Congo photoCongo lies on the opposite site of the Congo River, often mistaken for the famous Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It can also be referred to as Congo Brazzaville for easy distinction form its neighbor. Congo is bordered by DR Congo the west, Angola to the south, Cameroon to the east and Central African Republic to the north. The Atlantic Ocean shares the Congo border on the South west

The country is covered by dense rainforests, savannah and coastal plains. It is another of the nations in the equatorial climate belt of Africa. The dry season begins in June and is short lived to mid September while the rains come during October and last until May


The capital Brazzaville is home to several of the species of wildlife and tourist attraction that Congo boasts of. The market is the main attraction in Brazzaville and sells food, clothes, and spices among others.

The undulating hill, dense forested valleys and flat plains are a lush habitat for chimpanzees, monkeys and gorillas. The lowland gorillas of Africa are the main attraction for tourists in Congo. Odzala National park is the sole park in Congo and the home for lowland gorillas although elephants, chimpanzee, baboons, and other smCongo photoall mammals are found in the park.

Pointe Noire beach on the Atlantic coast is a good site for wind surfing, beach walks and hang-gliding among other adventures. The beach also acts as a port to the fishing community in Congo and tourists who hire boats on deep sea fishing adventures. You may want to taste sea food and cuisines in Congo prepared on any other restaurants at the beach.

The country is rich in mineral and petroleum. You can visit the mines for cooper, uranium, zinc and others

Getting there

The main airport is in Brazzaville and it receives flights to Congo from Addis Ababa with Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya airways flights from Nairobi and other international airport and flights form Kinshasa, Paris and other destinations. Airlines with Congo flights include Air Gabon, Air France and many others. Trans Air Congo has daily domestic flights from Maya Maya Airport in Brazzaville to the Pointe Notre, Dolisie and Nkayi towns.

Congo photoCrossing to the border of Congo from DR Congo is by ferry or boat. There is a ferry service with routes from Kinshasa to Brazzaville for USD 25. There are passenger trains to Pointe Notre from Brazzaville.

The roads are murram and some are impassable after the rains. You’ll need a 4WD if you are visiting the countryside beyond Oyo! Alternatively, buses and taxis are used as public means of transports.

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