Cruises in Africa


Africa is a very huge continent comprised of more than fifty (50) very different countries which provides you with a wide variety of cruising opportunities. Africa has an infinite coastline and sits between the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean crowned by the Mediterranean Sea. Taking a cruise offers you a great way to get to know Africa and its scenic landscapes (from the gentle undulations, to the beautiful savannahs as well as the tropical forest covered isles), unique local cultures, plus the diverse wildlife. You will have an exciting tour from the comfort of your buoyant home base. African voyage schedules are usually anchored from South African ports usually Durban or Cape Town since most of the cruises join South Africa to South east Africa to countries such as Mozambique plus Kenya, or the islands on the India Ocean such as Mauritius plus Madagascar. These popular Indian Ocean islands that are blessed with beautiful beaches, unique plants as well as animals could make up a cruise by themselves with the warm shores of Seychelles which is a little more to the north. Some cruises head to Africa’s West coast featuring port calls in Senegal, Namibia, Cape Verde Islands plus Ghana.

Majority of the itineraries concentrate mostly on African ports however others provide intercontinental cruises that include African port calls with loading and offloading in the Middle East, Europe, United States of America, Asia as well as Australia. These trips might be part of lengthy world cruises or relocating voyages. In both cases however, the lengthy journeys that you have to take usually contribute to itineraries that extend for 20 days and above.

Whatever your voyage choice is, you will have a truly fun and unforgettable experience as well as a more in-depth understanding of Africa in generally.

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Things to do on a cruise to Africa

Africa is an extensive continent with magnificent scenery that is mostly undamaged and in a pristine state where you can take trip to the desert, then the highlands before proceeding to the plains in Serengeti. You can discover Africa’s unique and beautiful traditions which have been passed down from the through generations and previous occupants of the land. We have identified some significant adventures that you could take part in as you voyage through Africa.

Visit the pyramids of Giza Egypt

Enjoy a day on a memorable trip to Africa; you will be surrounded by numerous national parks in different parts of the continent which will provide you with the unique opportunity to get to see rhinos, elephants, lions, antelope, zebras and a number of other animals in person.

Discover the exceptional Egyptian civilization with a tour of the pyramids which are located in Giza plus walk in the footprints of Cleopatra on a voyage on River Nile. This is the best way to explore the Nile.

Explore the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

The history of Africa is not as popularly known as the one of Asia and Europe however when you take a trip to Africa, you make a number of stopovers which will provide you with greater insights of the important aspects of Africa’s history for example the Robben Island in South Asia as well as the castles in Ghana.

The Victoria Falls which are twice the size of Niagara Falls are an extra ordinary place. You can explore Victoria Falls as well as the tropical forest that encircles it and get an aerial perspective of the falls while flying over in a helicopter.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Cape Town in South Africa

Explore the vineyards that are situated on the western side of Cape Town in places like Franschhoek, Stellenbosch where you will get to see endless vineyards. Ensure that when you visit, you taste the exceptional wines made in these towns.

You can also go for surfing or sunbathing along the coastal area of Africa. As you tour the Africa, you will come across a number of pristine beaches next to the Red Sea, Atlantic Ocean as well as the Indian Ocean.

River Cruising in Africa

There are restricted inland cruises by rivers available specifically on River Chobe in Botswana which cuts through the exceptional Chobe National Park. You can choose your voyage depending on your preferences; the extraordinary nature as well as the diverse wildlife are very popular in Africa. You may choose to combine your cruise with safari opportunities in places with national parks such as Kenya, Uganda, South Africa (most cruise lines provide a bit of land safaris before or after the voyage).You might be interested in relaxing on the pristine beaches for example those in Seychelles, discover the coastal deserts and dunes like the ones in Namibia or to explore the tropical forest diversity for example the one in Madagascar. You could also prefer the wine country in the outskirts of Cape Town, the busy markets in Maputo in Mozambique, the entertaining Zulu traditional dancing and singing in Durban in South Africa.

Most of the Africa voyages take place on River Chobe in Botswana that also makes up a section of the border between Botswana and Namibia. River Chobe is very popular among cruisers because it is a passage to the magnificent Chobe National Park. Similar to other river voyages, you will spend most of your time on land compared to the water. The time spent on land involves exploring or in the adjacent countries like South Africa. It does not matter if you are on a 28 passenger Zambezi Queen ( a luxury vessel usually leased by companies like AmaWaterways, Abercrombie and Kent), three Chobe Princess houseboats which can carry 10 passengers or Pride of Zambezi (an upscale houseboat), you will receive great service, excellent food as well as authentic South African wines, diverse wildlife plus spectacular sunsets which are all a package deal.

