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Safari clothes for Men

Since time immemorial men have been known as the more adventurous sex. Whether that is true is a discussion for another day. Today we discuss men and safaris and what they should pack and wear on the ultimate adventure- a safari in Africa!

Safari clothing for men is not complicated if you know where you are going and what you need. Safari wardrobes are more about being practical rather than trendy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be both practical and trendy.

What to pack on an African safari


Men’s clothing is summarized in three items; trousers, shorts and shirts. Everything else is an accessory.

Trousers and shorts

Trousers are a man’s best friend on an African safari. They are warmth, protection from insects and bushes, and comfort all wrapped in one. Cargo pants or safari trousers are your best options for a safari anywhere on the African continent. They come in neutral colors, are made of comfortable material and have numerous pockets for carrying your bits and pieces.

Shorts in similar fabrics and makes are also good, especially for game drives and nature walks in open plains.

For game drives, birding, hiking, gorilla trekking, mountain climbing, and most other activities these should be comfortable.

Jeans can work too. But denim is quite heavy, absorbs heat, and in dark colors attracts insects. So we recommend khakis and cargo pants for safari activities. Jeans should be your last resort.

Try to have your trousers and shorts in neutral colors such as browns, greens, beige, even grays. Stay away from bright colors. The goals are comfort, and blending in.

Easy cotton shirts and jeans can be worn around the lodge or campsites, and on visits to nearby towns and villages. You can carry a apir of dress jeans for the occasional semi-formal dinner you might choose to have at one of the fancier hotels, or when you visit the more upscale towns.


Trousers and shorts can’t quite work without shirts. For the African safari, there are many safari shirts being sold in safari stores and online. These come in neutral colors, comfortable materials, and with pockets. Lots of pockets.

Casual cotton shirts, both long and short sleeved are good too. You can pack some of these. Again easy neutral colors. While white is neutral it is not practical for the African wilderness. There is so much dust and your white shirts will get dirty really fast. So brown, grey, green, beige, is the way to go.

There are some synthetic fabrics with moisture winking properties, if you can get shirts in some of those materials, pack those as well. In the tropical heat, you want to have moisture winking clothes on.


Safari footwear is important. And special attention needs to be paid to the safari boots especially. Good for hiking, trekking, mountain climbing and most activities in the wild, these are quite necessary for every man on safari. Buy your boots way before your trip and break them in so that you feet do not get blisters from unworn leather on safari. Get your feet and toes used to the boots. Make sure they are well fitting and have enough toe room especially if you are going mountain climbing. When you are trekking down the mountain, your toes are constantly shoved further into the boots, so you need enough toe room to be comfortable.

Also pack a pair of walking shoes and casual sandals for the much easier activities such as nature walks, village visits and relaxing around the camp site or lodge.


Basic accessories for the guy’s safari wardrobe include; a wide brim hat to shield you from the heat of the African sun, a pair or two of sun glasses- the sun is not only hot but really bright , you want to protect your eyes, and also make it easier for you to view your surroundings. You will also need a fleece or warm jacket for when it gets cold- the nights and morning can be really cold. If you can get a water proof jacket, please do, weather across the continent can be unpredictable, just because you are visiting in what should be the dry season doesn’t mean there will not be any rains.

Other accessories include a pair or more of warm socks, and hand gloves. If you are mountain climbing, a balaclava might be a good thing to add to your luggage.

Men’s Safari Clothing

Great men who have traveled say that it’s the only way to explore the world. Africa is an amazing continent that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It’s gifted by nature and has lots of wildlife, various bird species as well as gorillas which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. If you are a guy looking for an adventure and to explore the world, the best way to achieve your your dream is by going on a safari to Africa. There are so many adventurous activities for men on an Africa safari. There is white water rafting, mountain hikes, gorilla trekking, snorkeling, kayaking and bungee jumping.

Important questions asked when planning a safari trip to Africa include which destination to visit? When to visit and the very important “what clothes should I pack?”

Lightweight Clothes

This may sound a little hard but all you have to keep in mind is that safari clothing for men should be light. Recycling clothes is inevitable so your luggage should be easy to carry since you are likely to keep moving from one lodge to another. Try to make the journey easy and not hectic.
If you are packing men’s safari clothes, you should take note of the colours. Not all colors will work for you on a safari, the most recommended colors are neutrals and these include khaki, brown and tan. The advantage with these colors is that they bring you close to the true wilderness; you easily spot animals without distraction. If you want to ruin your safari, carry bright colors that will make you stand out from your surroundings. These are dangerous and often times scare away animals.
It is important to remember that Africa’s weather is hard to predict and so you are advised to pack short and long sleeved shirts. You never know what the weather will be like. When it’s hot, it’s scorching and when cold it’s freezing. Going for a safari is an all new amazing experience and so it will be better if you purchase new safari clothes and avoid packing the ones in the wardrobe. You will get the opportunity to pick clothes that are made of good material, right safari colors as well as light in weight. Remember comfort is important.
Laundry services may be offered at the lodge or hotel at a fee. If you are on a long safari and get tired of recycling, you can have your clothes washed and ironed.

Footwear is important

A pair of shoes or boots can make or ruin your safari adventure. Men sometimes over look this, thinking that whatever they have will work. Men who think like that have found safaris very difficult to enjoy. It is best that you purchase your shoes and make sure you wear them before your trip. They should be sturdy and long-lasting especially if you are to go on the guided walks. Endeavour to get shoes or boots that wrap the ankles. These will protect you from insects and bushes as you hike through the forest. High quality water-resistant boots or shoes are also recommended. Water- resistant boots or shoes are also recommended as long as they are of high quality.



Safari Jackets

It’s usually cold in the morning and late evening, so you will need to pack a safari jacket or even a bush jacket. These are mostly needed for the early morning game rides in the park. Remember to keep the colors natural and the material must be good enough to provide you with enough warmth. Functionality jackets will work out for you on your trip, you can easily move with small items such as binoculars, guide books and camera. Try to pack safari clothing that is functional.

Safari Hats

Safari hats come in handy especially when it gets too hot and you need to protect yourself from the scorching sun. Get yourself a safari hat with a wider brim that can enable you spot animals at a distance. A good pair of sunglasses will make a tremendous difference for your safari. Characteristics of a good safari hat must have a breathable material to allow perspiration. Waterproof hats will be good for the sudden rains. Your hat must be firm on your head and so you need a chin strap so that the wind doesn’t blow it off. A safari hat and a good pair of sunglasses can actually make you enjoy your trip a lot more.

The Best men’s Clothes

Functionality is crucial when choosing men’s safari clothing. The long and short sleeved shirts can be used at any time of the day depending on the weather. Shirts with many side pockets will be good for men; they can keep a few small items which may be need along the way. Men should try to find and wear khaki clothes for a neat and elegant look.

Avoid camouflage clothing; you could easily be mistaken for a poacher or hunter and arrested. The best clothes for men are designed with lightweight fabric made out of linen and cotton to absorb the heat and still make you comfortable on your safari. Remember to carry safari gear. If you are too busy to go out shopping, you can shop online. The prices are affordable and there is variety clothing that comes in different designs, sizes and colors; you are sure to find something to suit your needs. With the right Safari clothing, you can be sure to experience the true wilderness of Africa.

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