Why Visit Egypt?

Egypt is an old country; Also Cairo has been in existence since 969 CE. There is busy, then there is Egypt busy. Within the cities you will see a large number of bikes, cars, donkeys, motorbikes and tractors moving about in all directions without clear lanes or traffic lights control signals.

Last but not least, is amazing Egypt. There are many things to see for you actually believe. visit the Sphinx, The beautiful Great Pyramid, the stunning Red Sea, and then Alexandria and Ginger a donkey .

there is no place filled with natural wonder like Egypt!

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What to see on a Tour in Egypt?

I have list the best places to visit while in Egypt below – including the renowned Pyramids of Giza to the stunning tomb strewn Valley of the long ago Kings in Luxor, places off-the-beaten-track including Dahab on the coast of the Red Sea and Siwa in the distant north east

The Pyramids of Giza


Listed among the Seven Wonders of the World, the spectacular pyramids at Giza are the world’s most ancient tourist attraction! Called Mycerinus, Cheops and Chephren, these pyramids were over 2,000 yrs . old when a Greek historian -Herodotus visited them (back in the 5th century BC).


A professional group of stonecutters, mathematicians, surveyors and masons did the work of constructing the Pyramids, and 100,000 slaves used to execute the backbreaking work of shifting and laying stones.

Up to now one hundred and thirty eight pyramids have been discovered across Egypt. Most constructed as tombs for the Pharaohs together with their consorts in the Old and Middle time Kingdom. All the pyramids of Egyptian were constructed on the western bank of river Nile, and they contain a network of passage ways, created to safeguard the Mummies of those Pharaohs plus the treasure that they would go with to the afterlife.

Abu Simbel

Megypt photoaybe the most amazing temple of all historical Egypt, having its huge rock-cut façade, the wonderful Sun Temple of King Ramses II found at Abu Simbel was designed to honor the mighty pharaonic leader King Ramses II. There are 4 popular colossal statues of this pharaoh himself guarding the doorway to this temple.


the whole temple was cautiously angled and concentrated so that the rays of the sun would align two times in a year on the day of his ascension to his throne (on 21st February) and also on his birthday (on 21 October) and light up the interior sanctum of this temple.

Valley of the Kings, Luxor

Luxor Home of the renowned Valley of the Kings as well as Temple of Karnak, Four thousand year old; is the true old Egypt at it’s finest. Best places include the Valley of the Queens, renowned Valley of the Kings, plus the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut. This Valley of the Kings is scattered with frequently extremely decorated tombs, built to once hold the royal sarcophagi-enclosed mummies of the great pharaohs waiting for their passage into after-life. Among the best recognized tombs are those of Amenhotep II, Ramses II, King Tutankhamen and Seti I.

Siwa Oasis


Siwa, previous among the most mysterious oases of Egypt, is as well the most amazing. The present day Siwa town is found among dense palm groves, olive orchards, walled gardens and with several freshwater springs plus salt lakes. the Siwan people possess their unique culture, customs plus language. the Women todate put on traditional costume highly crammed with locally crafted vintage silver ornaments. There’s a lot to do in Si;, walk, ride a bicycle or ride in a donkey cart to explore the historical fortress of Old Shali – built with salt plus mud-brick, explore the Mountain of the Dead – Roman necropolis covered with lots of rock-cut tombs, the Cleopatra’s Bath plus the famous Temple of the Oracle among others.

Other places include:

Tutankhamun’s Treasures



Bahariyya Oasis



Which Tour Company or Tour Operator?

Egyegypt photopt is probably the leading tourist destinations in Africa and for many years this nation has been receiving a number of visitors coming from all parts around the globe.

Luckily the country has lots of tour companies which can coordinate for you an extremely unforgettable tour to the various tourist sites spread throughout the country. Make certain the company you choose to use is listed with the acknowledged tour organizations in the country.

Where to Stay on a Egypt Tour?

There are various acoomodation options in Egypt and these include:


Egypt features some gorgeous luxury hotels and resorts placed in landscaped gardens, warm guesthouses, ancient hotels, desert camps and eco-lodges which offer good monetary value.

