rendering it even more enjoyable and also remarkable.The walking safari usually begins early in […]

Abseiling in Zambia

ABSEILING, GORGE SWINGING Some of the hottest fun based activities to explore in Livingstone along with the sheer gorges fringes on Victoria Falls are actually most suitable for these kinds of areas.The company; Abseil Zambia and more will offer you cable swing, abseiling, rap jump and gorge swinging experiences from the profound Batoka gorge. Some […]