A French river cruise line, CroisiEurope joined the market in 2018 on Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe alongside the African Dream and it can accommodate 16 passengers. Itineraries come with accommodation at a safari lodge in Namibia in addition with small boat trips on River Zambezi and Chobe which are joined by a canal. In 2020, CroisiEurope will put onto the market another vessel on the biggest artificial lake, Lake Kariba.

What you should know about River Cruising in Africa

There are a number of important things that you should be informed about before taking an African cruise.

Several Border Crossing

There will be a number of border crossings and a couple of charges that come with that, basing on your plans before and after the cruise. In case for instance you sleep at Victoria Falls, you will incur a visa charge for Zimbabwe costing $30 for travelers from North America and $50 for travelers from the U.S. You will also be charged $50 in case you cross to Zambia to explore Livingstone on the opposite end of the falls.

As long as you move ashore and take part in game drives, game-viewing cruises that take place in Chobe National Park on the Botswana end, while the vessel is on the Namibia side), you will leave Namibia and cross to Botswana on the other bank and vice versa on your way back home. It is not difficult however you have to fill your details in a form and then get a stamp on your passport. This is time consuming and also fills your passport so you need to ensure that you have not less than 5 free pages plus the passports should be relevant for the next six months after your return date.

There will be Bedtime

The African cruises do not accommodate any late night parties or loud music. All the ships are equipped with air conditioners, a few have ceiling fans as well as mosquito screens to keep out the mosquitos if you want to crack open a window and enjoy the evening air. It is highly soothing going to sleep to the fresh African air and distant roars of the wildlife.

Vaccinations and other Medications

Vaccinations are not mandatory unless you are travelling from countries with the likelihood of yellow fever. You might need to show evidence of vaccination at the border. You are advised to get your Hepatitis A and B, typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria as well as polio vaccines before travelling. There are not many insects on the waterbodies but on land countries, there is a likelihood of contracting malaria therefore it is recommended that you talk to your doctor about getting some antimalarial drugs.

Don’t Expect much Sailing

The river cruises in Africa are unique. Ships can only move a 15 mile distance of River Chobe before they are active but not excessively busy in the same mid river moorings. There is hardly any traffic when you set out on the river. You will be surrounded by water and open space. The vessels on Lake Kariba sail between the islands and the shore with spectacular game viewing.

Look forward to total relaxation

If you reserve one of the Chobe Princesses, Zambezi Queen or Pride of Zambezi, you can have up to a four night itinerary. We recommend at least three nights because based on the activities you will get involved in, you might need some time to fully take in the beauty of your surroundings. You can look out for leopards, elephants, hippos crocs as well as birds seeking to quench their thirst. There is a lot more flexibility on houseboats. You can opt to take part in a few of the activities offered or you can do most of the activities. The CroisiEurope itineraries join three nights of accommodation with cruises on small boats as well as three nights on Lake Kariba

Adjust to the African Time and Pace of doing things for the best experience

While in Africa, you need to modify your expectations of service delivery since members of the service team might experience some difficulty comprehending you and the reverse could true for you. While on the cruise, you should slow down your speaking so that communication is easier. If that is worked upon, you will have an excellent time in Africa.

Best time for taking a Cruise to Africa

The best time to take an African cruise starts from either October or November until May. While making a reservation for an African cruise, you will probably come across longer repositioning cruises such as African ports as the beginning or concluding place on intercontinental cruises. December plus January are usually swamped with voyages especially for those that work outside South Africa.

There are exceptions for the isles on the Indian Ocean during that time period with itineraries throughout the year passing through the Seychelles combined with Madagascar’s July alternatives.

Africa is vast and it has different climatic conditions as well as geology from the deserts of Namibia to the rainforests in Madagascar however it is usually warm in Africa all year long. Most African cruises take place in the Southern Hemisphere therefore the seasons will be totally different for tourists from the United States of America since while South Africa is experiencing summer, America is experiencing winter.

Schedule your cruise at a time when the events you are interested in are taking place such as harvest time in South Africa’s wine lands is at its peak in March. Although the ideal safari period depends on the location, the perfect time for Kenya trips is during January to March.