Hotels are ranked 1-5 stars, even though standards in every category may vary to those anticipated in similarly rated hotels in European countries. Standards are bettering considerably with more focus being put on service and offering improved facilities. All hotel classes should now possess wheelchair access.

Bed and breakfast:

The major towns possess smaller, less expensive guesthouses which are usually filled with character and managed by a family. They provide the opportunity to interact more with the Egyptian people. The Standards differ greatly from basic but clean to the extremely basic where carrying your own bed sheets is recommended.


Desert camps are well-liked and there are many places across the country to relish a night beneath canvas, especially at budget fashion resorts on the Sinai coast and in organised trips to the Desert in the Western. Egypt isn’t such a great place for random camping plus caravanning since there are several security restrictions set up to safeguard the tourist industry.

When to Go on a Tour in Egypt?

Egypt is a year-round destination – even though the summer months may be specifically hot, particularly in southern Egypt in Luxor as well as Aswan. The ideal time to go to Egypt is starts in September to April. Also Christmas, Easter plus New Year are very well-liked times to go to Egypt, so I recommend reserving early in case you hope to go to Egypt in those times.

How much does a Egypt Tour cost?


Are the people of Egypt Friendly?

Without egypt photodoubt, the men and women of Egypt are definitely welcoming and friendly.

Almost all Egypt’s residents live within the Nile valley plus the delta, and the remaining portion of the country (nearly 96% of the total land mass of Egypt) is sparsely inhabited. The majority of modern Egyptians are of an intricate ethnic mixture, as they descended from the old Egyptians, Turks, Berbers, Greeks, sub-Saharan Africans and Arabs. The official language is Arabic; most educated Egyptians as well speak English plus French. Nearly 90% of the population is Sunni Muslims, and the majority of the remainder is Coptic Christians


What is the Weather like in Egypt?


Summer: Temperatures throughout Egypt plus Jordan are in general high, especially in the summer months starting in May up to September, as the sun is usually intense, so carry enough sunscreen.

Winter: Within Cairo plus the Nile Delta area, winter (from October to February) is usually cooler – therefore carry a jacket, trousers and long-sleeved tops for the much cooler evenings. Generally, the south continues to be warm throughout this time however, the temperatures drop in the nights.

Rainfall is minimal, with the exception of Egypt’s coast.

What to do on a Safari in Egypt

Egypt is a very popular tourist destination prominent because of its long ago civilization and possession of the most renowned monuments in the world among which are the mysterious pyramids, the great Nile that offers a variety of activities like diving and the various camel tips in the Sinai Mountains, trips to the disserted oases and to various monasteries.

Visit the Pyramids of Giza

This great Pyramid is located adjust to the locality of the suburbs in the South West of Cairo. This pyramid was built over a period of 3 generations that include the Khufu, his son Khafre and the Menkaure. The Pyramid of Khufu stands to about 139+m which is 455 ft high and ranks as the largest among Egypt’s Pyramids. Close to it is the Pyramid of Khafre which appears larger because it was built on a much higher altitude.


The Karnak temple is located two and a half kilometers to the north if the town of Luxor. This site currently stands in great ruins and yet remarkably more impressive in Egypt. Karnak is the largest religions site that was ever built in Egypt’s history and represents a combination of numerous generations of builders in Egypt. The Hypo-style hall covering 5,000 sq meters with 16 rows of one hundred and thirty four huge columns is one of the prominent formations of the Karnak. There are 3 major temples, smaller internal temples plus many temples on the exterior.

Explore the Red Sea Reef

Another exciting site with exceptional beauty and superb diving opportunities is the Red Sea which is adjacent the Egyptian coast. Its waters are renowned for being exceptionally clear with some of the finest sea-terrain.the reef’s diversity of coral formations have made a sanctuary for thousands of various  sea species. The beaches and the resorts of the Red Sea extend on both faces of the sea; the Eastern part and a portion of the Sinai Peninsula where are the neo-hippy Dahab and the ancient Sharm el Sheikh, and on the western coast id the old but greatly toured Hurghada plus several newly constructed resort towns.

