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Comoros Tours and Sights

Comoros is among the world’s poorest nations and therefore visitors shouldn’t anticipate finding lavish lodging, top quality restaurants, tourist infrastructure along with other luxury amenities.

Comoros however boasts of tropical paradise weather with 2 seasons. November to April is hot and damp rich in rain fall.  The rest of the year is cooler and drier, though in general, average temps within the coastal regions vary from 23C to 28C.

The people of Comoros are usually very friendly and welcoming and will be one of the things that will make your Comoros holiday worthwhile. Comoros consists of three islands. In French they are known as Grand Comore, Anjouan and Moheli, though formally they’re known by their Comorian language names that are Ngazidja, Nzwani and Mwali correspondingly. You will visit the three islands by plane or by boat. There are cheap domestic flights to Comoros with Air Services Comores and Comores Aviation.

Grand Comore

Grand Comore also known as Ngazidja is the biggest island in Comoros, and home from the capital Moroni. Aside from being the position of the country’s international airport you will find shops in Moroni, some hotels or even a nightclub. Moroni hosts among the country’s first mosques, Badjanani Mosque.

This island’s prominent attraction is Mt Karthala an active volcano and stated to become probably the most harmful within the world. The volcano is a well known destination for hiking.

You will find numerous island towns, a number of that have what are named as ‘Medina-style’ with several winding streets and alleys. This island is known for its pefume exports besides the exotic beaches


The island of Moheli Nzwani may be the littlest from the Comoros islands. However, it’s a beautiful destination and it has many natural points of interest including mountains, whale watching, fishing, boating, diving and snorkelling about the coral reefs, and hiking across the coastlines or perhaps in the forests. You will find most of the small , traditional towns where you can aquire a true sense for the culture the ones of Comoros and you will find always possibilities to purchase in your area made crafts.


Anjouan is a stylish island locally called Mwali, though this is actually the least safe from the Comoros islands due to clashes between African Union forces and digital rebel groups.


Comoros Flights

Comoros is an island nation situated off the coast of East Africa near the tip of the Madagascar Island. Comoros is a set of three islands of Grand Comore, Moheli and Anjouan, all of them beautiful and with tranquil beaches. If you think of going to Comoros on holiday, be an honest traveller and embrace a humble holiday escape.

This Islamic and Swahili culture country is quite unstable with many coups. The four developed islands offer everything from relaxing on white-sand beaches by turquoise seas to hiking through rainforests on the lookout for giant bats. Mount Karthala is a major tourist attraction in Comoros while Sazile is good for diving and swimming with the turtles.

Flights to Comoros

Moroni is the capital city of Comoros islands located on Grande Comore the biggest of all islands. The international airport is called Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport (airport code: HAH). Booking your Comoros flights in advance will help you secure cheap flights to Moroni Comoros with an online travel agent or website.

There are flights to Comoros from Paris, Orly and Marseille with Air France.  Flights from South Africa to Comoros are available with several airlines and you can choose a one or two stop flight. From Johannesburg one stop flights are with Air Austral via St. Denis or Kenya Airways via Nairobi. Other Cheap flights to Comoros are with South African Airways and Air Mauritius via Mauritius and St. Denis, Egypt air via Cairo or using Qatar Airways via Doha or Dubai and Sanaa