Equatorial Guinea photoPlanning a Holiday This is a small country that prides in its verdant rainforests and rich wildlife abundance. Equatorial Guinea is a country with undisputed beauty to offer to its visitors. Listed below are some of the major attractions that can be found in Equatorial Guinea, activities to do as well as places to visit.

Places to Visit in Equatorial Guinea

Pico Malabo

This capital is located on the island of Bioko which stands on 3 extinct volcanoes. Picao Malabo which is a volcano has over time turned into a perfect destination for hiking plus mountain climbing. The wonderful Spanish small town has beautiful Spanish architecture, plazas plus a vibrant market. It is a town worth visiting.

Arena Blanca

This is the only existing white sand beach on the Island of Bioko located along the western coast. Special about this beach are the numerous butterflies that surface all through the dry season. The beach is a perfect place to unwind all through the day while in this country.

Monte Alen National Park

Equatorial Guinea photoThis is one of the prominent National Parks in Equatorial Guinea covering about 1400 sq kilometers. Its terrain is characterized by dense tropical forests that are a haven for several gorillas, forest elephants, crocodiles plus chimpanzees.

Pico Basile

Pico Basile is another favorite spot to many travelers entering the Equatorial Guinea that lies at an elevation of 3000m above sea level. It offers breath taking views such that on any clear day, one can clearly see Mount Cameroon.

Cascades of Moca

The cascades of Moca are another renowned tourist in Equatorial Guinea. They are a haven for various monkey species which are usually seen moving about. This place is liked by many and it is recommended to come along with your cameras to take some photographs.

What to do on a Holiday in Equatorial Guinea

Go TrekkingEquatorial Guinea photo

The country offers wonderful guided treks in the company of well trained rangers, which will journey you through various trails on which you will come across several monkeys, gorillas, colored butterflies and traditional homesteads. The trails are quite accessible and well maintained and though because of the hot weather it is recommended that you carry along plenty of drinking water.

Visit the Beautiful Beaches

There are numerous breathtaking beaches that you can choose to visit on your holiday and offer the perfect setting for some peaceful sightseeing as well as unwinding from you busy schedule back at home. The clear blue peaceful waters meet with the white well maintained sand that lines the beaches. This is a place worth visiting.

Experience the Thrilling Culture

The main ethnic groups here are the Fang found on the mainlandCultural-Dance together with Bubi on Bioko Island. Equatorial Guinea has three official languages: Portuguese, Spanish as well as French. Spanish is the colonial language and this country is as well a member of the La Francophonie. There is a population found in Bioko which is historically associated with British commerce on this island. French plus Portuguese are also officially used in the country. However English is spoken by just a couple of people, even inside the capital.

Enjoy the vibrant NightlifeEquatorial Guinea photo

The Equatorial Guinea is a very vibrant country through the night bursting with entertainment and activity. There are very many bars well stocked with wines, beers and other sorts of alcohol, restaurants and different types of clubs to keep visitors busy through the night.

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