Checkout the renown Temples ategypt photo Abu Simbel

The Abu Simbel is a renowned archaeological site that consists of two huge temples made from rock along Lake Nasser’s western bank in south Egypt. The double temples where curved from rock during The Great Pharaoh Ramesses’ supremacy during the 13th Century as a monument for his queen and himself.  Later in the 1960s, the temples were relocated due to fear of flooding of Lake Nasser as they constructed Aswan High Dam.

Enjoy a Boat Cruise on River Nile

The most prominent way of touring Upper Egypt is by taking a cruise on the Nile. Since the start of time, Egypt’s life has greatly depended on the great River Nile. The commonest route traveled by cruise Egyptian ships is the Luxor to Aswan which is not only safe but very scenic and terminates at 2 significant towns in Egypt. Sailing in a calm rig that was well designed and built many years ago, is quite an exceptional experience.

Museums in Egypt

Because of its rich historic and cultural heritage, Egypt has numerous museums spread out through the country in which visitors can get the opportunity to learn more about this country’s exceptional past. The most prominent of all is the Egyptian Museum that holds over 120,000 ancient items. It covers two floors, with unique collections of items like coins plus papyrus, artifacts from the Valley of Kings and a Mummy Room with 27 mummies from the era of the pharaohs.

Other prominent attractions that you should not miss out during your visit in Egypt include: the Valley of the Kings, Dahab, the Siwa Oasis and Mosque of Ibn Tulun.

Choosing to spend your holidays in Egypt is no doubt a remarkable decision. Egypt tours feature some of the best African holiday destinations from the ancient traditions to the modern architecture. Egypt is a blend of both worlds.

Egypt Facts

Egypt is found on the Sinai Peninsula in North Africa bordering the Mediterranean Sea in the north, Sudan to the south, the Red Sea in the east and Libya lies on the western border. Egypt is a very influential country in Africa and also in the Muslim world (Beyond the Arab Middle East and the Gulf.)

Much of Egypt is covered in Sahara Desert sand dunes except for the valley and the banks of River Nile. The Desert is sparsely populated with most of the people living near lush oasis. The rest of people live on the Nile Delta in Alexandria, Luxor and in the capital Cairo, which is also Egypt’s largest city.

Ancient Egypt Tours and Monuments

Civilization in Egypt started several years ago and thus Egypt Ancient tours are as legendary as its monuments and ancient cities. Gaze at several beautiful wonders like the Pyramids of Giza, Abu Simbel Temple, the valley of kings in Luxor where King Tutankhamen’s tomb is found, the great Sphinx and the ancient ruins of Mephis, Karnak temple and Thebes.

Touring these amazing places will give you a feel of Egypt Pharaoh’s reign as your Egypt tour guides endeavor to explain the history behind each of these monuments.

Egypt Cities and Towns

Egypt has very many interesting cities and towns that you can never miss on your tours to Egypt. Cairo is the capital city and the largest city in Africa. It is home to millions of Egyptians and is the heart of tourist hotels in Egypt. Several attractions in Cairo include the old architecture of down town Cairo, vibrant local markets and many of Egypt’s monuments are found in Cairo.

Sharm El Sheikh is another popular Egypt tour destination if you are looking at Egypt’s beaches, Ras Mohammed monuments, Diving and Snorkelling Adventure and the like. Other interesting places to include on your Egypt holiday include the port town of Alexandria, Luxor city and Aswan Dam.

Egypt Travel Tips

Booking tours to Egypt is very important. There are many Egypt tour operators that can arrange and tailor-make an Egypt Tour package that meets your Egypt tour preferences. Your Egypt tour and travel package will include Egypt hotel bookings, Egypt tours, Egypt Travel expanses and flights to Egypt. You can also book your tours to Egypt online through a travel agent/website or alternatively make direct bookings by telephone.

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