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Things to do and see in Equatorial Guinea

There are a lot of things and activities that you can seriously engage in while in Equatorial Guinea and these include the following:

Corisco Island

Travel back in time with a visit to the Corisco Island that also acts as a nature reserve. The Island is a home to some ruins from when the Portuguese colonialists were still in the country and it has the oldest cemetery that is believed to be about 2000 years old. Besides the colonial ruins and the cemetery, you will also get a chance to see some sea turtles as the Island is a breeding area for the different species of sea turtles. Relax at the white sand beaches that are found at the Island while watching the sea turtles and also take a walk around especially towards the abandoned airport that has not been used for quite some time.

The mainland

The Mainland should also be part of your tourist destinations if you are planning on visiting Equatorial Guinea. Some of the interesting things that you get to see as you drive through the mainland include;

  • The Alen National Park, this is a protected area covering about 14oo square kilometers and it is the perfect place for tourists to track down elephants as it has over 1100 elephants that habitate within the Park. The Monte Alen national Park is filled with some of the most unique dense rainforests found on the continent of Africa and within the forest are some of the most exciting hiking trails that are worth trying out. Besides being a home to quite a large herd of elephants, it is also a home to gorillas, chimpanzees and goliath frogs among others.
  • Explore the Oyala city, the Oyala city is the new capital city of Equatorial Guinea and it is found right in the middle of the rain forest. Although some parts of the new capital city are still under construction, it is still worth visiting especially if you are a fun of nature walks.

Bioko Island

The Biko Island is one of the tourist destinations in Equatorial Guinea that is worth checking out. The Bioko Island is a home to the current capital city of Equatorial Guinea that is Malabo although before the end of this year 2020 they plan on finishing construction of the new city which will be named the new capital city.

Take a walk around the Malabo city and get to see the numerous colonial buildings that are scattered all over the place, go explore the Horatio Giant tree that is found on the Island and relax at the beach after your long exploration of the Bioko Island.

Annobon Island

The Annobon Island is the least visited island in Equatorial Guinea although it has some stunning sites that are worth exploring. It is a home to the Crater Lake known as the Lago Mazafim and some of the water sports that are offered here include snorkeling and hiking. The Island is located in a secluded location making it the perfect get away for tourists who don’t like crowds and once you decide to visit the Island you will be ensured of having 99% of it to yourself that is of course minus the locals. The white sand beaches that are found along the Island provide a very good place for relaxation while enjoying the unique culture from the locals that is way too different from the culture in other parts of the country.

Moca Valley

The Moca valley is found in the southern part of the Bioko Island. It is a home to some of the highest peaks in the country and the Buki ethnic group who have lived here for many years. The area has good hiking routes that you can get to explore and also meet up with the Buki people and enjoy their company as they sing and dance to folk songs. Do not forget to carry lots of water, good hiking boots because you are going to be walking a lot and a camera to take photos of beautiful scenery for when you get to the peaks.


Evinayong is located between the Altos de Nsork and the Monte Alen national Park making it a stop Centre for all tourists who love hiking. If you have a love for adventure then this is the town to be as you get a real one on one with the locals at the different bar joints. You can also go shopping while in the area and get to admire the different palm trees that are found on either side of the road in Evinayong.

Santa Carlos Caldera

When one talks about the Santa Carlos Caldera what comes to mind is the illegal selling of the sea turtle eggs. The Place is known littered with local law enforcers trying to stop the act and protect the sea turtles and although it is filled with dilapidated mud wattled houses unlike its former glory self, the hiking routes and the majestic waterfall found at the Santa Carlos Caldera will make your trip worthwhile.


This is the largest city in Equatorial Guinea with a population of over 170,000 people living within it. Bata was once the capital city of Equatorial Guinea and that is why it has some of the best buildings in the country most of which were constructed during the colonial era. One of the places that you should look out for is the Bata cathedral which was constructed using Spanish architecture during the colonial times and you can also go around the town shopping at the different markets. There is an airport for all those that want to travel to Cameroon as well.

Accommodation facilities in Equatorial Guinea

Since most of the cities that are located within the country are tourist destinations themselves, you will find a lot of hotels ranging from budget friendly, mid-range and luxury hotels and all you have to do is call your tour operator and find out which hotel range first into your budget and comfort. For those that are not so much into confined areas, you can try out camping but you will still need to find out whether it is safe to go camping. Some of the hotels found in Malabo that I think you should really try out include:

 Mago suites

These are strategically located on your way from the airport. It is located in Malabo, has free WI-FI, airport shuttle lift, a casino where you get to relax from, sound proof self-contained rooms, 24 hour room service and each room goes for 172 dollars per night.

