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Eritrea is a small country in the horn of Africa, bordering Ethiopia, Sudan and Djibouti and the red sea. It is unique place to visit with desert, sea and beaches, large towns, old architectural beauty, scenic landscape and most of all for its people that smile all the way!

Places to visit

Asmara is the capital city, with the main airport, a number of shops, internet cafes, good Italian architecture, warm and friendly climate and people. Start your Eritrea Asmara tours with visit to the former Governor’s palace built in 1897 and was used by Emperoer Haile Selassie. The National Museum, the central market, the great mosque, Enda Mariam Orthodox cathedral, and the catholic cathedral include some of the Asmara Eritrea tourist attractions.

Massawa is a sea port on the Red Sea and can be compared with Zanzibar on the Indian ocean. If you are visiting Massawa, St. Mariam Orthodox Cathedral past Dahlak hotel illuminates the sky, opposite the cathedral is the independence monument. The imperial Palace overlooks the port although lies in ruins after 1872. It was also another winter palace for the Ethiopian Emperor Haille Selassie. Other interesting places to visit in Massawa Eritrea include the old railway station, Sheikh Hanafi mosque, the Eritrea diving centre on Taulud Island or Green Island and the vibrant local markets.

Thieritrea photongs to do

There is excellent diving on the Red Sea with Eritrea dive centre with short PADI course. The green island is a good boating destination located 12 minutes ride from Massawa with scerene retreats from Dahlak hotel. Try swimming on Asmara Piscina . Eritrea holidays have so much to offer: visit the desert on camel rides or take a cultural safari tour and meet the different people and cultures of Eritreans

Getting there

There are two international airports with flights to Eriteria. Asmara international airport is the main aiport located in the capital Asmara and Massawa Airport from the sea port town of Massawa on the Red Sea. There are flights with Lufthansa air from Amserdam, Milan, Rome, Istanbul, and from Yemen and Cairo using Egypt Air.

By land, cross from Djibouti at Rhaita or Moulhoule, south of Assab on 112km dusty road. The Ethiopian border post remains closed due to conflicts between the two countries.

There is a train with schedules from Asmara to Massawa. There are also cars, buses and motor cycle that can take you around Eritrea in the different towns.

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Eritrea hotels and accommodation

There are a number of hotels, restaurants, cafes and guesthouses all over Eritrea with more options from Massawa and Asmara. From Asmara, Africa Pension hotel, Asmara central hotel, Albergo Italia, Hotel intercontinental, Sunshine hotel and Asmara Palace hotel.

Try Asmara’s diverse restaurants and dining facilities such as Roof Garden, Sun Pizza and fast food, Alba Bistro, Sallam Restaurant Massawa, Beaches Bar and Restaurant Massawa, among others.

Time to visit on Eritrea Holidays
On the whole the desert regions to the west and south can register astronomical temperatures during the hot months of summer, and although seasonal variations in temperature are not great, between June and August rainfall within and to the west of the highlands is intense and sustained, and needless to say temperatures along the coastal plain are at their most infernal. The best time to make the journey is between October and March when winter conditions and limited rainfall are altogether more amenable.
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