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Central African Republic occupies a vast piece of land in the equatorial region of Africa. This central African country is bordered by Sudan in the North West, Chad in the north, Republic of Congo in the south, Cameroon in the West and the De

mocratic republic of Congo in the south west.


is one of the poorest countries in Africa despite its natural beauty of the dense rain forests, mineral mines and amazing wildlife. The capital of this rich economy is Bangui

Tourist Attractions

The CAR is on

Central African Republic Travel Guide photo

e of the least visited countries in Africa since it is purely landlocked and the each of the neighbors except Cameroon is engraved in political turmoil and rebel activity.

Bangui the

capital city is the major business district in CAR located on the banks of Ubangi River. It was named after the Bangui falls on the river

The country is popular for the western lowland gorillas that are found in the Dzanga –Sangha National Park that is located on the border with Cameroon and Congo. Dzanga is the one of the national Parks in th

e Central African Republic and hosts other mammal

Central African Republic Travel Guide photo

s such as elephants while other National parks in CAR include Baningui-Bangoran and Manovo-Gounda St Floris Parks that have leopards, lions and rhinos. However the wildlife in CAR is under threat of extinction due to poaching yet the country is working hard to create an eco-tourism industry.

There are a series of rivers and water stream flowing in CAR such the Ubangi River, Congo River in the south and Chari River flows through many of the town such as into Lake Chad

Travel Information


all other countries in the Equa

Central African Republic Travel Guide photo

torial Belt of Africa, CAR is gifted with 2 seasons. The wet season begins in May and ends in October while the dry season starts in November and ends in April.

The main airport is located n Bangui. Bangui Mpoko International Airport (BGF) is the international airport that handles all Central African Republic flights with more than 7 airlines flying in and out of Bangui CAR. There are international airlines with flights to Central African Republic including Air France from Paris, Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines.

If you are travelling by Land th

e border pints in Chad, and DR Congo are closed. The border post on the Cameroon side is open to travellers with buses and tracks bringing in goods and exports from other parts of the world. There are buses and a train with daily schedules from Yaounde Cameroon


There are some

Central African Republic Travel Guide photo

hotels in Bangui for overnight and dinner on CAR travel and holidays. Some of the popular hotels include National Bangui Hotel, Bangui Hotel and hotel du Centre. In Dzanga Sangha National Park, there is accommodation facilities in Doli lodge and other guesthouses around the park.

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