The Sofitel Malabo Sipopo Le Golf

The Sofitel Malabo Sipopo le Golf is a luxury hotel that is found in Malabo offering services like 24 hours room service, self-contained rooms that offer guests their privacy, a laundry room, family rooms, parking and free Wi-Fi and not forgetting games like tennis at the tennis court and relaxation at the private beach where the hotel is located. Each room goes for 158 dollars per night.

Best time to visit Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea has different seasons almost happening at the same time in the different regions that is the different parts of Equatorial Guinea receive different types of climate and this is the main factors in determining when to visit the country because the activities that are carried out in the country also depend on the weather. Although it is quite hard to determine the best time for all the destinations, below is a rough sketch on what you should expect.

  • The Annobon Island has two seasons that is the dry and wet season. The wet season is experienced in the months of November to May whereas the dry season is experienced in the months of June to October. The best time to visit the Annobon Island is during dry season although the peak season is experienced in December towards the holiday seasons.
  • The Bioko island also has two seasons that is the dry and wet season which are experienced between the months of November to February and May to October respectively. The best time to go to the Bioko Island is during the dry season but just like the Annobon Island, the peak season is experienced towards the December Christmas season.
  • Rio Muni has two dry seasons with one happening between December and February and the second one between July to September and this is considered to be the best time to visit the Rio Muni.
  • The Mainland, the best time to visit the mainland in Equatorial Guinea is from December to February during the dry season.

What is the climate like in Equatorial Guinea?

The country has a diverse climate but majorly it receives the equatorial type of climate with temperatures sometimes going up to around 26 degrees Celsius with rarely a 4 degrees Celsius difference in between the different towns.

How rich is Equatorial Guinea?

Equatorial Guinea is one of the richest countries in Africa with an estimated 31.769 billion dollars GDP but note that most of the locals in the country live below the poverty line.

What is the official language in Equatorial Guinea?

Spanish is the official language in the country and it should be noted that Equatorial Guinea is the only country on the African continent that speaks Spanish and this is due to the Spanish colonialists who were in the country twice.

What is the most popular destination in Equatorial Guinea?

The most popular destination in Equatorial Guinea is Malabo, followed by Bata and then in the last place comes Oyala.

What is the staple food in Equatorial Guinea?

Equatorial Guinea has a lot of staple foods and some of these include chicken, game that has been hunted, cassava, yams, rice and bananas.

How do I get around Equatorial Guinea?

Driving is the best way for one to get around the country but it is much safer if you hire out a car as taxis are rare to come by and the buses are always congested.

Are the hotels in Equatorial Guinea safe?

Yes the hotels and other accommodation facilities in the country are safe. The hotel management always provides security to their guests.

Planning a Holiday This is a small country that prides in its verdant rainforests and rich wildlife abundance. Equatorial Guinea is a country with undisputed beauty to offer to its visitors. Listed below are some of the major attractions that can be found in Equatorial Guinea, activities to do as well as places to visit.

Places to Visit in Equatorial Guinea

Pico Malabo

This capital is located on the island of Bioko which stands on 3 extinct volcanoes. Picao Malabo which is a volcano has over time turned into a perfect destination for hiking plus mountain climbing. The wonderful Spanish small town has beautiful Spanish architecture, plazas plus a vibrant market. It is a town worth visiting.

Arena Blanca

This is the only existing white sand beach on the Island of Bioko located along the western coast. Special about this beach are the numerous butterflies that surface all through the dry season. The beach is a perfect place to unwind all through the day while in this country.

Monte Alen National Park

Equatorial Guinea photoThis is one of the prominent National Parks in Equatorial Guinea covering about 1400 sq kilometers. Its terrain is characterized by dense tropical forests that are a haven for several gorillas, forest elephants, crocodiles plus chimpanzees.

Pico Basile

Pico Basile is another favorite spot to many travelers entering the Equatorial Guinea that lies at an elevation of 3000m above sea level. It offers breath taking views such that on any clear day, one can clearly see Mount Cameroon.

Cascades of Moca

The cascades of Moca are another renowned tourist in Equatorial Guinea. They are a haven for various monkey species which are usually seen moving about. This place is liked by many and it is recommended to come along with your cameras to take some photographs.