The ideal time to take a voyage on Chobe River is during the hot season during the months of May to November when animals use the river to quench their thirst as well as to cool their overheated bodies. Animals include hippos, lions among others.

9 Best Cruise Lines to Africa

Africa is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean as well as the Indian Ocean and therefore is encircled by important ports that enable tourists to explore this majestic continent. Take a trip to Africa’s Gold Coast that is on the Atlantic Ocean in addition to Senegal plus Ghana and make a stopover at the tropical Cape Verde islands. In the southwest region of Africa lies the plains and plateaus located in Namibia between Kalahari Desert which is commonly toured on voyages that focus on South Africa’s main ports of Durban plus Cape Town. In the east, you can opt for snorkeling off the coast of Madagascar or choose to cruise to the majestic Seychelles.

Below we bring you some of the best cruise lines you can use on your Cruise in Africa that will offer you a luxury holiday experience.

Norwegian Dawn

It can accommodate 2340 passengers, has a crew of 1032, and was launched in 2002. The Norwegian Dawn is a vessel that you will fall in love with and overlook its flaws. It was set up in 2002 and it was the third in the Norwegian fleet that admitted the line’s Freestyle Cruising idea (numerous bars, restaurants plus entertainment). This ship has remained up to date with a number of restorations with the last one, a 2016 refurbish of the cabin decor, public spaces as well as construction of new restaurants plus bars. Its relatively old age brings about a few negligible troubles however the great vibe of the passengers as well as the crew  in addition to a variety of choices to suit everybody’s needs ensures that majority of the passengers enjoy the time they spent on the ship.

Norwegian Cruise Line is a well known cruising company which stresses “Freestyle Cruising” which entails having a fun stress-free holiday where you can have a great time with family or friends. This cruise line has been in existence from 1966 and has applied the freestyle idea in every part of the cruising adventure ranging from great entertainment, fine dining to cozy lodging. Norwegian cruise line ships travel to a number of destinations such as tropical Africa or arctic and has amazing holiday itineraries suitable for any traveler.

Accessibility for the handicap: the cruise line provides accommodation facilities for travelers that are disabled and admits service animals, braille as well as special rooms.

Dining: Indulge in freestyle dining on the Norwegian cruise line in addition to the unique restaurants for example Le Bistro, The Haven Restaurant, Ocean Blue as well as Cagney’s plus a number of grills, bars, cafes and pubs.

Entertainment: have fun with the Norwegian Cruise Line’s onboard entertainment in addition to Cirque Dreams, Howl at the Moon dueling pianos, Broadway productions, Second City comedy clubs among others.

Onboard Activities: Take part in Norwegian Cruise Line’s onboard activities such as dance clubs, duty free shops, ropes courses, water parks, sports courts, arcades, casinos plus many more.

Spa and Fitness: You can take part in the Norwegian Cruise Line’s training programs, fitness centers or just unwind at the spa with facials, massages, acupuncture as well as body wraps.

Special Events: There are a number of themed cruises like popular rock themed cruised by a partnership made with Sixthman.

Staterooms: Norwegian Cruise Line provides numerous staterooms such as solo-traveler studio rooms, suites, balconies that offer ocean views, interiors as well as mini-suites.

Youth Programs: There are a number of Norwegian Splash Academy youth programs as well as cruising with children in any age group.


The Azamara cruise which was founded in 2007 offers top notch luxurious cruising experience that is filled with special comforts and comes with unique itineraries that differentiate it from other ships. The crew offers some additional small touches that will make your holiday experience enjoyable and very memorable. The Azamara Cruises go to various ports on the different continents they visit during which its guests will get an opportunity to appreciate the time on and immerse in the destinations.

Accessibility: for the handicapped the Azamara club cruises offer special handicapped accessibility as well as unique accommodations for people with special needs or disabilities.

Dining: there are a number of dining options aboard Azamara club Cruises among which are the following: room service, the Prime C, The Living Room Lounge, Aqualina, Windows Café, The Wine Cellar and Discoveries Restaurant

Entertainment: On the Azamara club Cruises there are several entertainment options including the Cabaret Lounge, The Living Room, casino, bars, Discoveries Lounge, pool-side parties, Mosaic@Night and live music dancing and lounges.

