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Chad is a small country in North Africa, lying mostly under desert for the upper north but to the south, there is some savannah and green vegetation. Many Tourists don’t visit Chad and yet this destination has a wonderful eco-system.

What to see

Lake Chad– occupies a large part of the country in a deep depression although it is slowly drying up today due to high temperatures.

To the north is Ennedi desert, forming a section of the Sahara desert that stretches for the most part of Northern Africa. It is one of the most beautiful deserts on a high plateau often visited on Chad Luxury Vacations. The desert is visited by jeep and only other 4X4 vehicles-there is no better way to have a luxury desert safari in Chad than on a jeep! Find interesting rock formations in shapes of trees, animals like features that are traditionally related with the animals owned by the previous desert people. Within the desert is Lake Guelta hosting some crocodiles, fish and a major life resource for the surrounding desert villages

Chad has a number of small national parks although the most popular is the Zakouma National park for Chad holidays; this park is actually located in the southeast of the country between Sarh and Am Timan. This UNESCO world heritage site is under intense conservation efforts for the royal elephants that are in danger of extinction. It is surrounded by Bahr Salamat Faunal Reserve. More than 40 different birds are found here and animals like lions, giraffes, wildebeests, antelopes, and primates.

Chad travel

The best time to visit on Chad Africa safaris is all through the year. The dry season of march and April creates water holes which attract Zakouma wildlife and the rainy season makes herds of elephant migrate to other safer places than the muddy terrain in the park

Chad people are warm and welcoming although with several ethnic groups along with different languages. They consider their culture to be more important than their national. Majority of the people in Chad are Muslim with a small number of Christianity of which they base their practice on animals as the best sacrifice.

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