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Central African Republic may be the country you are looking for when it comes to African safaris and tours within central Africa. Think of its un paralleled beauty, lying as pristine as it has been all through the years!

If you think CAR is not enough on an African safari tour, try out its neighbors, Cameroon in the west, Chad in the north, Sudan on the east and the republic of Congo and DR Congo to the south. It is one African country that has been engraved in civil and political unrest fro quite some time, but not all parts of the country are under conflict.

The capital Bangui is the place to be. Bangui receives a few hundreds of visitors each year, particularly visiting the lowland gorillas and elephants from Dzanga-Sangha National Park form south west CAR.

Flights to Bangui

Bangui Mpoko International Airport

(BGF) is the international airport that handles all Central African Republic flights with more than 7 airlines flying in and out of Bangui CAR. There are international airlines with flights to Central African Republic including Air France from Paris, Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines.

Direct flights to Bangui are rather not available but there are stops in Cameroon, then catch direct flights to Bangui from Douala airport or Yaoundé international airport. There are also one stop flights from Newyork to Bangui, from Washington, Tampa, Orlando and Fort Launderadale with Air Maroc


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