Djibouti is

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located in the Horn of Africa bordered by Eritrea in the north, Somalia in the south, Ethiopia to the west and in the east by the Red Sea and the Gulf of Eden. It is one of the least known countries in Africa.

The country

is believ

ed to have existed more than 1000 years ago. Formerly a French colony, Djibouti is predominantly an Islamic nation occupied by Somalis and Afar people

Tourist Attractions

Djibouti city is the capital city and is a vibrant city in trade and people. Although the country is in war prone Africa, many people or travellers are brought to think that the capital in wars. Some of the attractions in the main city include the Mosque and the central markets.

Tadjoura is one of the oldest towns in Djibouti overlooking the majestic Goda Mountains. It was a former slave trade centre and today lives to make a border between the Issa and Afar villages. The beaches are remarkable on diving adventures, snorkelling to the superb coral gardens and reefs.

The Goda djibouti photoMountains are a sacred place in Djibouti. The highest peak is standing at 1750m above sea level North West on the Gulf of Tadjoura. The Foret du day National park is the only park in Djobouti is and found in these towering mountains. The tombs of the foremer religious leadess Sheikh Abu Yazid and others are found in the Goda Moutains. It is these tombs that make this place a sacred site in Djibouti

The coast on the Red Sea is a significant destination on Djibouti Holidays. The Bay of Ghoubeet is occasional sighted with whale sharks while the white sand beaches on Moucha Island are good for beach holiday activities. October to January is the best time to catch sight of the whales and dolphins of Djibouti at le Lagon Bley

Part of the country is under the semi-desert. Lac Abbe is a unique place to visit in Djibouti. The desolate area was the setting of the film Plant of the Apes. It is majorly defined by limestone chimney plains and the mineral rich hot springs that attract several herds of livestock (Camel and goats) keeping communities in Djibouti.

Getting there

The main airport is located 5km from the capital Djibouti city. There are flights to Djibouti from Paris France on Air France, Addis Ababa & Dire Dawa in Ethiopia with Ethiopia Airways, flights to Asmara with Eritrean Airlines and other international airlines from Dubai (Dallo Airlines), Nairobi Kenya (Kenya Airways) and others.

Travel to Djibouti by road via the bordedjibouti photor at Ethiopia and Eritrea using public buses or taxis. A bus from Dire Dawa in Ethiopia takes 12 hours to reach Djibouti City!

Alternatively, travel by sea is by traditional dhows that often have routes to Yemen. The journey takes nearly 20 hours to reach the port Mokha in Yemen.

The dry months run form May to September, cool temperatures setting in before the start of the rainy season that begins in October to April.

Hotels and Accommodation

There are some options for accommodation in Djibouti City such as hotels and traveler’s hostels. Some of the recommended options include La Maison Blanche (B&B), Auberge Sable Blance (Guesthouse), Hotel de France Djibouti, Hotel Ali Sabieh, Menelik Djibouti Hotel and Hotel Horseed among others.
Djibouti is located in Eastern Africa, surrounding the Gulf of Aden along with the Red Sea between Eritrea and Somalia. Although Djibouti is a desert land, it also has beautiful attractions that will attract you to visit the country.Lac Abbe is such a famous destination with a wonderful landscape of stone chimneys, the flamingos surround ring the lake and the desolated desert that is usually visited by the tourists to ride on the cameral.

Tdjibouti photoadjoura is known to be the oldest town in Djibouti and it’s the capital of Tagjourah region. It lies on the Gulf on Tadjoura.Its a coastal area with great reefs, rickety atmosphere and for those who love diving and snorkeling; it’s the best destination to visit. The most exciting thing about Djibouti is that its capital city is located on a peninsular and it has a beautiful ambience that is more like that of France. The markets are standard with all the products sold and more in particular the local narcotic leaf khat that is imported from Ethiopia.Norcotic is more liked by people than khat

When to Visit Djibouti

The country has a hot weather all year round but with some winter months between November and March. There are the best months to visit Djibouti. Rain is usually scarce although the best months for rain are December and January

Travel Warning

By now, Djibouti could be a settled country but a mere fact that it borders Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea; this has been a problem to the country with many immigrants. Fortunately the big population is Muslim, American as well as the French troop deployment.Torrorist attack is not common and the crime rate is low although people are hostile to each other. Homosexuality is forbidden.

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