Why take a Tour in Chad?

High-priced, distant, and at times dangerous away from capital, Chad may be an extremely challenging place to go to; however through putting money in the effort as well as taking safety measures, travelers can get an unforgettable tourism experience. Found in the center of Africa, Chad is renowned for its huge areas of savanna scattered with traditional villages. The capital city of N’Djamena as well as the largest city, is among the sole urban places within a country even now dominated by a non-urban lifestyle. The attractive Tibesti Mountains together with Lake Chad are the most well known natural landmarks of Chad. Because of climatic change plus population pressurchad photoe, the lake today covers only 5% of its initial size, and must be on each adventure traveler’s list of places to visit in Chad.

What to see on a Tour in Chad?



This is a former capital of the strong Ouadaï sultanate, and encompassed by desert, this amazing town has maintained most of its oriental attraction, with fascinating mosques, stoned narrow streets as well as ancient markets.

Camel racing

Get a glimpse of a number of of the very-best camel in the world racing within the Tibesti Mountains,which are home of the ferocious Toubou tribe. The residents are distantly related to the tribe of the Tuareg found in Western Sahara. This amazing area of chasms plus crags has hardly ever been visited by non-Muslims and stays closed to all travelers, therefore it is best observed from a distance. It isn’t difficult to find since it has the Emi Koussi, a very high peak at 3,414m above sea level.

Lake Chad

Lake Chad should be visited, not simply because it used to be the centre of profitable salt trade in Africa and among the biggest freshwater lakes on the planet, but as well because you could be running out of the opportunity to see it as the Lake is shrinking. The best time to see the lake is from August up to December, as the water level is maximum and the periodic hippos or crocodiles can be seen moving by.


This is the capital city of Chad and it is slowly recovering its pre-war status as one of the liveliest cities in Central Africa. There are Bullet holes within the buildings that act as a reminder of the old troubled past, however the atmosphere is progressively encouraging.

National Museum

The museum has coN’Djamenallections from the Sarh culture going back to the 9th century. You will find a unique difference between the parts of town inhabited by Arab -it is extremely quiet at night and the section where the southerners stay which is lively and packed with bars.

Sip a cold beer

Taste Moundou’s beer which is among the finest in the country from the Gala Brewery

Explore through the historic quarter of N’Djaména

Which has a daily vibrant market, and is a interesting and a great place to buy some jewelry plus colorful Chadian rugs.

Zakouma National Park

Zakouma National Park is situated on an huge plain, and has the Bahr Salamat together with its tributaries flowing through it from north to south. The Chad government together with the EU have re-stocked and renovated this park because it was ravaged by poachers and the civil war. Today Visitors can see large herds of elephants, lions plus giraffes.


Which Tour Company or Tour Operator?

Chad is viewed as a wonderful tourist getaway destinations in Central Africa and for some time has been receiving countless guests journeying from different nations. The good news is that Chad has an abundance of tour operators plus firms that organize interesting tours to the different tourist destinations in the country. You can actually refer to them as for assistance in organizing your holiday in Chad.

Where to Stay On a Chad Tour?


There are many nice hotels within N’Djaména, however accommodation in other places is very restricted. There are a number of small hotels in Sarh – a modern day hotel complex within Zakouma National Park, plus other little hunting hotels within the southwest. It is recommended to make reservations earlier.

When to Go on a Tour in Chad?

The dry season from September up to June is the most recommended time to travel to the cities, although it is less likely that tourists are going to be doing a lot of that in the time to come. Rebel activity as well increases in that time; therefore the time from June to August could be the safest to visit, in case a little bit more inconvenient.

Are Chad’s people Friendly?

The peoLake-Chadple of Chad are extremely warm and welcoming and the state language of Chad is French

What is the Weather like in Chad?

In Chad, the yearly average rainfall is 322 mm. This figure is simply an estimate as the amount of rainfall differs greatly from place to place because of repeated droughts. Chad is generally an inland nation that comprises of 3 main agro-climate areas with a vast range of distribution of natural resources like biomass, water and land. These are briefly described below:

The Saharan zone having rainfall that is below 300 mm per year at the border with the desert in the northern area as the rainfall isn’t constant within this zone. It covers approximately 47 % of the total country’s expanse.

The sahelian zone in which rainfall between 300mm and 600 mm per year is experienced is in the central part of the country. The zone covers approximately 28 % of the country’s expanse.

The Sudanese zone that is characterized by rainfall that is over 600 mm per year (occasionally 1, 200 mm within the southern area). This zone stretches over 25% of the country’s expanse.

The highest volume of rainfall is received in July or August. And there are two main seasons the sahelian and the Sudanese zones:

  • The rainy season starting in June up to September;
  • The dry season starts in October up to May.

The evapo-transpiration covers 3, 000mm in a number of areas. The average temperatures each temperatures differing each and every month. The appropriate values are 28°C – 42°C throughout the day and 14°C at night. Within the northern part of the country, the temps differ from 13°C – 29°C in the month of January and then 25°C to 44°C in the month May. Within the south, the temps differ from 15°C to 34°C in January from 23°C to 35°C in the month

How to spend your Holiday in Chad

Although Chad is s landlocked country, it has some charming tourist attractions worth visiting. It has a beautiful yet varying landscape comprised of huge mountains, plateaus, rolling hills plus verdant valleys. The natural beautiful resources have made Chad a country worth visiting. The list below clearly highlights some of the top attractions you can visit while on your holiday in Chad.


N’Djamena is the capital of Chad which is gradually being restored to its grandeur following several years of internal wars that left several building plus streets greatly damaged. The city holds a daily market which is quite vibrant and colorful in which visitors can always pick a souvenir to remind them of their holiday. The National Museum in this city houses an assortment of items that date back to the 9th Century. And for people who enjoy having fun, the wonderful nightlife of N’Djamena is worth trying out.

Zakouma National Park

The Zakouma National park is intersected by river Bahr Salamat and some of its attributes. The park was established back in 1963, making it the first park in the country. Several years ago the number of wild animals greatly declined due to poaching and wars, but the restoration project which was started in 1989 has seen the numbers grow again and today the park holds over 40 different species of the animals among which are lions, giraffes and most of all is that it holds the largest population of elephants in the whole world. Furthermore there are well serviced accommodation facilities to cater for tourists. Zakouma is a place worth visiting!

Museums in Chad

Because of the rich cultural and historic background of Chad, most of its heritage and significant items are well kept in the different museums found in different parts of the country. Some of the prominent museums include: the National Museum found in N’Djamena in which are masks, weapons and musical instruments, Kotoko Museum with pottery, architectural items and historic instruments from the Kotoko plus the Sao, and the Museum of Abeche.


Faya is among the biggest oasis towns in the whole world and is situated in the heart of the vast Sahara Desert just north of the capital N’Djamena. The town has a small airport so it can be accessed by plane. It is a desert town worth visiting.

Lake Chad

More than 18 million people have survived on the water from Lake Chad, not only within Chad but also the neighboring states.  The lake is among the largest fresh water lakes in the whole world; although sadly the increasing human demand and climatic changes have seen its levels and size reduce.  The water levels are highest between August and December and it is highly recommended that you visit during this time to catch sight of crocodiles, hippopotami and other types of wild animals and not to forget the numerous migrating birds in the skies.


Chad is a very lively country not only during the day but in the nights too. The people enjoying having fun and being entertained! There are several happening spots particularly in the capital where you will find several nightclubs, with several bars and open air dancing platforms. In the non-Muslim regions, Pari matches are held almost every Saturday plus Sunday.

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