Garamba National Park

Garamba National park is located in the north eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is one of the oldest national parks in Africa established in March 1938 and today is listed as an endangered habitat on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

The park is bordered by Southern Sudan to the north east and occupies an area of 4020 sq km. the park’s vegetation is mainly made of grasslands, papyrus marshs, savannah woodlands, and riparian forests . It is estimated that there are approximately 1,000 vascular plant species, of which some 5% are endemic. Rivers Aka, Garamba and Dungu are part of the water catchment system in Garamba Park.


The park was named on the list of endangered parks in Africa since more activity by poachers for white rhinos and elephant ivory was on the rise. Some of the mammals in the park include savannah giraffe, forest elephants, hippo, forest buffalo, waterbuck, olive baboon, hartebeest, colobus monkey, kob, golden cat, warthog, bush pig, roan antelope, mongoose, de brazza monkey, chimpanzee, colobus monkey, vevert monkey and the endangered white rhinos.



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