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Aswan Egypt Tours

Aswan is found in the southern region of Egypt on the eastern banks of river Nile. As one of the ancient cities in Egypt, Aswan is though to have derived its name from the Egyptian goddess called Swenet.


was the ancient name of the city now called Aswan.

Aswan Tours and Attractions

Aswan is one of the major tourist towns in Egypt although it is the smallest on the series of tourism towns of Cairo and Luxor. The city today covers the busy markets, tourist centre and the island of Elephantine.

Tombs of the Nobles

on the northern hills of the west bank are open every day 8h00 to 16h00 for tourist. These tombs belong to the princesses of the old kingdom and those from the Roman Empire periods. Within the tombs are walls painted with scenes from daily life and written biographies of the people that are buried here. Other tombs in Aswan are the tombs of Mekhu and Sabni, Sarenput II, Harkhuf, Hekaib, Sarenput II and Kubbet al Hawa on the hill above the tomb of the Nobles. From Kubbet al Hawa you’ll have amazing views of the city of Aswan, River Nile and the neighboring places.


Abu Simbel Temple

is a major tourist Attraction in Aswan open every day. This unique World heritage site will give you insight into Egypt’s ancient kings, gods and people that lived in the desert. Ramses II and his wife are part of the Kings that are honored in the temple. Other temples on Aswan city travel and tours include Kalabsha and

Philae temple


Monastery of St. Simeon

is another attraction within Aswan city dating back to the 7th century, for the early Christians that lived in Egypt around 1173 is open to tourists from 8h00 to 16h00 every day. Today, the monastery is used by monks and is a Christian pilgrimage point in Egypt. The camel rode to the fort where the monastery of found is and adventure with sight over the tomb of the Nobles.

Elephantine Island

is the home of several Nubian villages and the

Aswan open Air museum

to the south. Part of River Nile Aswan tours are tours of Aswan Botanical Gardens west of Elephantine island andn the Seheyl Islands north of the old Aswan Dam,

Aswan High Dam

is another place that identifies with Aswan City tours. The dam is toured with the unfinished



Philae tower

. There is a sound and light show at Philae where Egypt’s history is further explained


Souq markets in Aswan

are another part of Aswan to visit.

Sharis as-Souq

is the most famous market in Egypt selling Nubian handmade cloths and crafts, baskets, food, fruits, perfumes and spices.

Getting there

Aswan is the hottest city in Egypt with temperatures up to 30C and you can therefore visit Aswan all through the year. Aswan is actually 680km from the capital Cairo just below Aswan Dam and Lake Nasser. From Hurghada, Aswan is 513km away by bus. If you are travelling by train, Egypt passenger train takes 3hours from Cairo to Luxor and then to Aswan train station north of Aswan city centre.

By Air, Aswan is serviced by Aswan International Airport which is 25km south of the city centre on the west bank of the dam. Egypt flights to Aswan are through Air Memphis, Egypt Air, Iberworld and Lotus Air. There are also domestic flights from Luxor, Abu Simbel, Alexandria and Cairo to Aswan using

Egypt Air

the national carrier.

Getting around Aswan is very adventurous. If you don’t hire a private vehicle, you can choose to tour the Nubian Village by Felluca, take a camel ride to the camel market of Darau or tour River Nile by Nile cruise or on a Local felluca cruise. Cycling is another way to tour the city with many bikes available at major Aswan Egypt hotel.

Aswan Egypt Hotels and Accommodation

There are several facilities for overnight and accommodation in Aswan fro all budges. Abu Scleeb Hotel, Nubian Oasis Hotel, Happi Hotel, Marawa Hostel, Hathor Hotel, Memnon Hotel and HI international Youth Hostel have budget Aswan Egypt hotel accommodation ranging from 9 to 100 Egyptian pounds.

For standard Egypt Aswan hotels, check in at Beth el Kerem, Movenpick Resort, Basma Hotel, Aswan, Old Cataract Hotel and Elephantine Island Resort.  Dining in Aswan is delectable with fine cuisines and cooking at Madena Restaurant, Al-Masry Restaurant, Panorama Egypt restauarant, Nubia House and at Aswan Moon