Onboard activities: among the onboard activities on Azamara club Cruises are computer classes, culinary classes, guest lectures, enrichment programs, duty-free shopping, trivia and several games, among many others.

Fitness and spa club: enjoy the Azamara club Cruises’ Saloon, fitness center that offers sessions with a personal trainer and a spa that offers different treatments such as acupuncture, facials and massages

Special events: Among the special events offered on this Cruise include the presidential voyage during which the Azamara president hosts several cocktail parties and other events. There are also different themed cruises you can enjoy.

State-rooms: the Azamara club Cruise offers deluxe rooms each with fine linens plus toiletries; they include: private verandas, Club Suites, ocean views, balconies.

Uniworld River cruises

This is also known as the only bona fide boutique Cruise line offering well tailored voyages to different continents across the world. This Cruise line that was founded in 1976 has won several awards taking a maximum of 150 passengers on each voyage to offer each guest the finest service onboard. In case you are looking for a cruise line that will enrich you, offer serenity as well as an adventurous voyage then the constantly expanding Uniworld River cruise line is the right place to be.

Accessibility: Uniworld boutique River cruises offer guests that are handicapped, disabled or with special needs quick access on their ships with special rooms tailored for them

Dining: enjoy the fine cuisines prepared on the Uniworld boutique River cruises as you explore the different dining options available during which the chefs will prepare you delicious dishes using freshly acquired ingredients.

Entertainment: the Uniworld boutique River cruises offer various entertainment options on board such as performances by local musicians and dancers.

Onboard activities: activities like fresh dining, sightseeing on the river, sun decking on the lounge and boutique shopping are some of the onboard activities on the Uniworld River cruises

Spas and fitness: enjoy the serenity at the River spa, saunas, swimming pools and jacuzzis on the UniWorld River cruises.

Special events: among the special events offered by the Uniworld boutique River cruises include culinary themed epicurean programs, and Christmas market voyages.

Staterooms: the Uniworld River cruises offer various staterooms such as the presidential suites, Junior suites, owner’s suite and standard suite; each of these is well finished with beautiful interior decoration

Youth programs: the Uniworld boutique River cruises offer sailing voyages that are conducive for families traveling with children the offer special tours, menus and games

Crystal Ocean Cruises

This is an expensive cruise line which gives comforting top-notch cruising experience on its two (2) ships. In fact it is so wonderful. The Crystal Ocean Cruises has consecutively worn awards from several authorities such as Travel & Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler, because of its well tailored itineraries plus cruises focused on destinations that offer her guests an opportunity to enjoy the different destinations with very luxurious accommodation and great service that will make you return over and over, as you enjoy a crystal clear experience.

Accessibility: This ship conveniently provides quick access and movement for its special need guests and those that are disabled with special stateroom and elevators.

Dining: Tasty aroma banquets are prepared in all of the Crystal Ocean Cruises ships, visit any the Prego Italian food point, the main dining, Silk Road, sushi bar, the vintage room wine bar, lido café and ice cream bar for a scrumptious treat.

Entertainment: These ships have interesting entertainment performances such as Broadway-style productions, lounges, onboard movies, several bars, casino, celebrity entertainers as well as guest speakers.

Onboard Activities: there are various onboard activities you can engage in such as Creative Learning classes, duty-free shopping, and Crystal Visions lecture series as well as Computer University at Sea

Spa & Fitness: Enjoy luxurious relaxation at the spa which offers different treatments as well as the amazing fitness center on the crystal Ocean cruise ships. it also offers programs like Nordic walking programs, golf lessons, and dance classes.

Special Events: Crystal Ocean Cruises offer a number of special themed voyages that include: ballroom dancing, guest speakers, music, wine, golf, film as well as theatre.

Staterooms: Enjoy the ship’s expensive nice looking staterooms, which include deluxe staterooms that have verandas and staterooms offering an ocean view; each of these is supplied with nice bath products by Aveda.

Youth Programs: Crystal Ocean Cruises offers youth programs for different ages starting from 3 years to 17 years in addition to a baby-sitting area. Among these programs are the Waves for teenagers, and the Fantasia program.


