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The Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) is located in the heart of Africa sheltered by dense tropical rainforest that stretch across its borders in north east for Rwanda and Uganda. The rich tropical rainforests are home to some rare endemic species like Chimpanzee, mountain gorillas, okapi and the white rhino.

Tourist Attractions in DR Congo

Although rarely visited, the country is gifted with several game parks such as the Virunga volcanoes park it share with Rwanda. Gorilla trekking in DR Congo is quite popular in this park and regular sights include the coy Mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, and some 200 species of wild birds. Ituri forest reserve is occupied by Okapi wildlife reserve home to some 1500 mammals like large populations of the okapi, scenic views of waterfalls from Ituri river and epulu river. Other interesting game parks include Garamaba, Lantoto and Kahuzi-biega national park. Animals here include hippos, savannah giraffe, buffalos, hartebeest, golden cat, leopard, lions, warthog, antelopes, mongoose among other game Air France flightsspecies. Birds within these parks include herons, ibisis, egrets, bitterns, duck, geese, darters, cormorants, skimmers, shoebills, open bills, ospreys, gulls, francolins, warblers and weavers can also be found in National Parks at Democratic Republic of Congo.

Lake Edward and Albert bordering Congo with Uganda are some other spectacular places for fishing, boat rides, bird watching and schools of hippos. Take some time off and experience the culture and lifestyle of the Batwa people and pygmies living within central Congo forests. Buy your self Congo crafts and sculptures for gift and safari memoirs

Flights to Congo

International travel and arrivals into DR Congo are handled in Kinshasa, the capital city. The city is located near Congo River and is particularly known for its gold mining and fishing communities. N’djili airport is another hub for arrivals and domestic flights.DRC has other airports of about two hundred and other airstrips spread around the country. It’s acknowledged that air is the viable mode of transport and there are other domestic airlines operation and it’s the only way you can tour round  the Democratic Republic of Congo

International and regional airline that service DR Congo include Air France, Brussels airlines, Hewa bora Airways, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Wimbi Dira Airways and other smaller regional fliers. Departures cities in Europe include London, Southampton UK, direct flights to Kinshasa from Paris and other African major towns like Nairobi Kenya , Johannesburg South Africa, Entebbe, Accra Ghana, Lusaka Zambia .

DRC is famous for its four worldwide airports and these include Bangoka international Airport offering services to the middle town of Kisangani, Lubmubashi international Airport serving the southern provinces and Goma international Airport in the region of Goma in the south of the Country

Book your air tickets to Congo and find cheap Congo flights from different websites that offer cheap travel fares into Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, Luano and also Kolwezi airport. Travel in the low season January to March for the cheap DR Congo Flights and also in April to September. There are also some Congo tour and travel operators who can book and arrange cheap flights to DR Congo as part of your DR Congo safari and tour package.

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