The Cunard Cruise line offers a classic, charming and stylish cruising experience. With several years of cruising excellently, the Cunard Cruise Line enhances it’s guests’ cruising experience while not compromising it’s expensive traditions and gracefulness; in simple terms you would say you will enjoy great luxury in a spacious environment. During its visits to the different continents it’s guests will engage in various activities and experiences ranging from historical cultural experiences to the tropical getaways to soothe your mind. it offers various itineraries that will definitely change your mind about using at the ocean liners

Accessibility: it’s offers special accessibility to its handicapped as well as special needs guests and those with disabilities. There are also several accommodations tailored for such guests

Dining: there are several dining options aboard among which are: Golden Lion Pub, Queens Grill, Kings Court, Princess Grill, Todd English, Britannia restaurant as well as Queens Room.

Entertainment: be part of the wide-ranging onboard entertainment options which include: karaoke, live music, Queens Room dancing, the Royal Court Theatre, Royal Night Theme Balls as well as Commodore Club entertainment among many others.

Onboard: activities the Cunard Line offers a wide variety of onboard activities such as dance classes, Cunard Insights lectures, golf simulators Book Clubs, deck games, computer lab, afternoon tea, duty-free shopping, art galleries and sports courts among others.

Spa and fitness: enjoy the Royal spa relaxing the beautiful pools as well as unwind in the ranch spa club that offers various treatments that range from Ayurvedic experiences to soothing massages.

Special Events: among the special event offered by the Cunard Line are: shore expeditions with wine lectures with tasting, special voyages with elite speakers and different activities.

State-rooms: there are various luxurious staterooms, such as the Queen & Princess Grill Suites, with balconies offering ocean views. Each of the other staterooms has a beautifully adorned interior with a characteristic Cunard’s style.

Youth Programs: Cunard Line offers youth programs from the age of 2 to 17year, such as the Teen Zone perfect for those from 13 to 17 years, the Kids Zone perfect for those from 8 to 12 years and then the Play Zone  perfect for those from 2 to 7 years,.

Holland America Line

Established in 1873, the Holland American Line is a first-class expensive cruise line that offers its guests a great experience within an ambience that is relaxed yet formal. Their long service in the transportation as well as shipping business has bettered their service to perfection so you can be certain that you will have a wonderful cruising experience. Their ‘Signature-of-Excellence’ implies that there is steady improvement modernization of their ships to the current trend which guarantees an enjoyable and memorable onboard experience for its guest. Besides having some of the really spacious staterooms among vessels of the same class, the Holland American line takes you to various continents and touches some of the most unique destinations through their beautifully planned itineraries.

Accessibility: it offers quick accessibility of the handicapped, disabled and special needs guests including those with hearing impairment and oxygen needs. There are also special services for guests that come with their pets.

Dining: Holland America offers a number of places for dining aboard such as the main dining room, Pinnacle Grill, Master Chef’s Room, Canaletto, Lido Restaurant, Tamarind and room service among others.

Entertainment: immerse in the various forms of entertainment aboard the Holland America Cruise such as lounges, BB King’s Blues Club, bars, an onboard theater, indoor & outdoor movie screens and a casino.

Onboard Activities: duty-free shopping, culinary classes, sports courts, digital workshops, art galleries, pools and regional experience are some of the onboard activities to enjoy on Holland America Cruise

Spa & Fitness: the salon, the greenhouse spa and fitness center that offers various fitness classes are part of the package aboard of Holland America Cruise. Some of the ships also have Hydrotherapy pools.

Special Events:  the EXC In-Depth Expeditions or Signature Experiences particular cities are some of the special events offered by the Holland America Cruise


There are deluxe cruise state-rooms, such as the Vista Suites, Pinnacle, Signature and Neptune, plus balconies that offer ocean views.

Youth Programs: the Holland America Cruise offers programs for those aged from 3 to 17 years plus very professional programs for babysitting.

MSC Cruises

The MSC Cruise Line that combines the Italian beauty and the European mode of service was established in 1987 and offers a remarkable cruising experience. Many of its newer ships that are part of the fleet make voyages to all parts of the world offering her guests a diverse range of destinations to explore. iit offers a  tranquil lavish onboard experience with reasonably-priced luxury accommodation with European hospitality offering you ample time to relish in your time aboard the MSC Cruise Ships.

Accessibility: Learn about MSC Cruises’ handicap accessible cruises and accommodations for guests with disabilities or special needs, including dietary restrictions, audio and visual impairments and mobility issues.

Dining: there are several places to enjoy your dining experience on the MSC Cruises such as: the Galaxy Lounge, Main Restaurant, L’Etoile, La Locanda Pizzeria, La Palmeraie, Eataly and the Ristorante Italia.

Entertainment: there are several places you can explore for entertainment on the MSC Cruises such as: theater shows, 4D movies, casino games, video arcade, bars, bowling and lounges among others.

Onboard Activities:  among the onboard activities to engage in are: duty-free shopping, aqua parks, sports courts, water slides, pools, art auction, and fitness classes.

Spa & Fitness: the Aurea Spa offers a sauna, whirlpool bath and a steam room, there are also wellness classes like nutrition, yoga and dance – plus fitness centers.

Special Events: there are a number of themed cruises in Africa like the baseball themed cruises

State-rooms: MSC Cruises offers various staterooms including nice suites with balconies offering ocean views, well-appointed MSC Yacht Club fashionable retreat and inner staterooms.

Youth Programs: some of the MSC Cruise ships allow kid to sail for free. There are various programs for kids from 3 to 17 years such as the Junior Clubs and DoremiLand’s Mini.

Silversea Cruises

The Silversea Cruises has been in operation since 1994 offering guests a luxurious cruising experience that comes with celebrated service that will offer you a memorable holiday. It has a fleet of six (6) all-suite ships that cruise to different destinations all over the world following skillfully tailored itineraries that have been drawing to offer guests a wonderful time. While aboard you won’t failed to notice the five-star luxury service offered by the well trained crew

Accessibility: Silversea Cruises offers easy accessibility on all its cruise ships for persons that are disabled or have special needs. There are also specially tailored room for such guests

Dining: Silversea Cruises offers a wide-range of dining services onboard as you explore the different options including:  the elegant Restaurant, in-suite dining, the Italian-inspired La Terrazza, Seishin Restaurant Le Champagne, Pool Grill and Stars Supper Club.

Entertainment: on all of the Silversea cruises are various entertainment options you can enjoy such as the Pool Bar, Broadway-style productions, the lively Observation Lounge and casino games.

Onboard activities: as part of the numerous onboard activities on the Silversea cruises are dance classes, duty-free shopping, enriching courses, fitness classes, cooking demonstrations, internet cafes and bingo

Spa & fitness: the Silversea cruises offer holidaymakers an opportunity to relax at the spa, fitness centers as well as the salons. Enjoy hot stone massages, facial treatments and aromatherapy.

Youth programs: the Silversea cruises do not have any form of youth program however children of all ages beginning from 6 months are allowed onboard in the company of an adult of 21 years and more.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

The Regent Seven Seas Cruises is another high-end lavish cruise line that was established after Seven Seas Cruises and Radisson Cruises combined in 1992, and it offers an all inclusive cruising experience on a small ship. It offers professionally tailored itineraries to different enjoyable destinations among the 300 different ports that it visits to offer its guest a very remarkable holiday experience. The Regent Seven Seas Cruises has a fleet of three well maintained posh ships that come with a wide array of utilities and comfort. The beautiful interior decoration, excellent cuisine and very professional butler services will certainly sweep you off your feet.

Accessibility: Regent Seven Seas Cruises offer quick accessibility for special need persons or disabilities, as well as the handicapped

Dining: as part of the unique dining experiences offered by Regent Seven Seas Cruises, you can visit the Compass Rose, the Pool Grill, the Prime 7 steakhouse, the casual La Veranda or the Signatures French cuisine among many other options

Entertainment: be part of the mesmerizing entertainment onboard of the cruises as you visit the various options including: Broadway-style revues, bars, cabarets, cigar lounges, casino games and the Cirque-style performances among many others.

Onboard Activities: there are various activities you can engage while onboard of the Regent Seven Seas Cruises such as duty-free shopping, enrichment courses, pools, internet café and guest lectures among many others.

Spa & Fitness: Regent Seven Seas Cruises offer its guests an opportunity to unwind at the spa where they can enjoy different treatments including good massages, the fitness center that offers different sessions and the saloon for facial make-up and hair styling.

Special Events: among the special events offered by the Regent Seven Seas Cruises are spot light voyages and luxury themed voyages

Staterooms: Regent Seven Seas Cruises offers its guest a number of magnificent all-suit accommodation options such as Penthouse Suites, Master Suites, Window Suites, Grande Suites, Deluxe Suites as well as Horizon Suites.

Youth Programs: the available youth programs on Regent Seven Seas Cruises are for ages six (6) and above and are available during selected holiday cruises and particular summer voyages.